Yogas – Part II

In continuation for Yogas Part I, below are some more positive as well as negative Yogas-

X) Kahala Parivartana – A kind of Parivartana (exchange) Yoga where a non-dusthana bhav lord (dusthana is 6,8 and 12) interchanges signs with the lord of the 3rd house. This Yoga brings out fluctuations in destiny and success of an individual and rise and falls fluctuate in life. The 3rd house represents self effort and will power, but is a partial dusthana house as well. So as an example when the lord of 10th and 3rd interchange, either the profession/ career of the native will see many ups and downs OR the person will have to make a lot of effort with minimal success in the beginning and true rewards for the efforts will come much later in life.

XI) Dainya Parivartana – A kind of Parivartana yoga where a non dusthana lord exchanges signs with a dusthana lord. Example lord of 5th house interchanges signs with the lord of the 6th house. This is a negative Yoga and the manifestation is typically struggles and problems related to the 2 houses involved.

XII) Kartari Yogas – Kartari = scissors. These can be both Negative and Positive depending on the involved planets. For these Yogas, consider ONLY the Generic nature of planets and not the Functional nature. Meaning for this analysis Jupiter, Venus are always positive. Mercury and Moon are positive when bright and sitting with benefics. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun are always Negative.

When a particular house is surrounded by malefics on both sides, Paap Kartari Yoga is formed (Paap = sin) and is a negative Yoga which will damage and delay the significations of the affected house.

Inversely when a given bhaav is surrounded by 2 benefics, a Shubha Kartaari Yoga is formed. This enhances and amplifies the positive significations of the involved house and helps the bhaav prosper and flourish without many problems.

Example Sun in 6th, saturn in 7th and Rahu in 8th bhaav. In this example the 7th bhaav is battered because it has a natural malefic saturn and is also surrounded on both sides (6th and 8th bhaav respectively) by natural malefics. This forms a Paap Kartari Yoga. This will damage the marital prospects of the individual, even though the final outcome will depend on the strength of the 7th bhaav along with its lord.

XIII) Daridra Yogas – Daridra = poverty. This is not to be taken literally everytime this Yoga forms in a horoscope. However this yoga generally indicates struggles in the field of finances for the individual. It forms when ascendant is occupied and aspected ONLY by Natural malefics (not functional malefics) and the exception is that the natural malefics should NOT rule either the 9th bhaav or the 10th bhaav. If they do, the negative Yoga does not occur.

Example – Leo rising with Lagna having saturn and Ketu and Jupiter, mercury and venus do not aspect the ascendant. Daridra Yoga occurs. In case Leo has only Sun and Mars (even though both natural malefics) daridra Yoga is Not formed as in this case the ascendant has the 9th lord in it as well as the ascendant lord itself. This infact is a strong RajYoga.

XIV) Kemadruma Yoga – This occurs when there is no planet on either side of Moon as well as in conjunction with the moon (Rahu and Ketu do not count). Further Moon should not be in Kendra (1,4,7,10). It is a negative Yoga.

Moon is the mind and is impressionable and emotional by nature. If no planet is near Moon and Moon is also not in a Kendra bhaav, it will feel lonely and confused. Typically such individuals are socially shy and/ or awkward and can be introverts or misfits in general life. They feel lonely even when in company of others as they constantly feel they are not understood by others.

I feel if the above conditions are met, Kemadruma Yoga occurs to some extent. However a 100% kemadruma Yoga occurs only when the above conditions are met and also no planet sits in kendra bhaav from the ascendant as well.

Either ways, usually in the 2nd half of life, such individuals improve their depressive/ lonely tendencies and they become more (relative to before) social and ‘normal’.

XV) Shraapit Yoga – Shraapit = cursed. This Yoga occurs when Saturn and Rahu reside in the same sign in a horoscope. Further if they are also in the same Nakshatra, then it will be even stronger in manifestation. If they are more than 15 degrees apart, the Yoga is formed only mildly.

Typically the actions of the individual (saturn) can be shady or hidden (rahu) and the destiny of the person can be very delayed in manifestation in life. Such individuals might have to struggle quiet a bit for minimal reward of their efforts.

