Analyzing Basics – I

Now you have your horoscope, you know the planets, houses, signs and dignities. You also know a bit about divisional charts and the fact that Navamsa or D9 is always studied in parallel to the D1 chart. You also know about real physical manifestation vs. “Arudha Pads” a little bit.

Things to be noted at this juncture are below –

1) Special Lagnas – You will also see much more data as of now that you wont understand including many lagnas like Hora Lagna (HL), Sree Lagna (SL), Indu Lagna (IL) etc. All you should know as of now is that these are ‘special ascendants’ which like divisionals are used for analyzing particular areas of life. Example Indu Lagna and the chart with respect to Indu Lagna is to be studied with respect to Finances or Money prospects in a chart. At this juncture, their understanding in detail is not needed.

1b) Gulika & Maandi – Even though not in the main 9 planets, these ‘sub-bodies’ which are actually satellites of Saturn are considered in Vedic Astrology with somewhat of lesser importance than the main 9 planets. These are highly malefic entities and usually cause problems and delays/ tragedies in the houses they sit in. Typically they are considered good only in the 3rd and 11th houses and negative in all others. That’s all you need to know about them for now.

2) Moon, Sun & Lagna (Ascendant) – The ascendant is most specific for each horoscope and is the Pivotal point of the horoscope. However each horoscope should be analyzed with respect to the Moon and Sun as well and from Arudha Lagna (AL) as well. Basic rules don’t change. Just think of the sign where Moon is placed as the lagna and analyze the horoscope as you would from Lagna and same for Sun and Arudha Lagna. In some cases 2 or more can overlap. Lets say if a person has Virgo rising and Moon and Sun in Virgo. Now 3 of the Lagnas become one and your job becomes easier. As a matter of fact, in such horoscopes, the predictions will get more accurate in general as all 3 lagnas will indicate results in one direction

3) Dignity of Planets – Before you do anything else, take a pen and paper and right down points for each of your 9 planets and their dignities in detail. Follow the rules of Dignities of planets in detail. Over time this become 2nd nature and takes much less time, but for now take painstaking time to find the dignity of each planet.

4) Ashtakvarga – This is a somewhat advanced concept but since you will be looking on the bottom right of your screen at some terminology which says BAV or SAV, it is worth mentioning about some basics related to Ashtakvarga-

Ashtakvarga means 8 divisions. Basically the support a planet gets from other planets and the lagna is what is being quantified here. Support implies relative positioning. So lets say we take Mercury which is placed in 9th house in a horoscope. Now relative to lagna and 7 other planets (excluding Rahu & Ketu) mercury either gets 1 point or 0 for its relative placement from that planet. If its 0, say from Saturn, then basically Saturn is not supportive of where mercury is sitting and will not help it in its agenda. Calculations and logic behind this is beyond the scope right now but do know that this is very important in addition to the #3 above.

Average SAV of any house is 27 points. Anything above 30 is good. Below 24 is low and 24-29 is somewhat average. SAV is the total sum for all planets in any house

BAV is planet specific as described above. Even though each planet has a different average, roughly speaking 4 or above in any house is good and 3 or below is low. If a planet has say 1 point in a house, then it is not really supported by other planets in that house at all.

These concepts are more important in transit (even though used a little in basic horoscope also). So if Saturn is transiting in a house which has say 36 SAV and Saturn BAV of 6 then Saturn will give excellent results in that house as both these numbers are high and vice versa.

5) Placements – This is the essence of astrology. Take a long time in addition to dignities, to actually look at placement of planets in different houses. You will have to keep reading the house and planet indications repeatedly to get a good idea. Initially you might feel blank often, keep at it, there is no other way. Example see horo below.

Chart example

You see Capricorn is ascendant. Saturn rules it. Where is Saturn sitting? In 9th house of Virgo. So person himself (as Saturn is lagna lord) is in 9th house of luck/ destiny/ higher education/ foreign travel etc. 2nd bhaav is Aquarius. Lord Saturn again in 9th house. So concepts related to Money/ assets/ speech/ family etc. in 9th house. Keep going for all 9 planets while keeping in mind the dignity of the planets. Strong planets will do good to their houses and hence significations. So in this example if Saturn is strong in dignity (which it is) it will protect and enhance the concepts of 1st and 2nd house as well as 9th house. Likewise a weak dignity planet will show issues related to those areas of life.

