Generic Effects of Sun (Surya/ Ravi)

Last in the series of ‘Generic effects’ of the ‘general’ malefics (as opposed to functional malefics – which of course depends on the houses ruled by the planets) is Sun

Sun is a hot, masculine, dominant and kingly/ royal planet. It is not really a generic malefic unlike Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars. Instead Sun can be and is life giving and warm in its nature. However, it is still considered a mild general malefic by nature due to its hot disposition and intense nature.

When close to any planet, it makes the other planet invisible due to Sun’s own intense brightness and this phenomenon in astrology is known as combustion. The combust planet loses some of its ability to do good in certain ways and loses Istha Phala, which has been explained already in another article on this site.

Likewise, whichever bhav (house) Sun sits in, gets hot/ burnt to some extent at the least and hence this nature of Sun makes it a mild malefic in the context of Vedic Astrology.

What is to be kept in mind about Sun besides the domain where Leo sign falls and sun is placed in the chart, the place where Sun is placed in the chart also becomes an angle from which the horoscope can be analyzed in addition to the regular lagna and Moon rasi charts. This is the reason why even the ‘astrology illeterate’ has heard of the sun sign and its implications. Sun represents our soul and inherent characteristics/ tendencies and nature and hence the sign where sun is placed along with the bhav (house) where sun is placed is very important in general.

Below are the important points that help paint the canvas via a broad stroke brush for the analysis of Sun in a horoscope. As always, use liberally not literally and consider these to be a part of the analysis and not the entire analysis itself for any given horoscope.

1) Sun is placed best in the 10th and 11th houses. When placed strongly in the 10th or 11th houses, it can ensure a job/ income through a Government job or atleast a semi-government organization, especially if sun is in its own sign – Leo

2) A strong Sun in the 11th bhav also shows powerful connections/ social circle for the individual and some of their friends might be famous or powerful personalities

3) Sun is not well placed in the Moksha trikona – 4th, 8th and 12th bhaavs. In the 4th bhav it has zero directional strength and the 4th is for inner peace/ happiness and internal/ private life of an individual. Sun here gives a nature prone to anger and frustration and fights at home due to ego and impatience. In the 12th bhav sun is ‘Marana Karaka’ or in a death like state when Sun is placed in bad dignity in the 12th house, the person will not get any favors from the Government and/ or father or father like figures in life. They might also encounter problems with the tax collection agencies of their land

4) Sun in the 3rd house gives courage and if in good dignity, the person performs honorable deeds in life. When ill placed in the 3rd, the actions of a person become questionable and of lose morals

5) Along with Jupiter, Sun is the karaka (significator) for morality in a person. Its close affliction with Saturn and/ or the nodes causes wavering or questionable moral standards in life

6) In the 6th house, an afflicted Sun gives diseases in the lower spine and heart. Also if aspected by Mars can give injury from Fire or wild animals

7) Sun is almost never well placed in the 7th house unless in great dignity and well aspected. This is because the 7th house represents marriage/ partnership and Sun brings in Ego into the picture which spoils the significations of any partnership in general. Further the spouse of the person can be hot headed and egoistic/ dominant by nature

8) Sun does not do well very close to the nodes – Rahu and Ketu. From experience Sun with Rahu gives a bloated ego or some delusional high standards the person believes they have in their own ability, unless this is well aspected by other planets. On the other hand, Sun with Ketu intesifies the fire element and can literally ‘ burn through’ the signification of the house this combination sits in (if within 3 degrees of each other, then the effect is intense). This combination can be very good in the 3rd, 10th and 11th bhaavs

9) As with other malefics, sun in a Upaachya house (houses that improve with time) or 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th is good

10) Sun with Saturn can give a serious nature/ disposition to the person. Such people take heavy responsibility in life and by itself is not as bad a conjunction as typically believed to be. However ideally the degrees should be atleast 8 degrees or more to avoid Saturn getting combust and agitated. Saturn in vedic folklore, even though of opposite nature of sun and its mortal enemy is also the Son of Sun and hence Sun always has a soft corner for Saturn in its heart.

11) Sun with Jupiter is a good combination but can also give an inflated ego to the person, especially if this occurs in the ascendant, if other conditions permit, the person can become famous and do well in the fields of politics, medicine or teaching

12) Sun with Venus makes a good hearted person but the relationships (romantic ones) will tend to suffer, especially for a male. If Venus is weak in dignity and deep combust (within 3 degrees) then the person might have sexual problems (example low sperm count in males) and will typically have to make compromises in their love life to make any relationship work long term.

13) Sun with Mars is a hot combination which is good for leadership abilities and an energetic/ determined nature. If this occurs in a fiery sign of Aries, Leo and Saggi, it will give an active, extroverted nature to the individual (unless it is in the 8th or 12th house, when the characteristics will lie dormant in the personality of the individual). If this combination occurs in the 10th bhaav, it makes for good management skills and the person can quikcly rise up in the corporate ladder at their workplace from hard work, will power and playing the ‘politics’ well in any organization

14) Sun and Mercury combination occurs very frequently and as long as Mercury is outside 6 degrees orb or sun, this typically gives a good communicative/ analytical thought process to the person as long as mercury is in good dignity.

15) Sun and Moon together is an important combination which ensures the following-
a) the sign where these 2 are placed should definitely be treated as an alternative lagna in addition to the regular lagna and the chart be read from that sign. if it occurs in the ascendant itself, then the person’s characteristics are heavily dominated by the nature of that sign as all 3 lagnas become the same
b) It implies that the soul (sun) and mind/ emotions (moon) of the person lie in the same direction which, if in sync with the lagna and other main planets of the horoscope imply a focused personality which can be highly satisfied from within
c) Moon will become dark by definition and hence the significations of the house ruled by Moon can suffer to some extent
d) This combination is good for Libra and Scorpio lagnas in general as it means a combination of the 9th and 10th or the 10th and 11th lords which is generally good if the combination occurs in good dignity and aspects

16) Sun’s maha dasa (MD) is of just 6 yrs. Hence Sun tends to overrule the effects of the antar dasa lords to some extent. Hence as per the placement and dignity of sun itself in the horoscope, the effects should be adjudged as the 2nd lord dasas will tend to play a relatively minor role in the MD.

