Yogas – Part I

Another immensely crucial topic which needs to be addressed before doing some case studies.

There is no possible way to ‘short cut’ through this topic, which is immensely wide as well as deep. There is, however, a way to jump start the process for a learner, who can then graduate to advanced books on the same including 300 Important Combinations by Dr. B.V. Raman, which is a book i recommend for this topic.

Yoga, as mentioned earlier, is a combination of 2 or more planets which can have a positive or negative effect as per the functional and generic nature of the planets involved. This is the essence of Vedic astrology and a topic which takes years to master, but that said, some basics can be grasped quickly. Most detailed softwares will spit out the various combinations present in a horoscope. However, keep in mind – a mere presence of a Yoga does not imply actual manifestation of its positive or negative results, as might be, to a full extent. Other factors including strength and dignity of planets involved in the Yoga, the closeness in terms of longitudes the planets are separated from each other as well as the strength/ dignity of the owners of the rashi, nakshatra depositors of the involved planets will dictate the intensity of a Yoga.

Another vital parameter to be considered is the closeness from the Bhaav Madhya as discussed before. The closer the combination occurs to the middle of a bhaav, the stronger the effects in that particular bhaav and vice-versa

I hereby give some important Positive Yogas below in a very generic fashion for a beginner and hence focus on the concept behind the Yoga and not perhaps the specific Yoga or its nomenclature, which will confuse learners in the field.

I) Raj Yogas – A wide class of Yogas which are positive by definition and aid in the financial and mental well being of the individual in whose horoscope they form. They are are of many kinds.
a) However get into a habit of looking at the owners of the 1st, 5th and 9th houses. These form the Bhagya Trikona or the Fortune triangle. The owners of the houses will always be friendly to each other and 2 or all 3 of them are connected via conjunction or mutual aspect, they form a Raj Yoga or combination of good luck/ fortune. If this occurs in the 1st, 5th or 9th house itself, it is even better. It is also great to form in a Kendra house -1st, 4th, 7th or 10th

b) Likewise a combination of a lord of 1/5/9 with a Kendra lord or 1/4/7/10 is also a Raj Yoga as long as the planets involved are functional benefics for the ascendant. Keep in mind 1/5/9 are always functionally benefic. However the lords of 4/7/10 can be positive, neutral or even negative in some cases. Refer to the functional nature of planets article earlier.

II) Panch Mahapurush Yogas – or 5 great men (literal translation) These Yogas are formed when one of the 5 non luminary planets – Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter or Mercury are in their own sign or exalted sign while being in a Kendra house (1/4/7/10 bhaav). This is a very good Yoga to have and the functional as well as generic nature of the planet becomes enhanced to a large extent. Example when Venus is in Libra in 10th house for Capricorn, it forms ‘Malavya’ Yoga which will enhance the functional nature of Venus (rulership of 5th and 10th bhaav in this case) as well as give wealth/ luxuries (general significations of venus) to the individual

III) Vipreet RajYogas – These are formed when 2 negative lords combine. Namely lords of 6th, 8th or 12th houses (which are considered functionally negative) combine in any bhaav. This Yoga is more powerful if it occurs in a dusthana house itself – i.e. 6th or 8th or 12th bhaav and does NOT involve lords of good places especially of 1,2,5 or 9th house. This combination typically portrays a -ve with -ve turning into very positive effect. When correctly formed, such a yoga can give massive riches and a steep rise in a person’s career/ job/ social status.

IV) Parivartana Yogas – Parivartana means exchange. When two planets are placed in the other’s sign respectively, they are swapped and will ‘work with each other’ or in tandem. They exchange each other’s properties and to some extent, the planets behave functionally as if they are sitting in their own signs respectively.

Example for Leo rising, Mars is in Leo while Sun is in scorpio. This forms an exchange of the 1st and 5th lords

Again, like in Raj Yogas, remember that an exchange between 1 trikona lords is extremely auspicious. Meaning if 1/5/9 exchange with each other, a strong Raj Yoga results. Likewise a swap of a Kendra (1/4/7/10) ruler with a Trikona (1/5/9) ruler or a Kendra lord with another Kendra lord are very positive as well.