Even though good and bad is relative and not absolute. Keep in mind the concepts from the Bhaav write-up.


6th, 8th and 12th houses will show problems. Planets sitting in them, unless good dignity will show problems as well, especially related to the areas those planets rule by houses.

1, 5 and 9 are benefic houses and planets in these will get ‘lucky’ and stronger and will do good to their rulerships.

4, 7 and 10 are KENDRA or central places and planets in 1,4, 7 or 10 are generally strong to easily manifest the results they promise in a horoscope.

11th house is one house where materialistically speaking all planets give good results. Its the house of gain, income, wealth, social circle and friends.

A planet in its own karaka house enhances its results. So if Jupiter is karaka (significator) of 9th house, its position in the 9th house will enhance the 9th house results as Jupiter feels comfortable in that area as if it “knows what to do” in that domain of life.

6) Combustion – One concept that is important is combustion. When a planet comes too close to the sun, it becomes invisible or so to speak. Its burnt from the heat and glare of sun and fails to properly protect its significations. Implying the the houses it rules, will suffer. Even though this is a detailed discussion topic, for the sake of brevity consider any planet +/ – 6 degrees from Sun as strong combust and any planet + / – 12 degrees of Sun as combust. Beyond that the planet is no longer combust, even though it might still be more ‘agitated’ due to its closeness to Sun upto even 20 degrees.

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  1. rose says:

    Could you kindly touch upon the importance of Hora/MahaKaala/Kaala Lord,Tithi,Soli Lunar Yogas etc etc ?

    • VS says:

      Hi Rose,
      Thanks for the good words. I do have 3rd house in 9th so hobbies writing will tend to go into publishing (9th). I guess that is what I did in engineering and stock research in banking as well. but no dasha change of 3rd at maha, antar or pratyantar level 🙂

      As for Hora/ MahaKaala/Kaala lord, I will briefly touch on them in some time. These are more relevant to Electional and Horary astrology than otherwise but I will still touch on them briefly.

      Yogas is something I am careful not to touch yet as it is pretty much an ocean in itself. I will mention some important ones including some lunar/ solar in some time


  2. Dinesh Maini says:

    Dear VS,

    Does a planet in it’s karaka house spoils the results due to karako bhava nashaye theory?

    • VS says:

      Hi Dinesh

      Although an important concept, its applicability is not sweeping.
      Firstly it is only applicable if the planet is in its most pertinent bhaav. Example Jupiter is karaka of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th but only in the 5th (of children) does it create some issues not in the other houses
      Secondly it is applicable only when the planet is in its own sign and also not conjunct or aspected by another planet.

      if both the above concepts are met, then one has to be careful regarding this principle. Example if Jupiter is in 5th house in saggi or pisces and no other planet conjunct or aspects it, there will be difficulty in having children for the native and a potential delay in the same


  3. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Good day! What are the generic effects if the lagna(Gemini) and rashi(Gemini) lord Mercury is retrograde, combust by a debilitated Sun? Both Sun and Mercury are weak degree wise – around 1 degree and Sun wins in graha yudha. Both Mercury and Sun have low ashtak varga score including the bhava(BAV < 20) they reside in. Sun and Mercury are together in most of the divisional charts and Sun is debilitated in most of them. Mercury has good Istha phala and Shadbala, Sun too is above the minimum Shadbala in rupas.
    I m finding it difficult to apply the rules as there are far too many permutations and combinations. Also, JHORA doesn't show Mecury as combust, not sure why.