17) Typically rulers of the 8th and 12th houses give adverse results. However as per Parasara, Sun and Moon are exceptions. When Sun rules the 8th house (Capricorn lagna) or 12th house (Virgo Lagna) then it becomes neutral for the ascendant and by itself does not give good or bad results. However caution should be used while utilizing this principle as Sun will still tend to give negative results, at least related to health, for Capricorn lagna individuals as it is enmical to the lagna lord Saturn. For Virgos, since sun is neutral to Mercury, it will give the results as per its house placement and also the aspects/ conjunctions with other lords

18) Sun is a functionally good planet for the lagnas-
Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

19) Sun is functionally negative for Lagnas-
Gemini, Pisces and to some extent Capricorn as explained in #17 above

20) Sun is Neutral for Cancer lagnas and will give results solely on the basis of its placement and aspects for Cancer ascendant  individuals as 2nd house lord is an impressionable neutral and will tend to mimic the effects of its house placement and conjunctions with other house lords

21) Sun will typically give good results in the first 10 degrees of a house, especially a male house or all odd signs – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. In Libra this does not happen as Sun falls to its lowest power in this sign and more specifically at 10 degrees in the sign

22) As explained in another article on this site, generally good to have Sun in Aries or Leo signs in any divisional chart, but Leo is better than Aries in any divisional chart. Only in rasi chart or D1 is Aries even more powerful than Leo as Aries is the exaltation sign. In the divisional charts, Sun is stronger in Leo than in Aries

23) Sun in Sagittarius behaves a bit counter-intuitive for the first 10 or so degrees. Even though a fiery sign and a house of a friend – Jupiter, Sun should ideally be well placed and strong here. Which it is. But there is a caveat – In this sign, Sun has to assume the Dharma upholding duty of a king (Sagittarius being the natural 9th sign of the zodiac) and hence Sun has to shed its powerful kingly role of dominance and be a more gentle upholder of peace and dharma (duty). This is the reason why Sun’s Istha phala actually goes down in Sagittarius for some initial degrees before starting to rise again. Note that sun does not become weak due to the above reasons, however, it has to shed its regular ego and brilliance towards a more gentle fatherly/ law abiding guru role in this sign and hence feels somewhat constrained to its general nature in this sign

24) If you are a follower of Tropical astrology, please read the article Sidereal vs. Tropical on this site for clarification of your actual sun sign as per the Sidereal system as opposed to the tropical (western) astrology system.


165 Responses to Generic Effects of Sun (Surya/ Ravi)

  1. Shuvodip says:

    Hello sir, I am native of LEO ASC. My sun is exalted ( 6 : 59 of aries ). Is it bad for father and son relationship ??

    • VS says:

      Hi Shuvodip

      No one planet or even 9 planets together ascertain the effects of any one or more areas of life. It takes a lot of analysis in a holistic fashion to ascertain the outcome. Please follow the lessons and you will learn yourself with practice regarding different placements in a horoscope.

      unfortunately I am not doing individual readings as of now, when I start doing them again, I will let people know


  2. Arvind says:

    If Su+Me+Ve are close conjuct in 12th house and aspected by Sat from 10th house. Sat is FB. Ve is atmkrk and sun is amatyakrk. Me and Ve are combust.

    What kind of spouse traits you expect and how can relationship go .

    • VS says:

      Arvind it will depend on many other factors. All 9 planets and divisionals and unfortunately I can not read individual charts for now.

      in this case see how sun and venus are in 12th aspected by saturn, if sun and venus are weak, eyesight will be affected and in old age cataract can be an issue. nothing can be told about spouse from info given. thanks

  3. Karthik says:

    Why do profound pundits and gurus say Sun is dead in 12th house and Moon is dead in 8th house. I find it baseless.

    If Sun is in 12th house in enemy sign. Does that mean person will find life purpose when they travel to foreign land?

    Is Sun strong in dusthana houses – 6, 8, 12. Is it true if mild malefic or malrfic occupies dusthana houses it becomes stronger.

    • VS says:

      sun is maran karak in 12th and moon in 8th. However the dignity of planets depends on many things – rashi, navamsa, tara, aspects, shadbala, divisionals, conjunctions, aspects etc. Hence moon in 8th is not always weak nor is sun in 12th. A strong planet will take care of the house it rules and also its general significations. also when a dusthana lord is strong in another dusthana, that is good. example for virgo ascendant if sun is in 12th or 8th, it is good as this is a vipreet rajyoga


  4. Kavita says:

    When kendra and trikona lords are together classics say Raj Yoga is formed.

    Does raj yoga give no results if it formed in dusthana houses – 12th house


    Assume in the case If Sun as 7th lord (marakesh) is involved in Raj yoga with Ve and Mer. Does it cancel the yoga. Assume both planets are combust.
    can markesh be involved in rah yoga

    What if all trikona and kendra lords receive aspect from lagna lord Saturn

    • VS says:


      Raj yogas give result wherever they are placed. If both rajyogas and duryogas exist, they will both give results and not ‘cancel’ each other out. The final result is dependent on the strength of the planets involved. If functional benefic planets (example saturn for taurus ascendant) is strong as well as mercury and placed together in this case say in 5th house of virgo, they will give a strong dhan and raj yoga. Now if mars joins them in virgo, it will spoil this yoga to some extent as mars is the 12th lord and enmical to mercury and saturn. Also mars in general is not happy in the virgo sign or the 5th bhaav.

      but in this case the dignity and shadbala of saturn and mercury if greater than mars, good results will still acrue. however mars in 5th in this situation will still give some stomach issues like ulcers, problems in romance, problems to children especially male children and expenditures related to romance or children.

      likewise rajyogas cocuring in dusthanas give results albeit a bit slower and lighter. Raj yogas in 6th house for example will become better with age as 6th is an uppachya sign. But such raj yogas will tend to give results after a lot of hard work (6th house) by service (job etc) and perhaps some sickness intermittently

      • Kavita says:

        Excellent views VS.

        If Rajyoga is happening in 12th house. Does that mean, success will come in places away from home land?

        In the example, I asked, Sun will be with Ve+Me in Makar rashi. All of them are aspected by Sat. Does Lagna lord aspect on trikona and kendra lords forms another raj yoga?

        Many astrologers will say Budhaditya yog is formed. So on so forth. But Sun in 12th also considered marana karana. So it becomes confusing.

        Assume Sun and Ve holds lowest shadbala values but hold highest degrees.. Appreciate your response in general.

        Reason I am asking to you is even most times experts fail to analyse them. And people say I have this yoga/that yoga..but results are little to cheer about.

        • VS says:

          Yogas in dusthanas, like i mentioned before, can give good results but in hard circumstances or after lots of initial setbacks or losses (12th house)
          yes in 12th it can mean away from homeland. But the lord of 12th should be a friend of lagna for good results or atleast neutral. Example for aquarius lagna, saturn rules 12th and lagna. It is therefore a good domain for these lagna individuals. Likewise for gemini, 12th is lorded by venus which is a friend of mercury and also rules the benefic 5th house.