However the exchange of a Kendra or Kona lord with a dusthana lord (6/8/12) is a negative Yoga and causes miseries. Example for Aries rising, Mars is in Virgo (6th bhaav) and Mercury is in Aries so a Trikona (1st) lord exchanges with a dusthana lord (6th)

V) Neecha Bhang RajYoga – Another category of potent Yoga is Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga is Neecha Bhang Yoga (NBY). This occurs if a debilitated planet sits in a kendra bhaav (1/4/7/10) and its depositor is either sitting in conjunction with the planet or in a Kendra from it. It also occurs if the depositor is in exaltation as well as if an exalted planet sits in the same sign as the debilitated planet while the debilitated planet sits in a Kendra bhaav (1/4/7/10)

Typically this is a potent strong Yoga and will give strong benefits related to the rulership of houses of the planet involved, but only after some initial setbacks/ failures or delays.

Example is Capricorn rising with Mars in 7th house in Cancer conjunct with Moon in cancer. In this case Mars gets NBY and will become a strong benefic as long as its strong in shadbal and has good aspects on it. Such a Mars will give initial pressures in its dasas but ultimately cause great strides in the life of the individual, especially related to the houses in rules – in this example 4th as well as 11th

VI) Mridanga – When exalted planets or planets in their own sign sit in a Trikona or Kendra Bhaav, they cause great positive results related to the houses they rule and also their generic significations. Typically such planets elevate the entire life/ status of an individual in their dasas if they are in good dignity as per the many scores of quantifying dignity of a planet as discussed in other articles

VII) Dhan Yogas – When the rulers of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th bhaavs combine with good dignity, they cause a Yoga which gives wealth. If the combination occurs in 2/5/9/11 or any Kendra house (1/4/7/10) then this Yoga is stronger (as opposed to occuring in 3,6,8,12 bhaavs). The logic is that the 2/5/9/11 bhaavs rule over wealth in one way or the other and hence when 2 or more such lords combine, a combination for wealth creation is made.

Typically good to have the ascendant lord also in this mix for this Yoga to be stronger.

Another strong Dhan Yoga occurs when the 5th lord is in 5th and 11th lord in 11th, hence aspecting each other fully in great dignity. Even when 5-11 lords exchange, the same occurs as long as the planets are in good dignity.

VIII) Laxmi Yoga – When the lord of 9th house is exalted in a Kendra house or is sitting in its own house in great dignity, Laxmi Yoga results which blesses the native with great fortune, wealth and intelligence as these are the significations of the 9th house of destiny/ fortune and crystallized intelligence/ higher education

IX) Jamini Yogas – These are of many types. However a good practice is to look at the placement and dignity of Atmakaraka (AK), Amatyakaraka (AmK). When these 2 lords combine, especially in a Trikona or Kendra house, a RajYoga results


The above are some of the very important positive combinations. Hundreds of other kinds exist and are important to know. However the above are absolutely crucial to know well for any astrologer. In part II of this article, I will cover some more positive as well as negative yogas to watch out for. Beyond that, the beginner is set with all necessary tools to start looking at horoscopes and we will look at some case studies of well known figures.



42 Responses to Yogas – Part I

  1. Shailesh Patel says:

    Respected sir, i want to know result of exchange of house (Sthan parivartan) or two planets are in each others exalted houses, (this yog is in my niece’s horoscope- having Makar-Capricorn Ascendant having Saturn/Sani & Mars/Mangal in tenth house in Tula /Libra rashi. so saturn is in mars’s exalted rashi & Mars is in saturn’s exalted rashi
    Date of birth 13-Oct-1991, Birth time 14:08, Birth Place- Bhuj (Gujarat) India

    • VS says:

      Hi Shailesh

      In rashi parivartana, 2 planets have to be in each other’s houses. The concept of each others ‘exalted houses’ does not count in this scenario. Only if saturn is in the rashi of mars and mars in the rashi of saturn will this occur. Thanks

  2. Anurag says:

    Lords of all dushtana houses (6th Mercury, 8th Sun & 12th Jupiter) of my chart are sitting together in a dushtana house (6th). What kind of yoga will it be if any? And is it good or bad?

    • VS says:

      Its called a Vipreet Raj yoga which means the cancellation of 2 negatives
      the effects are like a raj yoga but only after initial struggles and setbacks

  3. Abhishaik Singh says:

    Lord of 8th house mars in 12th house along with sun,mercury and venus .lord of 12th house sun in 12th house .Does this create vipareet raj yog?

    • VS says:

      yes venus and mer together is a raj yoga but in a bad sign and house. if planets combust, effects will be weaker. Mars combust will not harm but the person will be egoistic and impulsive and crave attention even if secretly and will be a hidden part of his/ her personality

  4. Sundar says:

    Sri VS: For a Cancer ascendant + Cancer moon (Lagna and Rasi are same) is Mars’ debilitation removed in Cancer? Thank you.