    • VS says:

      Hi Varun
      Unfortunately not a generic question and hard to answer w/o looking at a particular horoscope in detail, which as you know I am not doing these days anymore

      As for JHora not showing Mercury combust, there is an option you can tweak in the settings. PVR Rao (fellow astrologer and author of JHOra) and some others are of the opinion that Mercury in Retrograde motion and Venus in direct motion are NOT combust even when within 6 degrees of Sun. Keep in mind that only the internal planets namely venus and mercury can be both retrograde and very close to the sun. The outer planets of Mars, saturn and Jupiter are retrograde when away from the sun. Rahu/ ketu are always Retrograde and sun and moon are never retrograde

      My viewpoint is that Mercury does get combust when retrograde and venus does get combust when direct when close to the sun, however the combustion is relatively mild as opposed to when Mercury is direct and venus is retrograde and close to the sun


  4. krishnagopal says:

    Hello Vivek ji,

    Nice blog, very good for learners , specially the spread sheets of benefic/ malefic.

    wish you good luck.

    just one question , in general ofcourse , is saturn in 9th house is better than 3rd or 11th house for capricorn lagna?

    • VS says:

      Hello Krishnagopal,

      Thanks for the good words.
      As for saturn in 3rd or 11th vs. 9th for capricorn lagna, I believe it will depend on many factors including the total dignity of saturn, aspects/ bala/ divisional strength etc. Then secondly the istha phala of the depositor of saturn as well. Most important is to see the Yogas (good or bad) saturn gets involved in.


      • krishnagopal says:

        Thanks Vivek. Agreed that it depends on all factors you mentioned.

        but in charts i have seen, 9th fared better. may be because LL in 9th is always good, as it is a friend’s house+ bhagya house. (common theme for both 3/9th sani for makar lagna is, it will make one lonely/separated in its periods.)

        I think this is true even in case of scorpio lagna. your take?!

        However both placements aspect sani’s karaka houses, 12th for 3rd and 6th for 9th which is good again unless afflicted with further malefic aspects.

        • VS says:


          as far as lagna lord being in 9th – it is true that it is usually always good
          If the 9th lord joins, then better. Example if saturn is in 9th in virgo and mercury joins it in Virgo then Jatak parijata maintains – “the native will be very rich and enjoy a raj yoga but will be sickly at times”

          this is because saturn aspects 6th and mercury rules 6th. So some enmity with authority/ father can be expected as well as sickness during long distance travel (9th). However dominant part of that yoga will give luck and wealth with 1st and 2nd lord conjuncting 9th in 9th house

          Also saturn aspecting 11th is always good with saturn ruling the generic 11th bhaav of aquarius. if saturn is strong, it can give good wealth inflow in 9th in 2nd half of life

  5. M says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can you please tell something about Mercury’s combustion ? Some take mercury as an exception to combustion . Others debate on degrees , some consider it combust within 1 degrees , some within 3 and some within 5 degrees

    1) Does it help if mercury is ahead of sun as compared to behind the sun ?

    for eg – Sun at 20 degrees and mercury at 24 degrees

    2) and what if both of them are in different nakshtras ? say sun in pada 4 and mercury in pada 1 of next nakshatra .. Will this cancel combustion ?


    • VS says:


      You are right that there is no common consensus for exact degrees to which various planets are combust.
      Hence every astrologer will have his/ her own opinion on it.

      As per most accepted literature, Mercury is combust upto 14 degrees in direct motion and upto 12 degrees in Retrograde motion from the sun
      In my experience Mercury should be considered combust within 6 degrees from the sun in either motion and strongly combust within 3 degrees

      Anything more than 6 degrees is very feeble conjunction and hence not very relevant to consider

  6. Lakshman says:

    I have been reading your site of late and enjoying it immensely. You seem to have a very clear and concise manner to your explanations. Thank you.

    I have a question regarding astrological software. I am wondering whether you have a recommendation as to what software to use?


  7. Padma says:

    Hello VS,

    It is nice to read all your articles.
    As you said you were too good in maths and science and then took astrology at such young age, all came naturally to you which I can guess.
    if you find appropriate and ok to give your birth details please. I just wish to study as I am curious.

    Thanks and best regards.

  8. r pristine says:

    Sir; i have some doubts. (1)if jupiter fully aspects saturn by 5th aspect, will saturn by it’s 10th aspect throw energy of jupiter too alogwith it’s own?? (2) in the query,replace saturn by mars,& pl answer same for mars’s 4th aspect. (3) can it be applicable to any other planet like venus,sun etc wrt their opposition(budh effects insuch case r known,so not to be included). regards.