          I suggest for you to read the chapters carefully. they explain well which planets are good and bad for each lagnas. it takes time for things to sink but you will get there. Dont give up…but dont expect straight black/ white answers from other astrologers. Astrology is not black and white it has millions of shades of grey…with practice it becomes intuitive.

  5. Hari says:

    I have sun at 15degrees conjunct my Ascendant at 14.54degrees Libra, Does this Debilitated sun create problems in life also Venus lord of sign is in 11th bhava in Sun’s nakshatra would that reduce the intensity of debilitation ? thereby decreasing bad effects of sun ?

    • VS says:

      In this case try applying rules for 1st and 11th interchange. It is a good interchange giving wealth through either government job/ powerful people or an elder male (like father)
      Sun and venus are both not very happy in these signs and hence their aspects and strengths will be vital as will be other planets, divisional charts etc

      sun debilitated in the lagna will give a show off nature and the person portraying things which they dont own or master just to look good. Sun in lagna will also cause baldness sooner than average time frame

  6. anmol says:

    If Sun is the marriage lord and sitting in 12th house with shukra in shravana nak of Moon. what kind of spouse traits you can expect.

    Lets take an example – Both receive aspect from kundli lord shani

    • VS says:

      too many things have to be seen and the data you provided is inadequate.
      Unfortunately, I dont have the time for individual readings. good luck in your learning 🙂

  7. Sundar says:

    If Sun is a functional benefic, as for taurus asc, what is the effect of its placement is in the Uppachyaya houses or the Dusthana houses?

    • VS says:

      sun is a functional benefic for taurus as it owns a kendra. Placement of general malefics in 3.6.10 and 11 is usually welcome but not in 8th and 12th

      • Sundar says:

        Hello VS,
        Thank you.
        A well renowned modern astrologist (like you?) says if a functional malefic is placed in 3,6,8,12 it will give auspicious results. What is your opinion? If this is true i.e. the functional character can be changed by placement, one could conclude that a Functional benefic placed in 3,6,11 would give the opposite results. Hence my prior question. I have no doubts about a natural malefic’s placement in 3,6,11. Also, when you evaluate conjunctions and aspects, do you consider the innate nature or the functional? Thank you.

        • VS says:

          Generally any blanket rules are bound to be exaggerated or incorrect. A planet’s real effect (especially during its dasa) is going to depend on the basic nature of the planet, ownership of houses from lagna, moon and arudha lagna, conjunctions and aspects on the planet, its own position as counted from houses it rules and most importantly its bhav placement.

          saturn is a general malefic, generally placed badly in the bhagya sthana (9th) but if lagna is aquarius, the functional benefic saturn exalted in the 9th bhaav in its best friend’s house will give bad results? of course not…so even though a malefic is not generally good in the bhagya trine…it completely depends on individual chart’s aspects etc.

          • Sundar says:

            Thanks. In your example of the Saturn for Aquarius, how does Saturn impact houses 3,7 and 10 assuming the placement of it is also good? From your answer, I conclude the aspects would be +ve (assuming other considerations are also OK). I am learning this at a pretty late stage in my life (57), so I really do appreciate you satiating my curiosity..

          • VS says:

            Sundar – the aspect of a well placed saturn is not too bad. But keep in mind that the aspects of saturn will always have some maleficity to them. Especially if they fall in rashis where saturn is not too happy. now if an aquarius ascendant person has saturn exalted in the 9th house, it will give mostly good results…say 95% of them. however it might create some friction with father or problems in higher education (9th house) as well. but it depends on the strength of venus as well as depositor…if venus is debilitated in 8th house in this example …saturn in 9th will be doing less good than if venus is sitting with saturn in 9th which will make it a strong raj yoga

          • Sundar says:

            Thanks Vivek, much appreciated.

  8. Dharm says:

    Scorpion ascendant and 10 degree sun is placed in 10th house in leo sign along with Mercury affected by Saturn, Is it give good result or not good according to job concern?

  9. Sagar says:

    Sir, All this time I wasn’t interested in politics, but suddenly I find myself becoming interested and trying to make connections in political circles. My sun mahadasha starts next year around February. Is this the reason?

    Because I find this fascinating. Last year I would have laughed if someone said I’d be interested in politics. But now my attitude has changed upside down. I am assuming the astrological significance is the sun mahadasa due next year. Can u confirm?

    Thanks for the great article, Sir.

    • VS says:

      planets show their effects before the actual dasa. results are a combination of generic effects of the planet and functional effects of the planet. so it is quiet possible in your case if sun is related to political houses (5, 9, 10 and 11th) or with rahu

      • Sagar says:

        You’re correct. The sun is in my 11th house. I didn’t know 11 was political, i thought it ruled income only.

  10. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji! – What if Sun a functional malefic for Gemini is debilitated(1 degree libra in chitra) in rashi+lagna along with some divisional charts? I think since it is a functional malefic it should not be that bad. However, the debilitation will also affect its general significations like self-confidence and so-on… Also, what can be said if the lagna lord(Mercury) also co-joins Sun and is very closely conjunct(at same degrees).


    • VS says:

      debilitation of a functional malefic is not that bad but the significations of the planet and the house suffer…so if sun is debilitated in the 5th house in this example, then stomach and heart/ spine issues can be there as that is the overlap between sun and 5th bhaav. Also if a 12th lord is debilitated, in one way it causes more gain due to less loss but then the good things represented by 12th house like peace of mind, sleep etc can also suffer at the same time

  11. Varun says:

    Thanks Vivekji!

  12. Yogendra says:

    Hi vivek ji
    Can u please say how conjunction between rahu and sun is calculated..that is if sun is 11 degree and rahu 8 degree (close conjuction) or rahu 30 -8(22) -sun 11 degree equal to 11 degree conjction

  13. Svijaya Luxmi says:

    Even if a planet s asubha Graha like sani kuja surya can his vision on a planets do good

    • VS says:

      every aspect has 2 components. One is the general nature and other is the functional nature.
      General nature aspect is always good for generally benefic planets like Jupiter and bad for malefics like saturn.
      However more important is functional nature. If saturn is a well placed functional benefic in the chart, its aspects do good. however due to its generically malefic nature, the good comes only after some initial hiccups and struggles

  14. Annie says:

    What does sun in 10th house conjunct with mercury and mars mean for Gemini ascendant? Currently running sun mahadasha.

