Some Important Jamini Concepts to Know

Changing gears a little bit from our discussion, which has been focused on Parasari astrology, I mention some rules related to Jamini astrology. Jamini Sutras are by themselves a complete astrological school of thought and by no means anything that can be covered in one article or even 100. However I mention here some very vital concepts which a student should get into a habit of checking in each horoscope.

Following this article, I will, in a short while cover a few case studies which should make many of the concepts discussed so far more holistic sense in terms of application to horoscopes.

I) Rashi Drishtis – As opposed to the ‘grah’ or planet drishtis that we have already discussed at length, Jamini dictates the rashi drishti concept. This drishiti (=aspect) is more permanent in nature as opposed to grah drishtis and will color the specific area throughout life for an individual (not dependent on dasas and transits of the involoved planets)

a) Dual Signs – Any planet in the signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces will have a Rashi drishti or Sign aspect to all other signs of dual nature. Example Mars placed in Gemini will aspect Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces as per the sign aspect

b) Fixed Signs – Any planet in a fixed sign – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius will aspect all the Movable signs except the one right next to it. For example if Sun is in Taurus, it aspects all movable signs except the movable sign next to Taurus (Aries). Hence such a Sun will aspect Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

c) Movable Signs – Reverse of #b above. All planets in a movable sign will aspect other Fixed signs except the fixed sign right next to them. Example saturn in Libra will aspect all fixed signs – except the fixed sign next to the planet (in this case scorpio). Hence such a saturn will aspect Taurus, Leo and Aquarius

Very important to note that these aspects are of the entire sign and not the planet itself. As an example a person has Arudha Lagna of Taurus and has Venus in Libra. Now although Venus has no (full) aspect on Taurus as a planet aspect but it will have an aspect of the sign from Libra onto Taurus. What this implies is that the observable or apparent characteristics of the native (what Arudha Lagna dictates) will be permanently colored by a nature which is akin to Venus in Libra.

II) Arudha Pads – These have been discussed before. Arudha means a reflection. Arudha Lagna or AL is the reflection of the 1st house or lagna. A2 is the reflection of the 2nd house and so on. When analyzing any Arudha, keep the Rashi aspects as discussed above in mind. Important to note that UL or Upapadha Lagna is the Arudha of the 12th house and denotes the spouse. Ideally the location of AL and UL should not be 6,8 or 12 from each other for a good relationship between the person and his/ her spouse. When analyzing the characteristics of a spouse, look at the rashi drishtis (in addition to the grah drishtis on the the UL) this will give good clues regarding the nature of the spouse and his/ her characteristics.

Arudha pads is also an extensive topic and for the purposes of preliminary learning the discussion as of now should suffice with a deeper dive later in advanced topics.

III) Chara-Karakas – Char = Movable and Karakas = Significator
As opposed to Sthira Karakas where Sthira = fixed

This is an extremely important gem of Jamini sutras and I give in a very high importance in the analysis of any horoscope. Sthira karakas have already been defined earlier. They are the permanent significations of each planet. As example Sun is a Karaka for father and government and likewise Moon is a karaka for mother etc. Sthira karakas by definition never change, regardless of the longitude of that planet in a horoscope or the position of that planet in a horoscope.

On the other hand, a Chara- karaka changes as per the longitude of the planet in a given horoscope. As per the advancement/ progression a planet has in any sign, its portfolio or karakatwa changes. This is the Chara-Karaka scheme.

The planet which has the most advanced degree among all the 9 planets, in any sign, becomes the Atma-karaka or the significator of the soul or the person himself. This is somewhat like the lord of the ascendant and equally, if not more important, in the analysis of any horoscope.

Likewise the other Chara -karaka significators are determined as follows. In the order of descending or decreasing longitudes of a planets in a horoscope-

1) AK – Atma Karaka (Soul)

2) AmK – Amatya Karaka (Intellect/Mind/ Career)

3) BK – Bhratri Karaka (Siblings)

4) MK- Matri Karaka (Mother)

5) PiK- Pitru Karaka (Father)

6) PK – Putra Karaka(Children)

7) GK – Gnati Karaka(Collateral relatives)

8) DK -Dara Karaka(Spouse)

Note- Almost all softwares including JHora will give you the Chara karakas with the abbreviations used above. Example Mercury is at 27 degrees in a sign of an individual and that is the maximum of all planets, it will be called AK or Atma Karaka for the individual

The importance of these karakas can not be over emphasized. When you wish to analyze the career of a person, the way an astrologer should think about is –

1) Lord of the 10th house and 10th bhaav itself
2) Lord of 10th house and 10th bhaav from Moon
3) Lord of 10th house and 10th bhaav from Arudha Lagna
4) D-10 or Dasamsa divisional chart
5) AmK planet – its dignity, placement, shadbala, aspects and strength in D1, D10 and D9
6) Saturn is Sthira karaka for job/ profession and its aspects/ dignity/ strength and placement etc.