  5. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Quoting here for convenience: “However the exchange of a Kendra or Kona lord with a dusthana lord (6/8/12) is a negative Yoga and causes miseries”.
    How about an exchange of Kendra and 11th lord?

    Thank you.

  6. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    To quote you for convenience for Parivartana:
    ” the planets behave functionally as if they are sitting in their own signs respectively”.
    If Saturn is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Capricorn (18 degrees), isn’t the bad effect of Jupiter’s neecha position nullified or mitigated substantially?

    • VS says:

      depends on the houses they are placed in. if dusthanas are not involved (3,6,8 & 12) then the negative effects of Jupiter will be much less. But still one is in debilitated sign and the other is neecha abhilashi (one sign before debilitation)

      so this can give feeble good results

  7. r says:

    Is vipreet raj yoga formed by mutual aspect? JHora seems to calculate it that way..

    • VS says:

      yes mutual aspect can be either conjunction, opposition or mutual aspect like saturn 4 places ahead of mars where both will aspect each other

      • r says:

        Thanks. This yoga isn’t effective when it involves Saturn as lord of 8th and 9th too right?

        Also in your experience it has effect if two planets are in mutual kendras, such as 12th and 3th house?

  8. Rahul says:

    Mr vivek can you please explain whether rahu and ketu can participate in firmation of vipreet rajyoga as lord of acquarious and scorpio respectively

    • VS says:

      Not really
      rahu/ ketu even though co-rulers of these signs, will reflect the planets that conjunct/ aspect them as well as the lord of their rashi and nakshatra depositors more than these signs themselves. Unless ofcourse they sit in these signs

  9. Rahul says:

    Thanks mr vivek for ur elaborate answer.i ve one more question and i need ur kind explanation.does rajyogas work in this modern world?i ve read that mr k n rao once said that rajyogas are not very
    effective in modern world.further i ve seen two birth charts with dharmakarmadhipati yog but natives are ordinary people..i think this yog might be activated later in future so how can one determine the timing of activation?i ve went through some videos of mr sanjay rath class in which he said that highest form of yogas must get activated first then the lesser yogas wud get activated..what is ur opinion?please reply

    • VS says:

      The context of Yogas and their results has changed much since the ancient times when these scriptures were written
      back then being rich meant having lots of animals, as an example. Now obviously it does not. Back then desh nikaala (going out of the country) was the worst punishment possible. Now its something most people actually want etc.
      one has to change the definition of Yogas as per the Desh, kaal and paristhiti – (culture, time and situation)

      Along with yogas, one has to see the Duryogas which can cancel the good effects of most Good Yogas at times. the exact strength of the yoga and the planets causing the yogas is also something that is vital. the yogas will show results when the maturity age of the planet has happened and when the dasas of involved planets or their conjunct planets occur. Saturn transiting over the yoga area or trinal to the yoga area will also trigger a yoga in a horoscope. rest one can learn from experience and case studies

  10. Rahul says:

    Thanks vivek ji for your kind reply..i m grateful to you..this us best explanation i got related to rajyoga..please write articles on navamsha and dashamsha also.thanks again

  11. Sundar says:

    VS, Re: Neecha Bhang RajYoga..are the rules applicable to D-9? E.g. Saturn in Aries and Mars in Libra? BTW, Mars in the 9-th won’t do it, just to make sure..Thanks.

  12. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Just about neecha bhang without the yoga part: I read the following:
    “If a debilitated planet is aspected by another debilitated planet or by its own dispositor”
    E.g. Saturn in Aries, Sun in Libra.
    Is this true?

    • VS says:

      yes if a debilitated planet is aspected by its depositor or conjunct with its depositor, the debilitation is cancelled to a large extent
      if this also happens to be a Kendra house, then there is a raj yoga due to it, if its a non Kendra sthana, the cancellation of debilitation is still there but not the raj yoga

  13. Thirumal Kumar says:

    Hi VS….
    I just wanted to input my thought here after going through BPHS.

    As far as my understanding goes, the words neecha bhanga is not separated from neech bhanga raja yoga. When there is a bhanga to the neecha, in itself forms a Raj Yoga. The words ‘i yoga’s does not always partain to Kendra or trikona. For example, vipareeta Raj Yoga. In VRY, only dushthanas are involved. So, in my understanding if there is a peculiar formation between planets and if it’s capable of giving u something(good/bad) then it is said as ‘yoga’. If the same is capable of giving u something good that which will rise you above your current life standards then it becomes a ‘Raj yoga’. Most of the Raj yogas are formed between Kendra & trikona because Kendra and trikona has the best chance of rising you above the present scenario. But, it’s not always the kendra & trikona. It’s all about unique formation of planets and the strength of the planets invovled in producing it.