    • VS says:

      Annie, it could mean many things. depending on other planets, strengths and combinations.

      generically – Sun and Mars in the 10th will give recognition and administrative/ authoritative roles in terms of profession. The person will like to pursue a career which is inline with their likings/ hobbies. career will have ups and downs in phases. However the strength of jupiter will dictate the real effects

  15. Ram Daryanani says:

    Hi VS – I understand that you are an investment banker doing equity research. Have you turned your hand in applying vedic astrology in predicting the movement of stock markets? If you have, I would be very interested to hear how successful you have been. More importantly to me, is an understanding of the method one could use to predict market movements (teach a man how to fish…). I too have a mathematical background, a retired actuary. Taking up the study of vedic astrology is keeping my old grey cells well oiled and healthy!
    As you know the world is going through a turbulent time at the moment, with Brexit and other major red flags in Europe such as the state of the Italian banks. And of course the slowdown in China. I would be very keen to hear your thoughts on the application of Vedic Astrology to financial markets.
    Keep up the good work. Ram

    • VS says:

      Hi Ram

      That is correct. I have worked in portfolio management, equity research etc. Currently in IB in NYC.
      As for application of vedic astrology in the markets, I have definitely done some research on it. The caveat is, inherent design of astrology is for individuals and humans in context of dasas as opposed to say dogs or other animals.

      When I have enough time, I will write a book on the findings. Macro based research for me is in early stages. But as an example Leo is the generic 5th sign and hence significator sign for stock markets

      if you see emperical data, you will observe that biggest crashes happened in Oct (when sun as Leo lord is deeply debilitated) and/ or when Leo was under severe malefic influence of saturn and nodes- rahu/ ketu

      likewise each commodity has a karaka. example oil is denoted by saturn. Oil prices were highest recently for 3 years when saturn was exalted in Libra


  16. Ganesh says:

    You have not mentioned the effects of Sun in 9th house, above. Will this be good, or will it be detrimental to the father according to karako bhavanashaya?

    • VS says:

      Sun in 9th will damage results related to the father only if it is in its own sign AND only if it is alone with no other planet conjunct with it in Leo

  17. Vikas says:

    Dear VS,
    Could you please confirm effect of sun in Capricorn for Capricorn ascendent.

    • VS says:


      Sun being the 8th lord in an enmical sign of capricorn (ascendant) is not good for health and longevity but other planets, aspects and strengths have to be seen. If in this scenario, there are no natural benefics aspecting the lagna and saturn too is weak, then the person will be prone to ill health (especially inflammation and fevers) as well as a short life due to being accident prone (accidents caused by fire or firearms especially)

  18. Venkataramanan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell effects of Sun in 3rd house in leo along with moon aspected by saturn in Aquarius in 9th house . This is somewhat heavy

    • VS says:

      sun in own house in 3rd will make a person courageous and eager to get fame from his actions in whatever field he/ she works in. It is good for sportsmen, actors, musicians and performers of all kinds. It gives an ability to be very creative in their chosen field of work. Moon as their 2nd lord if full in 9th house will give good luck and wealth being 2nd lord in 9th. They can inherit good wealth from parents as well

      saturn aspecting moon can give tendency to look at the hard part of life in general and be of a serious nature, if jupiter aspects as well, the person can be very spiritual in the combination and have a very balanced head

  19. Amit Mekwan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please tell effect of Sun placed in 10th house libra in makar ascedent , along with jupiter , mercury , saturn , venus.

    • VS says:

      strong raj yoga as long as planets are not within 10 degrees of sun. Even otherwise some raj yoga will show
      if planets are combust then not

      • Amit Mekwan says:

        any remedies for com-bust planet.
        because saturn , venus , mercury and jupiter are combust.
        can i wear neelam or diamond gemstones?

        • VS says:

          Remedies help slightly but don’t revert a negative placement in the chart
          stones are recommended. but only for the planets which are functionally benefic for the chart and placed in a good house – Kendra or kona.

  20. Kamesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Poor financial condition even though Sun placed in 10th house Mesha Rasi in Cancer ascedent , along Mercury, Venus and Mars. Both mercury and Venus Combust. Rahu in lagna . Saturn and jupiter in 3rd house . Ketu in 7th and moon in 8th. Which gemstone can be worn to improve Financial condition. Thanks

    • VS says:

      Hi Kamesh

      I do not provide individual readings here. But sounds like Moon in 8th is the culprit weaking the chart. Is the native afraid of heights/ water? how is the health in general? easily get colds/ cough/ infections?

  21. Eknath says:

    Great article, very detailed.

    I take it sun relates to politics, administration etc. more than anything. But out of curiosity, will political writing also come in this category (or only political leadership or administrative stuff)?

  22. Mira says:

    Hello sir,
    Can you throw some light on Sun + Saturn sitting together in third house for tula lagna?

  23. Testing says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have Sun in Leo in the 7th house at 8 degree. Mercury is at 22 degree. The shadbala strength of Sun is 179%. I thought that this combination will give me a spouse from a high-status family who will be filled with ego because of the status of her family. But my wife is from a very poor family. Her dad had to take 2.5 lakhs in loan to pay for marital ceremony expenses. I got married at the age of 34. And, my wife is 10 years younger to me. It is a typical traditional Hindu marriage. Wife is from north-east direction and it is 10-11 hours of drive to her home from my home. My wife has 5 sisters and no brother. I have a very close conjunction, within a degree, of Saturn and Venus in the 8th house at 14 degree while Jupiter is also close by at 16 degree.

    Just thought to share.

  24. Jay says:

    Dear Sir

    Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies, though they are father- son. I read above Sun has soft corner in his heart for Saturn.
    How would it turn out to be for Capricorn lagna with Saturn conjuct sun in 8th. Will there be bitter all out war or good relationship because saturn being in 8th and sun in own house leo, both in strength by virtue of position.