  9. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a Taurus asc Saturn is a yogakkara and lord of Badaka sthaana.
    Saturn is retro and alone in good dignity in Jupiter (8th).
    I am thinking: It is retro and hence can be erratic, sitting in the 8th (longevity) and badaka lord; so the end can come suddenly.
    Is my reading somewhat acceptable or plain wrong?

    Thank you.


    • VS says:

      all depends on other factors on saturn
      further badhak itself isnt a big factor in judgement. a yoga karaka remains a yoga karaka

  10. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    In JHora, under Preferences/Calculations there are two options 1. Restore Default. 2. Use author’s recommended. Which should I use? If it’s not too lengthy, can you tell why?

    • VS says:

      there are dozens of settings. Each astrologer will have their own preference. In some of the articles, I have explained my preferences on some of the points. Please feel free to use your own or just keep the default as well

  11. Sundar says:

    Adding: Moon posited in Leo, 12-th house is 6th from Moon, hence there is an “emotional hurdle” to overcoming this problem rationally.

  12. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Should the significations of 6th house from the moon be viewed as something like “there is mental block to carry out actions that would fructify these significations”?

    • VS says:

      yes. those are going to be things which the person needs to overcome mentally to succeed in life

      • Sundar says:

        Supposing the 9th bhaav is 6th from the moon; taking higher education for example; assume the 9th is strong from lordship, posited planets and aspect angles; in this case, would the obstruction be psychological/mental, like I may not like higher education but if I overcome that dislike, I would do well..


        • VS says:

          actual resutls to be seen from lagna.
          from moon, it will show the way they will appear to be to your mental state

  13. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a female, if Jupiter is a functional malefic, does it mean anything in terms of marriage? Assume it’s dignity is good.; same question for male (venus).


    • VS says:

      for marriage first look at the specific 7th lord and bhaav. the karaka will then support or negate the result if strong or otherwise. Look at only the strength of venus for male (placement, dignity and aspects) not the functional nature. For example say saggitarius lagna, venus is full FM. But if exalted in 4th house, it is great for marriage, especially if mercury as 7th lord is also placed well

      • Sundar says:

        Quoting: “Look at only the strength of venus for male”.
        Jupiter for female, I believe + the 7th lord’s dignity as mentioned above..?

      • Sundar says:

        So, the karaka for the 7th is venus for male and Mars for female?

          • Sundar says:

            The amount of KT you have done for me is a lot VS. There is so much misinformation out there especially about divisionals. They might call what I know from you as wrong, but ultimately it’s a matter of trust. My heart felt thanks. May God bless you with all that’s good for your soul and body.

  14. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Lord of 7th (marriage) and 6th (divorce) sitting together (even if their strengths are good) is not good, unless aspected by Jupiter or/and Saturn in good that correct?

  15. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    In JHora: The Bhaav Bala also says Shadbala. This tells me the balas are not just from
    D-1. I am thinking..the strength of the bhaavs in D-1 is of the highest why bhaav balas from other charts is squeezed into the chart?

    • VS says:

      Bhaav bal calculation is complex. There are a couple of books addressing the issue in detail if you are interested. however, it is a research area which I can advise to dive in only after the mastery of most principles of astrology

      there are ample very good astrologers who predict well without softwares or these very fine details. Intuition should be used and case studies used to practice. Else you will become addicted to just looking at numbers like 130 good, 90 bad etc. and planets are not binary. Its never only good or only bad. So be careful of this GANIT jyothish. Focus on PHALIT jyotish with emphasis on case study after case study.

  16. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – What can be said about a male having Jupiter and Venus conjunct(less than 10 degree) in 7th house(sagi) for a Mithun lagna and Kanya Rashi? Here Jupiter is Functional Malefic and Venus is Functional Benefic but both are general benefic.


    • VS says:

      By itself the combination is great. Can make the person highly creative and benign minded. Can go into areas of art/ cinema/ entertainment/ glamour or public dealing of some kind. Also depends on planets placed in or aspecting the 10th bhaav. Spouse might be highly educated and from a good family

  17. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    With Mercury sitting in Gemini at 1 deg (same as cancer asc degree), Ketu at 26 deg in Gemini, how much is Merc afflicted? If yes, can this can lead to anxiety issues..