Likewise when analyzing the spouse/ marriage, not only is it vital to look at 7th house and its lord but also the DK as above and D9 divisional chart which signifies marriage

Generally AK and AmK should be strong and well placed for a good overall position in life and a good practice to always check the AK and AmK planet strength in D9 always along with D1

Without going into too many technical details at this stage, I would recommend – “Mixed 7/8 planet chara karaka scheme of Parasara” to be selected in the options of the software. There are many schemes, mostly based on a 7 planet or 8 planet scheme of chara karakas. Important is to note that Ketu is never any of the Chara Karakas, Rahu on the other hand can be but only in cases when 2 or more of the other 7 planets happen to fall on the same longitude. It will get very complex if I discuss this. As for now, please note that the 7/8 karaka scheme of Parasara is by far the most accurate scheme based on my own researches over the years. This is also the default scheme in many softwares. But some advanced softwares like JHora give an option to change it if one wishes to.

22 Responses to Some Important Jamini Concepts to Know

  1. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Not sure if I got the analysis right but applying the above set of rules gives me a mixed bag 🙂

    1) Lord of the 10th house and 10th bhaav itself
    JU(10th Lord) with SA in Virgo. 10th house also has 8th aspect of MA from Leo – Mixed bag I believe; 10th lord under the influence of SA although far degreewise
    2) Lord of 10th house and 10th bhaav from Moon
    JU(10th Lord) with SA in Virgo. 10th house also has 8th aspect of MA from Leo – ditto as above
    3) Lord of 10th house and 10th bhaav from Arudha Lagna
    MA(10th Lord) in Leo(7th house). VE in 10th house from AL. SA, MA and RA aspect 10th house – Mixed bag yet again – positives – MA(sits in friend’s home in kendra), VE(blesses 10th house). Negatives – Heavy dose of malefic aspect on 10th house
    4) D-10 or Dasamsa divisional chart
    MA(in Asc in Virgo), SU+ME+MO+KE in 2nd house, SA in 3rd, VE in 4th, JU in 6th, RA in 8th. – Mixed bag yet again I believe.
    5) AmK planet – its dignity, placement, shadbala, aspects and strength in D1, D10 and D9
    Amk SA in good shape in D1 and D10 but in D9 in 8th house(Cancer) – Mixed bag yet again
    6) Saturn is Sthira karaka for job/ profession and its aspects/ dignity/ strength and placement etc.- ditto as above

    Overall – lots of Mixed bags 🙂

    • VS says:

      Hi Varun

      thats life isnt it? 🙂
      always with lots of shades of grey and hence is astrology. over time if you do this for hundreds of horoscopes, you will learn to intuitively know which factor to give more weight-age to


  2. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Hope you are doing good! Which planet to choose as AmK if Rahu is shown as AmK in Ashta Chara Karka and Saturn in Sapta Chara Karka?


    • VS says:


      Please select the mixed Parasara scheme of 7/8 karakas. Where Rahu comes into picture when two planets have same longitude in the horo example mars at 10.2 degrees and venus 10.9 degrees (not necessarily is same sign). In this case 8 karakas come into play. If not 7 will. If your software has this option (JHora has) then the software will automatically do it for you

  3. Varun says:

    Ok Thanks. So the revised positions of AK and AmK are:

    JU(AK) – Virgo(4H) in Lagna/Rasi , Virgo(10H) in D9 and Aquarius(6H) in D10
    RA(AmK) – Cancer(2H) in Lagna/Rasi, Leo(9H) in D9, Aries(8H) in D10

    Not sure if those are good or not.

  4. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Sorry but one more question – “Since Rahu is a shadowy planet, can we consider its dispositor as the AmK(Moon in my case)”?