    • VS says:

      Hi Jay

      Soft corner or not, they are still enemies. The soft corner part is seen in transits when they do not provide a ‘Vedha’ to each other. Vedha means obstruction. Sun- saturn and mercury- moon have this father-son relation and do not block each other

      however in a horoscope analysis any planet close to the sun is combust and will not be able to protect fully its significations (houses it rules)

      for capricorn, when sun and saturn combine in 8th of Leo, sun is much stronger than saturn and hence health issues will be remain, especially if they are within 12 degrees. If more than 15 degrees separate them, the results will be better as saturn is not combust in that scenario. Also you need to see if in the bhaav combination, they move ahead into 9th or behind into 7th

  25. Shehan says:

    Hi vs,

    My girl has kuja dosh and mars and sun together in 8th house. Her lagnam is pisces
    Both mars and sun in libra rashi.
    I just want to know if her kuja dosha gets cancelled? And also how long her kuja dosh will last for?
    Regards shehan

    • VS says:

      Hi Shehan,

      Kuja dosha alone is not sufficient to predict anything related to marital life or otherwise. The total horoscope has to be taken into account

  26. H says:

    Here are some contradictory ideas which need clarification. 1. Navamsa becomes important after age 36. Some say it takes over from the rasi chart.
    2. Aspects and neechbhanga don’t apply in navamsa and other divisionals.
    Both 1. and 2. can’t be true.

    • VS says:

      1. No divisional chart ever ‘takes over’ the D1 chart. no matter what age. D1 is the most important chart. Others are for fine tuning. remember the old radios…if the major frequency is out of tune, the fine tuning knob wont help at all
      2. generally in divisional charts, the happiness or lack of it of the planet is more important. Its best to have a planet in its own sign, then exalted, then friend, neutral and then enemy. exaltation and debilitation dont hold too well in the divisional chart. If mars is in cancer in a divisional. the first thing to note is that it is in a friendly sign…

      • H says:

        But do aspects and neechbhanga matter in divisionals, esp. D9. Surely these contribute to a planet’s “happiness”?

        • VS says:

          yes they matter but only if 2 planets are sitting together or in opposite rashis. Special aspects and trinal aspects dont work

          e.g. mars and saturn are not together in the horo but are together in the navamsa chart, there will be a subtle relation in them. not as strong as if it was in D1 but effects will be seen in life, especially married life as navamsa indicates married life too

          • Char says:

            Hello sir, I have sun rahu conjunction in 7th house Sagittarius sign with a difference of 16 degrees between Each other. Iam a gemini ascendant with jupiter in 3rd house, saturn in 8th, moon in 7th, mars mercury in will sun rahu conjunction effect my married life

          • VS says:

            Married life will have turbulence in this situation but can work with sustained effort from both partners
            good luck

          • Sundar says:

            Sri VS:
            I was reading through this and was struck by this: “yes they matter but only if 2 planets are sitting together or in opposite rashis”. For a capricorn asc, Satrun in 3rd house; Saturn is in Leo and Sun is in Aquarius in D-9; also ascendant is virgottam. Lot of Saturn involvement in this case, hence curious.

            Thank you. Can’t say enough thanks to you.

          • VS says:

            No worries

  27. Rkparmar says:

    Can sun ketu form grahan yog

  28. abhishek says:

    Hi sir
    I have sun on 8th house with mars. Virgo lagna. Leo rashi.

    Is it bad/neutral/good?

    My sun MH starts next year.

    • VS says:

      good/ bad is relative
      what you have is a vipreet rajyoga which is typically good after some initial setback
      in this case the setback can be an accident/ surgery or threat to father (sun in 12th to karak 9th) bhaav

  29. vishal k jangir says:

    Dear sir
    I hace scorpio ascendent and sun is conjunct with mars in 12th house . Here sun is debilitated (at 28 degrees) and is lord of 10th house where as mars is ascendent lord , will it make a raj yoga or I will get adverse effect from this sun . My moon is exalt in the 7th house.

    • VS says:

      by itself, its not a strong yoga. The planets will do nothing much except make you ambitious secretly but calm and composed in real life moon can give good results.

  30. UBR says:

    Dear Sri VS,
    I am trying to understand the following statement mentioned in the article.

    > When Sun rules the 8th house (Capricorn lagna) …. then it becomes neutral for the ascendant and by itself does not give good or bad results.

    Does this mean for Capricorn Lagna, Sun in Libra at 8 deg in D1 will be neutral in its influence (although weak) as a depositor of any planet in the 8th house? Could you elaborate?

    Thank you,

    • VS says:

      Sun will be neutral by ownership
      In Libra it could even get neecha bhang if venus and or saturn are strong
      Such a sun will not cause problems in career. Will give stress early on in career and then success

      • UBR says:

        Thank you!

        One follow-up question: How to know that Ve or Sa is strongly placed given that exaltation or deblitation or aspect or positional strength etc each taken seperately does not provide the true picture?

        Is there one rolled-up quantifier to quickly understand relative strength of planets?


        • VS says:

          No one quantifier. Astrology is a holistic approach to look at the planets, relative placements to the lagna and interpreting dasas and transits to time the events.

  31. gaurav says:

    Sir ,if rasi chart is weak as saggitrus lagn,shani aspecting on surya which is in 10th from lagn n sukra in 9th house but in D10 Capricorn lagn shani in 1st aspecting sukr-budh in 10th(rajyog),i m asking because lf rashi chart weak but divisonal is strong what should one to conclude,2nd -is rajyog also apply in divisional??

    • VS says:

      Rasi chart dominates all other charts
      weakness in D1 can not be fully covered by divisional charts
      however a strong divisional can average out the deficiencies of D1 to a large extent

      • Gaurav says:

        sir Pls tell different b/w ashubh planet and weak planet(not about malfic or benefic) with an example.
        m asking because people say donate things of ashubh planet n use things related to weak planat to make planet strong.

        • VS says:

          if a planet owns good houses but is weakly placed, wear its gemstone
          if a planet owns bad houses from lagna, instead of wearing a stone, remedies should be in the form of donations related to that planet

          • Gaurav says:

            I am bit confusing as sukra is lord of 6 and 11th lord placed in Leo in 5th house, as it is lord of duhsthan it is ashubh but in 9th house it is weak n good also ,clarify it.

          • VS says:

            depends on what aspects venus has and also the power and placement of sun in the chart. if sun is placed well, venus will give good results and wealth in 9th. else it will give sickness and lose character to father

  32. Charu says:

    Hi vs, i have sun rahu in 7th house and my nakshatra is revati. Can i marry a boy who is satabisha nakshatra

    • VS says:

      Hi You have to look at the overall horoscope to give any judgement regarding any area of life, including marriage
      unfortunately, I dont do personal readings

      as a broad generic rule, if malefic planets are repeated in the 1-7 axis of the spouse, the negativity will remain in marriage but the marriage can continue despite of the problems

  33. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    As a significator of one’s father, when Sun is placed in the 12th in D-1 and debilitate in D-9, how do you broadly read it?

