Yogas – Part III

Part three for the Yoga Primer-

XXI) Yogada & Maha Yogada – These are based on Jamini principles. Please refer to rashi drishti concept articles if you are not aware of how Rashi drishtis work (example a planet in a dual sign will aspect all the other dual signs via the Rashi aspect). Also remember that among special Lagnas, HL = Hora Lagna (indicates wealth) and GL = Ghati Lagna indicates power and authority.

Now if a planet aspects both the Lagna and the HL, then its a Yogada Yoga giving Wealth and prosperity
If the planet aspects both the Lagna and the GL, then the forming Yogada yoga gives Power & authority

Likewise if a planet aspects all 3 – Lagna, HL and GL then a Maha Yogada yoga is formed which gives power, wealth and authority to the native
These yogas get activated during the dasas of the planet which is involved in forming the Yogada or Maha Yogada yogas

XXII) Naabhasa Yogas – These Yogas are very broad/ generic in nature. I do not pay much heed to them. These are formed when the 7 planets (except Rahu/ Ketu) are placed in x number of signs. x can range from 1 to 7. Depending on ‘x’ a specific yoga is formed which can be positive or negative. Example when x =1, Gola yoga is formed which is negative. When x = 4, Kedaara yoga is formed which is positive. It is important to know that Naabhasa yogas do exist, although I do not give them much importance as they are very broad Yogas and will not act independently. Hence I do not discuss these in detail here

XXIII) Kaal- Sarp Yoga– When all the 7 planets excluding the nodes are situated on one side of the Rahu- Ketu axis, Kaal Sarp yoga is formed. Please refer to the article on Kaal-Sarp Yoga in the advanced Topics section which details this yoga in depth. Generally, this is deemed as a negative formation

XIV) Amala Yoga – When only natural (not functional) benefics occupy the 10th house from the Lagna or Moon, this yoga is formed. It makes the person virtuous in his actions in day to day life for which he will earn a good reputation in society. Example Capricorn Lagna and only Venus sits in the 10th house of Libra sign, Amala Yoga is formed, in this case a strong one as Venus is in Mooltrikona sign and if non combust and direct in motion, will be strongly placed

XV) Kalpdruma/ Parijata – This is a highly strong and potent Yoga which generally elevates the entire horoscope and hence the potency of other positive Yogas in the horoscope to a large extent. This Yoga is based on the dipositor principle. As mentioned before, a planet gains strength when its sign and/ or Navamsa depositor is in high dignity (example own house or exalted).

Parijata Yoga is formed when the Lagna lord, its depositor and the Rashi and Navamsa depositors of the depositor of Lagna lord are all situated in a Kendra (1,4,7,10) or Kona (1,5,9) and are in high dignity – i.e. exalted or own house and not combust (bright).

This Yoga increases the vitality of the entire horoscope and the other positive yogas in the horoscope will manifest more intensely due to this Yoga being present in a horoscope

XVI) Shubha Yoga – A Kartaari yoga as has been discussed before. This is positive. It forms when the 12th house and 2nd house deposit generically benefic planets (Jupiter, venus, mercury and Moon). This gives strength to the Lagna (as it is helmed between 2 benefics) and if the lagna also has a benefic, this is even stronger

XVII) Ashubha Yoga – A Paap Kartaari yoga (negative) where the 12th and 2nd house deposit generically malefic planets (Saturn, rahu, ketu, mars, Sun). Since Lagna is now helmed between malefics, the power and auspiciousness of the 1st house is greatly reduced

XVIII) Pravrajya Yoga – When 4 or more planets are situated in the same sign, especially if in a Kendra or Kona house, this Yoga forms. The more the number of planets, the stronger the Yoga. This indicates too much energy in one aspect/ area of life and hence a mismatch of energies in a particular aspect of life for the individual. Such people will come across as having intense personalities and over a long period of time, they tend to become detached towards the materialistic pursuits of life. Keep in mind that detachment does not equate to sainthood always. Even a person going through the daily grind can have a tendency to be detached to his daily work. This yoga is especially pronounced if it occurs in the 10th bhaav as 10th bhaav represents our career/ job/ social status and Karma (actions)

XXIX) Tapaswi Yoga – Tapaswi means a Saint. When Saturn, Ketu and Venus are either conjunct (same sign) or in exact trines to each other (same nakshatra) then this Yoga occurs. Saturn is a detaching planet by nature. Ketu represents Moksha or renunciation and detachment from all materialistic pursuits of life. Venus on the other hand represents the pleasures and attachments of life including romance, marriage, wine/ dine, luxuries, vehicles, etc. When Venus is conjunct or affected by the austere planets Saturn and Ketu, the person will not be attached to materialistic pursuits in life. They will either not have too much materialistic possessions, or even if they do, they will not be attached to money/ materialism too much. They generally tend to like dedicated, altruistic and austere pursuits in life

XXX) Vasumati Yoga – This is a positive and wealth giving yoga. Upaachya bhaavs are – 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th. These bhaavs improve with age and time as life progresses. When a lot of generic benefics  (Jupiter, venus, mercury and Moon) are placed in Upaachya bhaavs, this Yoga occurs. Thus if all 4 of the generic benefics are placed strongly in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th bhaav of a horoscope, a potent Vasumati Yoga is formed which gives wealth and status to the native

So we have covered 30 kinds of important Yogas (both good and bad). As I mentioned before, there are thousands of permutations and combination possible of the planets and hence as many Yogas in theory. This list of 30, is hence, far from comprehensive. The reader is advised to read 300 important combinations by Dr. B.V.Raman for an indepth dive into Yoga formation.