    • VS says:

      maybe not specifically this combination but generally a FM mercury in 12th or in its own sign can lead to an over thinking, over analyzing nature leading to anxiety

  18. Varun says:

    Thanks Vivekji.

  19. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    I was revisiting your write up of placement and lordship. If the 5th and 2nd lord (merc) is sitting in the 3rd in good dignity it can bring creativity from 5th to the 3rd (creativity in writing, speech etc), also wealth from 2nd to the 3rd; NOT that I could be wealthy from IT skills but I could use my wealth in developing 3rd house significations, a subtle distinction, please comment on this if I am correct.

    • VS says:

      yes that’s correct

      what will also be important is the dignity and placement of Moon as the depositor

      • Sundar says:

        Just to confirm my understanding again, when the lord of the 9th sits in the 8th, it brings, say, wisdom from the 9th to confront the obstacles of the 8th, NOT that acquiring wisdom will run into obstacles. Thanks again.

        • VS says:

          it depends on the dignity of the 9th lord. if it is strong by sign and shadbala etc, it will give more wisdom than obstacles. if it is weak, the significations of the 9th house will be destroyed or delayed

  20. Sundar says:

    I understand from you that that a planet brings the significations of the houses it rules to the posited house (by way of related themes) and also improves/lessens the significations of the houses it rules depending on the strength of its placement.
    Question: Does it bring the significations of the house it is placed in to the houses it rules?

    • VS says:


      If for Capricorn Jupiter sits in 9th house. It will bring the significations of 12th into 9th. like travel, foreign travel, higher education abroad etc. But not 9th into 12th

  21. Sundar says:

    When two planets are conjunct, is the overall effect of the conjunction dependent on which is sitting at the lower degree?

    • VS says:

      Not at all. that is what a particular astrologer claims on some of his youtube videos. I dont subscribe to this theory in real life

  22. Digamber Purohit says:

    Hello VS sir, what is the general rule to verify if a native will get inheritance from father, mother, or others in family? It is said that 8th house and lord need to be seen, 8L should have connection (aspect/conjunction) with 4th and/or 9th lords, 8L should be strong or exalted, etc. Is good placement required – what if 8L is in dusthan say 6th, 12th, or 8th itself? 6th should work since 6th is actually 11th (gain) from 8th. Also, do the same rules apply when it is not immediate family – say you are listed on someone’s will, to bequeath part of their estate. How is that seen? A lot of times, childless couple adopts someone who will then inherit their property even if no blood relation. Maybe from distant relatives. Do same rules then apply to check inheritance? It will be nice if you can explain what are your actual observations if and how it works. Thank you.

    • VS says:

      2nd is own money, 7th from it is ‘other’s’ money or the 8th house. if it is connected with the 4th or 9th and the karakas of moon/ sun, it will be via parents. else look at the karaka of planets involved to see where the inheritance or windfall gains come from.

      general rule to see things, look at the bhaav, then its owner and then its karaka. Finally look at the bhaav from karaka and its arudha. so for example for wealth, look at 2nd and 2nd lord. then Jupiter. then 2nd house from Jupiter and finally arudha of 2nd house from Jupiter. if 2 or more of the above criteria overlap in one sign, that sign will be main significator of wealth in chart, else use the strongest of all the above

  23. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    I have question on this: “6th, 8th and 12th houses will show problems. Planets sitting in them, unless good dignity will show problems as well, especially related to the areas those planets rule by houses.”.

    If Jupiter is a functional benefic and sits in the 6th, it brings the significations of the bhaavs it rules into the 6th . The above quote also suggests that by sitting in the 6th, it may also not deliver well for the houses it rules if its dignity is not good. Is my understanding correct?

    • VS says:

      If it is good dignity then the damage is not much and there could be indirect gain also or win over enemies by having a friendly nature in case Jupiter is in own house in 6th…such people will not have any enemies

      say leo ascendant mars is in 6th house exalted. Now mars here will make a person fiercely competitive and successful in competitions and like a sportsman/ professional athlete. Can give jobs in law enforcement/ army etc. however 4th and 9th lord is in 6th. So there could be some disease to the father and mother (non serious) related to bone marrow/ muscles/ blood etc.