    • VS says:

      You have to look at the 9th lord and its dignity/ placement and the aspects on 9th house and 9th lord to come to any conclusion

  34. Grv says:

    as its said that saturn give result after 36(normaly),is it true in both case wether saturn in (capri,aqirus or libra) or in enimy sign?
    2nd- is it must to be dasha to activate rajyog of 1 or both planets of rajyog?

    • VS says:

      Saturn placed anywhere will have intense effects between ages 36-39 good or bad depending on placement, dignity or lordship

      if Saturn is making a rajyoga, it will be activated in its dasa/ antar and also in the dasas of planets conjuncting or aspecting it fully

      • Grv says:

        If saturn of saggitrus in 1st house aspecting 10th House of virgo-sun,is here also saturn give result(profession,job) after 35-36 years,means saturn also delay aspecting house or only in which it sitting.
        2nd thing-in a kundli saturn of scorpio,other kundli has saturn of libra in 1st house,is it means both persons will live same(approx) life till 35 years??

        • VS says:

          No to both, astrology is not piecemeal
          you have to take a deeper dive in the understanding to get understand all the moving parts. takes time and patience. No rule(s) can be applied all across the board with every horoscope

  35. Chandini says:

    Hi vs, Venus is in its own house 5th house and Saturn is in 8th house for gemini ascendant. What is the effect when Saturn aspects 5th house? Will it lead to failure of love or does it make a person more committed in a relationship?Will it effect progeny etc? Is it good or bad to have Saturn aspecting 5th house

  36. Priya says:

    Hi vs, lord of 1st and 2nd houses in navamsha chart is Saturn and Saturn is placed together with sun in 4th house. Plz let me know the effect of Saturn as lagna lord

  37. Siva says:

    Hi vs, for a gemini ascendant, moon is in 10th house and it is lord of 2nd house.jupiter is the lord of 7 and 10th house. But as jupiter has Kendra adhipathi dosham, how does it effect career and marriage of gemini ascendant. Does it cause obstacles in career and marriage.Plz throw some light on this topic

    • VS says:

      not by itself. All depends on placement, dignity, aspects on Jupiter. If they are good, results will be good
      if jupiter sits alone in 7th house for Gemini ascendant with no other planet or clear aspect, then it will destroy marriage due to bhaavo karak naashe, especially for females

  38. Jayan Sen says:

    I appreciate your insights which appear to be your depth of thought combined with your research. If planets are exalted, or in own houses and vargottam, but in Dusthanas (at least some in rashi and others in D9), then what is to be expected (e.g., sun exalted in 6th in D1 and in 5th in D9, Saturn exalted in 12th in D1 and 11th in D9 and Venus in own house in 7th in D1 in 6th in D9). Also, is there any strength to vargottam positions when looking at D1 and D10, or is it primarily restricted to the D9? Thanks again.

    • VS says:

      yes Varg Uttam applies to any divisional. however D9 has applicability to all aspects of life
      on the other hand, if a planet is virottam in D10, it will be beneficial regarding the aspects of career (if well placed in D1). A planet well placed in D1 and virgottam in D9 but in a dusthana in D9 loses some potency but still remains good
      if a planet is placed in a poor situation in D1, then any divisional (including D9) can not rectify it. Perhaps at best, just make it slightly less worse

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS: There are opinions that Navamsa represents the post-married status and that it represents the fruition of the D-1’s “potential”. Your opinion above indicates this to be my understanding correct?

        • VS says:

          Navamsa represents a deeper color of each planet and hence does show the potential of the planets to some extent. If a strongly placed planet in D1 (exalted or own house) is placed in a great enemy’s sign in Navamsa, then its actual potential is decreased to a large extent. This does tend to show a bit later in life in general. However the late doesn’t necessarily mean post marriage. Typically the 2nd half of life is what it means


  39. Gaurav says:

    if 6th,8th,12th lord in 5th or 9th(luck) house,should we strong them or donate of those planet?

  40. V says:

    Hi VS,
    What happens when sun placed in 8th house (moksha trikona) – I think that was missing in the 4/8/12 houses explanation. What if Sun is a functional benefic for the lagna and owns a kendra but placed in 8th?


    • VS says:

      Sun in 8th is generally not good for the father of the individual. The person can have problems with the government of the land as well as health issues in the intestines/ hemorrhoids/ constipation
      there is also danger from fire and wild animals as well as fevers and inflammations in the body

  41. Shrishti says:

    Hello sir,
    I have cancer ascendant with debilitated sun in 4th house aspecting the 10th house which has moon in it.I want to know what effect will it give to my career whether I will be able to get good job in private or government department.
    Kindly reply.

    • VS says:

      this by itself is not bad for career
      you have to see the placements of other planets as well in a holistic fashion

  42. gaurav says:

    Sir, if mars in 4th house of pisces aspecting sun(virgo) in 10th house ,is it good aspecting on sun as mars is functional benefic but aspcting enemy Sign(virgo) for career purpose, if both planes are alone and no other planet is aspecting.

    • VS says:

      by itself, it is not bad for career, but you need to consider all the other planets, depositors of these planets etc for final conclusion

  43. mitali says:

    I have Virgo ascendent …. My sun,moon and mercury is in 12th house in leo…. It is combination of 10,11,12,1st Lord…. My 7th Lord jupitar is in 6th house & rahu present in 7th house in Pisces….. I have libra’s Venus & scorpions Saturn in 3rd house…… I have spiritual tendency & want to go Canada for permanent resident??? Is it possible?? I like loneliness…..

    • VS says:

      Hi Mitali

      unfortunately, currently not doing personal readings. However as per your description, foreign settlement is highly likely as well as yearning for solitude

      • mitali says:

        Thank you……
        Leo sun in 12th house with moon & ascendent Lord is good for spiritual or possible to get moksha????

        • Sundar says:

          Sri VS:
          Kindly excuse me for answering the moksha part from a spiritual angle alone. Mitali, I am a seeker myself. In B-Geeta read the charama sloka. “Sarva dharmaan parityajja..” and note the “Maa-mEkam sharanam vrja”. Note the Ek part. Find out what sharanam means. I am from the Ramanuja Sri Vaishnav sampradhaya.

  44. gaurav says:

    you are doing very good job for new learner,big matter is not that you
    learnig to people astrology but spatial thing is that only you(as in
    my knowledge) who reply to learner in this way and i hope you will
    keep doing this work,again thank you.
    my next ques is,should we strong our vakri planet or not in 4 cases?
    1-they are lord of 1,5,9 n sit in 1,5,9.
    2-they are lord of 159,sit in 6812.
    3-they are lord of 6812,sit in 6812.
    4-they are lord of 6812,sit in 159.
    all have no other aspect n sit alone.