    Well, I just wanted to share my perception about what I understood from BPHS.

    I would humbled with your inputs.

    – perpetual​ student of astrology.

    • VS says:

      Hi Thirumal

      in practice, if neecha bhang happens with a strong depositor and in kendra, it leads to a raj yoga…else it is a mere cancellation of debility and not necessarily a raj yoga

  14. Pradhan says:

    Hi VS,

    In above article you have mentioned that, vipareeta raja yoga is a conjunction or mutual aspect of 2 dusthana lords in a dusthana house.

    Lagna is Karka, Saturn in 6th house and Mercury in 12 house, both are placed in dusthana houses aspecting each other, VRJ exists as per above rule, how ever Saturn is also receiving aspect from Jupiter (from 10th house) who is lord of 6th as well as 9th house.

    You have stated that planets involving in VRY should not be aspected by planets owing 2,5,9 houses how ever in this case, Saturn is receiving aspect from Jupiter(benefic) who is also the 6th lord, what are the effects in general? Does VRY still exist in this scenario?


    • VS says:

      VRY occurs in any house when 2 dusthan lords combine. if 8th and 12th combine in 9th bhaav, they will still create VRY but then they will tend to also spoil the 9th house significations
      one has to see how strong the 9th bhaav lord is in this case, if strong enough, then VRY will give good results after some initial damage/ delay related to 9th bhaav etc

  15. Anirudh says:

    Hi VS,

    What are the effects of yoga involved between mutual aspect of 4th and 7th lords?

    4th lord is Venus and 7th lord is Saturn, both are great friends how ever both are not benefic for lagna, so in this case will the yoga still work as they are best friends and lord of Kendra?

    Or will it not work as both are not benefic to the lagna?

    What are the effects if the yoga is occurring in a dusthana house between 6th and 12 house forming Samasapthaka?


    • VS says:

      nothing in astrology is ONLY good or ONLY bad…
      like real life, most things are a shade of grey
      so interpret each combination with a similar mind set

  16. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    With Sun in Libra, will an aspect from its exaltation lord Mars give NRY? If true, what if Mars is in Cancer?


  17. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    If the lord of the 5th or 9th aspects the house where VRY forms, does it affect the yoga?

  18. Pratheek says:

    Hello VS,

    First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to you for taking some valuable time out of your life and maintaining this wonderful website. Your website is by far the most logical and well-reasoned one on this subject that I have seen and it is nothing short of a boon for beginners like me.

    Now, regarding my doubt, in your explanation of Neech Bhanga Raja yoga, you have listed some conditions for the occurrence of the yoga. However, in some of the other literature explaining the yoga also indicate one other condition which you have not listed here i.e. that the yoga also occurs if the depositor of the sign of exaltation of the debilitated planet, sits in a kendra from the lagna. It would be wonderful, if you could clarify whether your omission of this condition was intentional and if so, the reason for the same.

    Thanking you again.

    • VS says:

      Hi Pratheek
      thanks for the kind words. The omission indeed was intentional. I wrote down the points I feel are valid after my own research over the last 2 decades. Now that is not to say that what is mentioned in scriptures is incorrect etc. All I am implying is that my research has not shown the same

      • Pratheek says:

        Thank you so much for your answer
        If you may please clarify another doubt regarding this topic, so, if the debilitated planet sits with an exalted planet, but, the lord of the depositor of the house where they are conjoined sits at 6/8 from the house, does this lead to a neech bhanga rajayoga or just neech bhanga?
        In the case in point, if mercury and venus join together in pisces at the 10th house, but jupiter lies in 6th from 10th at the 3rd house in leo, then would this lead to a manifestation of a neech bhanga rajayoga or would the depositor being at 6/8 from it hinder its results to some extent?

        • VS says:

          it can be a neecha bhang but reduced intensity. Also if moon is in a kendra position here, then neecha bhang will be complete, else partial

          • Pratheek says:

            So, if the moon is in a kendra in this case, it would lead to complete neecha bhanga, but no neecha bhanga rajayoga, yes?

            Thank you so much for your valuable inputs.

          • VS says:

            if moon is in Kendra, it will lead to a neechbhang raj yoga if the planets are within 5 – 25 degrees in the rashi and also if they are within a few degrees of each other

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