      Also the fortune of the person rises after hard work and tensions and stressful situations

      However if this mars is deep combust or closely aspected by rahu or ketu then the disease could be significant. This mars will also cause the person to have one or more surgeries and accidents in life. if sun is strong then the person will not get injured by these etc. this is how you have to think

  24. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    “A planet in its own karaka house enhances its results. So if Jupiter is karaka (significator) of 9th house..”
    Question: If this was the MK of Jupiter, would it result in Karaka Bahaav Naash?

    • VS says:

      not always. jupiter will do that kind of bhaav naash only for 5th house not 9th nor 2nd or 11th (of which it is also karaka)

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS: Can you point out the like Jupiter – 5th, Venus – 7th? etc for all planets? I hear about multiple Karakas for certain houses and it can get very confusing especially from a KBN perspective.. Thnks.

        • VS says:

          Jupiter 5th
          venus 7th
          sun 9th
          moon 4th
          mars 3rd
          Saturn 12th and 8th (although in 8th it still gives long life unless afflicted by mars/ ketu)
          Mercury 4th

  25. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    If a FM sits in a kendra or Kona, it is generally not good for the house? (assume that the lord and its dispositor are in good shape).

    Thank you.

    • VS says:

      if depositor is strong then its good with some hiccups in that area..

      if FM is stronger than the depositor then its damage to that area

  26. rama mohan says:

    happy to accidentally to come this site. found good. Kindly provide a clarification on this: jup in 7th meena (lagna kanya, born in bharani) with rahu, ven&moon in 8th, mars &mer in 10th
    rahu in kendra joined jup the rasi lord shall make him good. rahu jupiter will assist in marriage or cause problem

  27. Mayur Kher says:

    Can I adventure to offer you this details of a person for analysis for the cause of the accident, who had fatal accident by felling down from running speedy train, had 26 fractures, I can not find any indication in his horoscope which lead to the accident, he rose to life from there after being in hospital for 6 months & became one of the most successful person in textile dying field, later on he built his own bungalow in Mumbai & became financially very well off, I know every detail of his life as he is a very close relative to me.
    Name : K Birth Date: 25th March 1956 Birth Time: 5.30 a.m. Birth Place: Ratnagiri (Maharashtra, India)

  28. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    What is the role of a badakasthaana? For a scorpio asc, Cancer is B-Sthaana. If say Jup, Mo, Ket and Venus are siting there, what is the interpretation?

    Thank you.

    • VS says:

      forget badhaksthana concept. it is a secondary concept. If functionally benefic planets sit in good dignity in a Kendra or kona house, they will always do good

  29. Mayur Kher says:

    Does maraka concept works

  30. Mayur Kher says:

    I thought may be I replied late to your query about time of accident of K, so I am giving all info at one go again as following, your analysis will help all the beginners like me about prognostication of event.
    Name : K
    Details of a person for analysis for the cause of the accident, who had fatal accident by felling down from running speedy train, had 26 fractures, he rose to life from there after being in hospital for 6 months & became one of the most successful person in textile dying field, later on he built his own bungalow in Mumbai & became financially very well off, I know every detail of his life as he is a very close relative to me.
    Name : K Birth Date: 25th March 1956 Birth Time: 5.30 a.m. Birth Place: Sangameshwar (Dist : Ratnagiri Maharashtra, India)
    Accident happened on 16th November 1986 between 3.15 p.m. to 3.30 p.m, near Thane in Maharashtra (to be precise it happened between Diva and Dombivali in Thane District)
    The birth time is ought to be accurate as where he was born at his maternal uncle, are very orthodox brahmins with deep belief in Astrology, so must have noted accurate time.

  31. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    When Saturn sits in the 2nd house of speech in Saggi (Jupiter is exalted), does this generally give restraint in speech or does it give harsh speech in your observation?

    • VS says:

      Saturn by itself does not give harsh speech. It will give a direct speech in saggi. which could feel cold, even if the intention is to be straightforward. However the different aspects on Saturn will dictate the actual result.

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