    • VS says:

      only in case 1 is a gem stone really advised without doubt
      Case 3 should never be done
      case 2 and 4 are a case by case basis. Generally you can wear in case 2 if the planet is Jupiter, venus or mercury and not otherwise

    • Sundar says:

      I completely agree with you; There are not many VSs around. I feel guilty but VS keeps getting back !

  45. Gaurav says:

    Is vargottam is good in case of enemy sign,exmp-jupiter of tauras?2nd -is moon of cancer is good or neutral in 8th house if sitting alone and no aspecting?

    • VS says:

      typically not good to be virgottam in an enmical sign.
      however say Jupiter in Taurus for Capricorn ascendant. Now Jupiter is in 5th rashi and bhaav. if virgottam and venus is strong, this is very good

      • Veena says:

        1. If Saturn is in Simha – vargottam and in 10th house (scorpio ascendent) & Lord of 10th house Sun is placed in 8th house.
        Saturn is a functional benefic, but Sun is in 8th house, then what effects?

        2. What if Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka are both vargottam?

        • Veena says:

          And even if 10th lord is placed in 8th(gemini), if it is in pushkara then dignity of sun is good. Then vargottama saturn will give good results. Am I correct?

        • VS says:

          AmK and AK virgottam will always be good unless they are virgottam in an imnical sign
          Saturn is an arch enemy of scorprio’s lagna lord and hence even though owning a Kendra removes some blemish, it remains a functional malefic for scorpio

          virgottam is usually good, but in this case it is virgottam in its eternal enemy- Sun’s sign and is hence aggressive. Sun does not have great dignity in this case in the 8th bhaav (depending on degrees and aspects which I don’t know). Shadbal showing high for Sun is common and doesn’t mean its good in dignity. Depositor in 8th will mean breaks and blocks in career and trouble from powerful people in the organization/ govt where the native works

          only from the info you have provided, this will lead to joint pain, vehicular accidents, trouble and delay in career growth, especially if the person follows a social/ political career or a job in the government. Some success can be there but a defamation or drop in image/ career can happen

          • Veena says:

            Thank you for the very clear explanation on vargottam in inimical signs – when it can do good and when bad. There are very few explanations in the www with examples.

            Also searched for info about pushkara bhaga and pushkara navamsa in your blog but did not find any. Please let know your thoughts on that.

          • Sundar says:

            VS, general question in this context:
            Lagna Lord Mars considers Saturn as neutral to it. Saturn considers Mars its enemy. When Saturn is functionally neutral due to kendra house lordship, should we look at how the Lagna lord sees him, in which case, it remains FN; or should we look at at the other way around?


          • VS says:

            you have to look both ways. So if one is neutral and one is negative, the effect is more likely to be negative. If both are neutral (example Saturn- Jupiter) then the nature is truly neutral

  46. Joyjeet goel says:

    Hello VS , could you please give some insight on why ketu in 8th house makara lagna with sun in 12th house creates friction with higher authorities

    • VS says:

      Sun represents authorities/ govt
      When Sun is placed in dusthanas and if conjunct or trinal to the nodes (Rahu/ ketu) it gives bad results
      Sun in 12th is also maran karaka avastha, meaning very weak

  47. grv says:

    Moon of own sign is good or bad in 8th house,what would be effects,pls give some detail if there is no aspect and sitting alone?

    • VS says:

      moon is usually very negative in the 8th house
      in its own sign, if bright, it can give an emotional and sensitive person (secretly), even if the person doesnt outwardly appear like that to the world
      however there is tendency to get into obsessions with alcohol/ drugs etc
      Also the individual can have a tendency to easily get sick at the change of seasons- colds/ flus/ bronchial problems and anaemia are likely

  48. Charitha says:

    Hi if sun and rahu both are in 7th house but very apart from each other and sun crossed run and moved ahead by 16 degrees .is it still grahan dosh?what will be the effect on marriage life of having sun and rahu in married life even though they are apart from each other.can jupiter who is lord of 7th house and placed inn3rd house solve marriage life issues for a gemini Ascendant??? Because jupiter is maraka planet for gemini lagna

    • VS says:

      at 16 degrees and separating, the grahan dosha by itself will be feeble. however 2 separative planets in the 7th house will create power struggle and friction in married life. Even at times when the marriage is fine, conditions for living separately might be created in such scenarios

      Jupiter aspecting its own house will certainly provide relief via wisdom with age to this condition

  49. Varun says:

    Good day Vivekji! Is Sun’s AD in Saturn’s MD always negative for a Gemini ASC? This Sun is Neechabhilashi(1 degree Libra) and is close to Mercury(1 degree Libra) and Jupiter(28 degree Virgo). So we can say that it is a conjunction of 3 planets Sun + Mercury + Jupiter. It probably also gets neechabhanga both in Rashi and Lagna chart due to Saturn being in Kendra(Virgo, 4H).
    Also, If I understand your comments above correctly, Sun being Vargottama (in 11H in D9) makes things worse.


    • VS says:

      No rule of ‘always’ will precipitate every time. You know that I don’t read individual charts here and hence not possible for me to pinpoint the exact results which need the analysis of all planets, dignities and rashis, not just a few here or there

      in this situation, if the lords of all 4 kenrdas are deeply combust due to being within 5 degrees from sun, it will surely decrease the power of the entire chart. However the placement of the important planets – mercury, venus and Saturn and their strength is vital to observe in the chart

  50. Disha says:

    Hello sir …sun with juipter sign is good combination or bad juipter with 27th degree and sun with 15 degree does it gives bad effect on husband moon in the first house with pieces ascdent

  51. Mandar says:

    Hello sir…In my chart there is a combination of Sun and Rahu in 12th house of Sagittarius lagana.What is the effect if this combination comes together in the Kundli? The degree of sun is 18 and Rahu is 28

    • VS says:

      Rahu and Ketu eclipse the luminaries – i.e. Sun and the Moon
      If they are close to either of the luminaries, it is an affliction in the chart. Sun represents the soul and rahu is a demon.the person becomes unpredictable and unreliable and always running after material comforts/ benefits. their heart is not at peace with whatever they have and they wish for more. If lagna lord or lagnesh is also involved in this combination bu conjunction or aspect, then the problems intensify even more. Heart trouble as well as trouble to eyes/ eyesight is possible in this combination

  52. AS says:

    hello VS,

    Mercury in pieces on revathi nakshtram which is a 9th house for cancer ascendant with exalted jupiter in cancer, sun in aries which is tenth house.Does this make budaditya yoga or debilitated mercury gives the bad effects even under the influence of jupiter .