However, for Venus ruled ascendants or Saturn ruled ascendants, Rahu and Saturn become functional benefics and hence the Yoga does not cause too much damage. Also if this occurs in the 3rd house or 11th house, the Yoga can give much material success to the individual in addition to some blockages in progress. It is the worst to be formed in the 8th, 12th, 1st or 2nd house of a horoscope. Dignity of saturn and rahu and aspects on the combination are vital to be considered before giving blanket predictions of disaster related to the bhaav where both these planets are situated together

XVI) Gaj-Kesari Yoga – This yoga is a positive one. It is formed when Moon and Jupiter are in Angles to each other. This implies when Moon and Jupiter are in positions which are 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th from each other in the horoscope. In this case the individual gets strength to moon (mind) and Jupiter (luck and growth) and is lucky and successful due to good judgement and emotional status. The person might be spiritually inclined and be lucky to have blessings from some mentor/ guru in life. However the dignity of moon and jupiter is vital to be seen as well as the functional nature of moon and jupiter in the horoscope as per the ascendant.

XVII) Guru- Mangal Yoga – When mars and Jupiter either conjunct or are in opposition to each other (1st or 7th from each other) and both have good dignity in the horoscope, the actions of the individual are energetic and righteous more often than not. This is as Mars represents actions/ energy and Jupiter is righteous and expansive by nature

XVIII) Visha Yoga – Visha = poison. When Saturn is deep conjunct with Moon in the basic horoscope, this negative yoga is formed. Such a person has a tendency to depression as well as psychological issues in life, especially if moon is low in dignity/ shadbal. They seem to be very serious in nature and will easily get upset and sad over trivial issues. However if both planets are in good dignity, then the person can get mass fame as well. This is because saturn represents the masses (general people) and Moon represents fame

XIX) Angaarak Yoga – When Mars and Rahu conjunct in a horoscope, the person is prone to anger and violence. Such individuals can have a big ego or anger issues and can go off the handle in a second. They can be normal one minute and violent the next. Typically this will affect the bhaav such a yoga is placed in very negatively. However the damage is much lower in the 3rd or 11th bhaavs where such a combination can give great material benefits to the person. On the positive side, if the planets are in good dignity, such a person has a never ending fighting spirit and can do wonders as sportsmen, army or police personnel or fields where great courage and activity is required

XX) Chandra Mangal Yoga – When Moon and Mars are in conjunction or opposition, this Yoga is formed. By itself it is a positive yoga which gives a sharp mind and powers of concentration to the person. It makes the person logical and ‘street wise’ which in turn gives them a good ability to make money. However if the planets involved are low in dignity and/ or afflicted, the person will have anger issues along with blood disorders as well as bad relations with one’s mother


I will discuss more positive and negative yogas in part III. The idea is not to cover the entire list of 1000s of yogas. But to give a good taste for the few important ones which will get a student’s mind thinking about Yogas in the right direction

7 Responses to Yogas – Part II

  1. sambit says:

    Your view on rajyoga produced by rahu and ketu?

    • VS says:

      Rahu & Ketu are reflective planets. If they sit with a raj yoga planet, they will tend to give the raj yoga instead of that planet. example Ketu and mars conjunct for Leo lagna, Ketu will give the effects of mars and mars itself will become a bit shaky in its dasa

  2. sambit says:

    some astrologers are of the opinion that yogas like neechbhanga raj yoga and vipreet raj yoga don’t exist in classical text thus donot believe in such yogas. your views on this?

    • VS says:

      My opinion is that they exist very much
      best way to learn. Find rodden rating AA horoscopes (thousands of them available when you google)
      go through each in detail. One can only learn via case studies not by what ‘they say’

      • sambit says:

        thank you for your reply. I must ask your as you have seen many charts over the years that do astrological remedies work in your observation.
        secondly as you observed many charts and the people of such charts. Did their life turn out as your thought or were there differences and if there were what may have been the cause?

        • VS says:

          Astrological remedies work but only to a limited extent and also more on a psychological basis. In most tough times, its easier to get by thinking positive and having hope of the light at the end of the tunnel

          Not everything is set in stone, even if it is, that level of perfection in astrology is hard to achieve for anyone. Hence astrology should be used just as a guide and one should continue to do the best effort for everything in life

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