    • VS says:

      Varun, When rahu becomes a Charakaraka in the 7/8 mixd parasara scheme, you have to take it as the karaka and not its depositor. Thanks

  5. Varun says:

    Thanks Vivekji. One more question – “If Jupiter is in the same rashi(Virgo) both D1(4th House) and D9(10th House), can it be considered retrograde?”

    • VS says:

      Hi Varun

      Being virgottam has nothing to do with retrogression

      Jupiter can be or not be retrograde in the above case in which jupiter will be in the last 3.33 degrees of virgo. That will depend on how far it is from the sun

  6. Prasad says:

    Do we look at career prospects from Amatykrk ruler?

    If Atmlrk-Ve and Amatykrk-Su are conjuct with UL lord (Me). Does it create a jaimini rajyoga. Does this rajyoga has to repeat in D-9 to confirm?

    If Moon is in Uppapada Lagna. UL lord is Me sitting with Su+Ve as mentioned above Can we tell something about spouse looks/traits or family background. I was reading over it on the above example. Thought of knowing your views.

    • VS says:

      I cant answer piecemeal questions or do personal readings.

      answer to the generic part of the question “Do we look at career prospects from AMK ruler”?
      is YES

      • Prasad says:

        Thanks Vivek
        If lagna lord is in same sign in D 1 D 9 and D 10. Can it be called vargottama. What if it is in enemy sign. Say Saturn in Scorpio or Leo. Does it have to be MT or friendly or or own sign

        Can Rahu/Ketu be Vargottama

        What if planet hold same sign in D 1 and D 10

        What if planet hold same sign in D 9 and D 10. Can they still be called Vargottama

        • VS says:

          Virg-uttam are 2 words in one
          varga = division
          uttam = very good

          whenever any planet is in the same sign in D1 and any other chart, that becomes virgottam for that particular chart
          D9 or navamsa is more emphasized, but this applies to other divisions as well like D10, D12 etc

          also a planet that is in an enmical sign in D1, does not become good just because it is virgottam in a divisional. Example if mars is in Gemini, it is in an enmical sign and being in Gemini in D9 also will just make it weaker. So Virgottam is good if the depositing planet is a good friend, friend or at least neutral to the planet

  7. Prasad says:

    Ok. Got it.

    Just wanted to clarify. There is lot of confusion surrounding thus. some say Jup is good others say bad. same goes for Rahu and ketu in these signs

    Jup in Aquarius – is it good or bad sign d1 and d10
    Rahu in Cancer – is it good or bad sign d9 and d10
    Ketu in Capricorn – is it good or bad sign d9 and d10

    • VS says:

      Any sign that is good for a planet is good in all divisionals. If aries is a friendly sign for Jupiter, it remains so whether D1 or D9 etc

      Jupiter gives good results in aquarius being a neutral sign as well as the natural 11th sign for which jupiter is a karaka.

      rahu in cancer and ketu in capricorn are good provided the strength of their depositors and aspects on the nodes are good

  8. Q says:

    Hello Sir,

    What are your views regarding the correct calculations for Arudha padas ?

    1) parashara + jhora default settings + most astrologers – recommends using exceptions

    2) kn rao does not

    3) and then some astrologers use exact longitude method

    So this gives 3 different arudha padas which makes it very confusing

  9. Vidya says:

    Hi VS ji, What happens when AK and AmK are conjunct in D1 and D9, but are inimical to each other – Eg, Shukra-Guru, Shani-Surya?
    (Provided lord of the rasi of Ak&AmK being in a kendra from lagna/moon – ie. good placement)

    • VS says:

      you have to see their individual dignity
      for example saturn and mars are AK and AmK and both sit in capricorn. here one is deeply exalted and one is own house. so both have great dignity
      on the other hand both in cancer are both weak and afflicted
      likewise u have to do a deeper dive study

  10. Vidya says:

    Thank you VS.
    Both are in Budha’s rasi – virgo, where AK Venus is debilitated and AmK Guru has enmity. Budha is in simha rasi and is combust with Sun.
    But debility of Venus is cancelled as budha is in kendra from lagna/moon.
    Are both AK and AmK not well placed here?

    • VS says:

      only problem here is that the person in life will be too bogged down by details and will be very critical in speech to others..this can cause problems in relationships with others in personal and professional life…they need to learn to see the bigger picture and enjoy life a bit

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