    • VS says:

      no budhatiya yoga unless sun – mercury within 8 degrees. Mercury is weak, partly neecha bhang. results can be mixed. bad for education, especially higher education or education abroad will not give much benefit. injury to the hands (nerve pinching) etc is possible also.

  53. Rahul says:

    Hello vivek ji namaskar
    I have read your statement about sun and moon conjunction in lagna or any intend to say that this is auspicious conjunction.but i have seen some videos of mr sanjay rath on youtube in which he is claiming that sun and moon conjuction is called amavasya yog and this yog destroys any verga chart completely if this is present in those vergas..please give your opinion.

    • VS says:

      hello rahul – sun and moon together will obviously cause amavasya (new moon) where moon has no light and is dark. However keep in mind that this is only one of things to be watched out for..if this happens in 3 or 10 or 11, it gives rise in a persons life with time. If one of both planets are in high dignity and the depositor is strong, they can give very good results in any kendra/ kona as they are friendly to each other and represent the mind and the soul. The person can have an intense personality and his heart and soul are in one direction

      on the other hand if this happens in 6th 8th or 12th or if the planets are weak, aspected poorly, then it will completely destroy the bhaav they are situated in for sure

  54. dr. s.r.soni says:

    hello vivekji…….. what is your opinion regarding scorpio ascendant chart having sun and rahu both in 6th house, provided sun is exalted here [lord of 6th house mars is in 2nd house ]…..sun is in nakshatra of venus which is swagrahi in 7th house and rahu is in ketu’s nakshatra…..plz express your view

    • VS says:

      Many things have to be seen collectively to judge, not just 2 planets.
      however the person will remain injury prone and will have more than one accidents/ surgeries in life. there is danger from fire and wild animals in life

      in terms of career, good to be in taxation/ audit or government jobs. Politics can also be a possibility if some other factors support. Administrative roles will suit the person. Nature will be a bit aggressive and competitive but venus can make for a sweet diplomatic speech to cover the aggression and ambition beneath the surface

  55. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    How does Sun do in Capricorn for a Leo asc? Its a FB sitting in a upachya/dusthana/enemy house. Also if ascendant is virgottam, what is the effect of this placement?

    • VS says:

      Not a good placement to be in dusthana in a deep enemy’s camp. will give diseases unless saturn is strongly placed. if rahu aspects sun in this case, the diseases can be terminal and serious

  56. Jayanthilal says:

    How vill sun mahadasha be for a leo ascendant? Sun is in 3rd house in conjunction with ketu and mercury.sun is neech state, what remedies can i perform?

  57. Madan says:

    Dear VS,

    How would sun mahadasha be for a pisces rasi and lagna.. where sun is in lagna along with a combust moon and mercury? …would mer and moon become malefic here? As mercury is debilitated and combust and moon is also combust..would there be a neechbhang by mercury being the lord of 4 & 7 houses?


    • VS says:

      typically not a good combination, will depend on other planets and aspects and the dignity and placement of Jupiter as the depositor and lagna lord

  58. Rahul says:

    Hello vivek ji namaskar
    I found your articles very informative.
    Can you please elaborate about GRAHAN DOSH?i mean to ask about effect of grahan dosh

  59. selva says:

    Dear VS, Please let me know How Saturn Mahadasa for Taurus ascendant?..Saturn in 5th house Virgo along with Moon and Mars. Ve exalted in 11th house aspecting 5th house.Mercury in Ascendant itself 1st house.Sun exalted in 12th.Ju in 6th house.

    • VS says:

      Hi Selva
      by itself Saturn is a yoga karaka for Taurus and sitting in virgo, it is in a friendly sign and also ucha abhilashi. although in this case it will be retrograde due to the distance from the sun. the effects will depend on how close mars and moon are to Saturn. the closer they are, the more agitated Saturn will be. Less than 5 degrees is not good. Also venus Saturn sambandh will improve Saturn and create a raj yoga. this opposition, the closer it is to exact 180 degrees apart, the better it is

      • Sundar says:

        If I may humbly add VS:
        I am a Taurus ascendant with Jupiter in the 6th. It is a FM sitting in a Upachya house. I have no enemies, get through obstacles well and love small (and large) animals like I do my children (Jupiter). The 5th aspect of Jupiter (children like aspect I suppose) on the 10th of work makes me treat projects at work like they are there to be taken care of by me with great responsibility yet with no undue stress. My retrograde Saturn is in the 8th and I think it makes me work very hard with its 3rd aspect. I think it has caused emotional turmoil and anxiety as well; being a Karaka of the 8th and being a Yogakkara, may be it does not, some other planet does. May be you can comment on this 8th position..


  60. Naren says:

    Good day,
    If sun is Leo (ASC) and Saturn and Venus in Libra(3rd bhava -Saturn in exaltation) and moon in 6the Bhava (Makra rasi); what will be generic effect of Saturn dasa / Sade Sathi.

    • VS says:

      if the age is for working (not a child or old) then sadhe satti will give a strong impetus to have an independent career or business related to some glamor field (fashion, cinema, arts, ladies articles, beauty articles, anything that has a sense of pleasure or glamor attached to it). the person can have very creative tendencies in work. sadhe satti can also lead to marriage in this case if age and situation as such. minor health issues possible

      • Naren says:

        Thank you very much. Incidentally would like to mention that in Navamsa chart both Moon and Saturn are in Makara and Jupiter is vargottama (in Gemini) in both Navamsa and Rasi. Navamsa ASC in Tarus. Thanks again.

  61. Bansi says:

    I want to know which gemstone is ideal for me. I have been trying to understand this and all astrologers have suggested different things. I suffer from low self esteem, lack of vitality, passion and will power and havent been able to move forward in life constantly struggling to battle this. My chart: capricorn ascendant with sun 13 deg & mercury 18 deg in first house, 2nd house venus 20 deg & ketu 6 in 11th rashi, 8th house Jupiter 14 deg, rahu 6 degrees, mars 20 deg in leo sign, 9th house saturn 3 deg and Pluto 28 deg in virgo sign, 5th house moon 26 degree in Aquarius sign, 11th house uranus 1 deg & neptune 28 deg in scorpio sign. I just want to know which gemstone i should wear.

    • VS says:

      i do not give personal readings and a full valuation of the chart is needed for gem recommendation. From what you have written, wearing a neelam will likely help. Try wearing one on a saturday in the waxing phase of moon. if you dont feel better in a week or so, remove it

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