This section will have technical posts, which are not for the casual reader. These posts will assume a very basic knowledge of vedic astrology, but to a complete beginner, it might be overwhelming.

I will start with relatively basic concepts and then write on more complicated matters and topics in astrology.

Consider these to be in order of learning the abc of astrology first and later, more complex topics and being able to look at one’s own horoscope will filter in.

The written articles are purely my own thoughts. They are, what I believe, condensed pages of relevant information for starters of this art. Rest assured, these are powerful summarized versions of knowledge from various texts of astrology. These include, but not limited to, Parasara Hora Shastra, Jamini Sutras, KP system, Jatak Parijata, Deva Keralam, Phaladeepika, Lal Kitab and others.

Over time, I have found that no one school of thought is completely comprehensive (Parasara comes close) and no school of thought is obselete in relevance either. They all converge at a definitive level of understanding.

NOTE – All material here is completely in my words, Please feel free to reproduce with permission and not otherwise. (click on pictures to see them bigger) Thanks!

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