That said, the last 3 articles serve to enlighten the reader with some very important Yogas which the reader should familiarize themselves with for a good reading of a horoscope in addition to the other chapter in this “Lessons” series.

9 Responses to Yogas – Part III

  1. Sundar says:

    Hello VS:
    Can you add a few words on Parivartan Yoga? With Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn, is this a parivartan? If true, what happens to the debilitation of Jupiter? Does it get nullified as a few blogs suggest? Thanks.

    • VS says:


      I will try to add more on an exchange (especially rasi exchange) as exchanges are relevant at a nakshatra level also

      in the situation you mention, the debilitation of jupiter does NOT get canceled automatically unless jupiter is in a kendra from the lagna and preferably from the moon also. also if mars is present in capricorn with jupiter, its debilitation will get canceled as well. however when an exchange happens, the planets work in tandem and take on each others characteristics as well. Strongest exchanges are ones where the 2 planets are opposite to each other…example mars in libra and venus in aries…in such case they are not just exchanged but also in mutual aspect which makes this yoga very strong

  2. Sundar says:

    Hello VS: Given Oct 13, 1997, 5:18 PM, Tiruchirapalli (Tiruchy), why does Jupiter get 15 on Vimsopaka (highest) despite the debilitation? Thanks.

    • VS says:

      Hi Sundar,

      I dont do specific questions or horoscopes. Idea of this platform is to spread the word and feed the curious student. Thats all.


  3. Astro Learner says:

    Hello, Can Parivartan yoga take place between three planets?
    Scorpio Lagna,
    Saturn in 1st house, Mars in 2nd house, Jupiter in 4th house.

  4. Mayur Kher says:

    I know a Stree Jataka who has Bhadra Yoga which is one of the Panch Mahapurush Yoga, but she is dragging feet as far as married life & employment is concerned, she worked in all mediocre establishments & when she started freelancing her money was duped by the people who gave her work, her marriage is on brink of divorce inspite her being more than 100% committed towards it & very sincere to make it work, her husband has been doing emotion black mailing from the day one since they got married for last 8 years inspite having 6 years old son who is very affable, her husband is having extra marital affair but wants best of both worlds, she is also having Kaal- Sarp Yoga in Rahu being in 8th with Venus in Cancer, but Venus even being in same house is coming between Ketu & Rahu, as Ketu in 2nd being 24 degrees so Rahu in 8th & Venus is on 17 degrees, Bhadra Yoga is formed in 10th House with conjunction of Mercury with Saturn and Sun, but Mercury is 17 degree apart from Sun and 13 degrees apart from Saturn, Sun & Saturn are in Anshatmak Yuti in 4 degree.

    Kindly excuse me for writing such a lengthy post, also I am not asking for any assessment of the Horoscope of Jatak, but I have observed that even yogas are hyped too much, they don’t really take you anywhere if other aspects are not supported in horoscope, unless they are formed by powerful planets like Sun, Mars, Jupiter.

    • VS says:

      Hi Mayur-

      A lot of Good and bad yogas exist for a lot of jataks. Does not mean that they all manifest in the way we expect them to. A few things to keep in mind-

      1. Desh, Kaal & Paristithi – Meaning any reading is to be given in the context of a person’s background, situation and cultural/ religious background etc. a person born with an average horoscope in a rich family is going to have a different life than a person born with a very strong horo but to a beggar with no food to eat due to the opportunity set they get in life. Likewise a person born in an advanced country will be different than a person born in a nation torn with war and having extreme poverty

      2. Yogas have to be looked very closely in terms of the strengths of planets causing them. IN any horo there are good and bad planets. The power of good even if good, if is equal to or less than the power of the evil/ functionally malefic planets, then the positive will not manifest properly. many a times I see horoscopes with 6 planets either exalted or own house. Now in such cases the 6,8, 12 and badhak lords might be very strong too in addition to the good houses. results overall might be average despite an exceptionally looking good horoscope

      3. The dignity of yoga causing planets is vital and this can only be learnt with a lot of time and experience. avastha, shadbal, divisional placements, avayogas, rashi or bhaav sandhis, etcetc…lots of things have to be looked at and the net result is a sum of all

      4. finally a person has to make the right effort at the opportune time and right dasa and transits have to click for events to precipitate, which is more complex than just a yoga existing in a horoscope

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