Bhaav Aspects – A complete Picture

Aspects of planets form an integral and highly important part of Jyotish. The reader would be aware of the 1st and 7th aspects of the planets and the special ‘full’ aspects of Mars on 4th, 8th houses, Saturn on 3rd and 10th houses and Jupiter on 5th and 9th houses.

I consider Rahu & Ketu to have a 5th and 9th aspect but ONLY on the trinal Nakshatra in which they reside in and not the entire sign, however, it is to be noted that this is disputed and some astrologers do not consider the aspects of nodes at all. The reader can make their own judgement, in my experience, they aspect the houses 5th and 9th to them but mostly in the depositing nakshatra of that bhaav only. Some astrologers, inclusive of JHora’s author, treat Ketu as Mars and hence aspects of Ketu as 4th and 8th to its position as well.

However in addition to this are partial aspects which are also to be seen. Partial aspects consist of each planet aspecting the sign 4th and 8th to it with a ¾ of an aspect and a sign 10th from it with a 1/4th aspect. Further, each planet aspects the 5th and 9th signs from it with a ½ aspect (Except Jupiter which aspects these signs with a 100% aspect). Lastly each planet aspects a sign 3rd from it by a 1/3rd aspect except Saturn which of course aspects the sign 3rd from it with a 100% aspect.

Two other things are to be kept in mind-

  • The degree of the planets and the Bhaav Madhya of each house is important as the aspects are full on the exact degree and get more diffuse with each passing degree from that point
  • When analyzing the effects of a planet on a sign, the COMPOUND relation of the planet with the owner of the sign has to be noted. Compound relation is the combination of permanent and temporary friendships and has already been discussed in detail in the ‘Dignity of Planets’ article

Finally for each bhaav, I advise adding up the Positive, Neutral and Negative aspects (again this is from compound relationship plus taking into consideration the functional nature of the planet with the lagna lord). This can be calculated and tabulated as the example below.

Note- you can right click over a chart (D1 in this case) and select “Aspect Table with Relationships”. However don’t forget to put a 100 in a manual table you make for a planet that is in a bhaav. Technically when a planet is in a bhaav, its effect on that bhaav is ‘Full’ but by default most softwares only look at aspects and hence tend to ignore the planet actually placed in the bhaav in their calculation.


Few important noteworthy points-

  • This is a highly useful tool giving a quick breakup of the kind of aspects each bhaav has in a horoscope
  • Horoscope should also be checked from the Moon and Arudha Lagna (AL) for a complete analysis
  • The more aspects a Bhaav has, the more prominent its results in an individual’s life
  • Bhaavs that have low aspects (both negative and positive) will tend to not manifest much in the individual’s lifetime
  • The more the positive and Neutral aspect on a bhaav, more easily will its results manifest
  • If the Negative aspects are much higher in proportion, it indicates a damage to the given bhaav and its significations and at the very minimum lots of delays/ obstacles/ problems with that bhaav
  • In addition to looking at the aspects as described above, look at the dignity, shadbala and placement of the owner of the bhaav. Even if the bhaav has negative aspects, but the owner is strong and well situated, the native will overcome the deficiencies of the bhaav with time. If the owner in such a situation is weak and low dignity as well, complete destruction of the bhaav and its significations is highly likely which will be triggered by transit of Saturn over the bhaav or its owner and/ or dasa of the owner/ planets in the bhaav
  • Malefic aspects on 3rd and 11th bhaavs are not very negative as these are Upaachya bhaavs (improve over time) and since malefics aspects on these bhaavs can still give courage and income respectively. However it can be negative for youngers and elder siblings of the native if too much negative aspectual strength falls on the 3rd or the 11th bhaavs.

Example for the horo (Sep 18, 1981 @ 1612 HRS in Chandigarh, India)-
Bhaav Aspects Table


Bhaav aspects chart


In this case it is noted that 6th and 8th bhaavs have low overall aspects (<300) and so will manifest to a limited extent in this native’s life. Also note how the 3rd bhaav has a low positive aspect and a relatively higher negative and neutral aspect. This will ensure courage/ effort in the individual but deny younger siblings to the native (and if younger siblings are there, they will have major personal or professionals issues in life to contend with)



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  1. Milred says:

    Hi Vivek

    Nice article. I could Follow everything upto the sum total and the graphs….I couldnt follow mean, +465 – 158. What is that for?. I am applying this to my chart

  2. VS says:

    Hi Milred

    Thanks for the good word
    the 465 is the summation of all the +ve aspects which are summed up in the green, -158 the sum of all negative aspects which show up in red and the rest in Grey is Neutral.which are all plotted stacked on top of each other as shown

    Idea is to demarcate these as per the compound relation of the aspecting planet to the lord of the house of the aspected house. JHora will give you the colors as well. I modify them slightly as per the friendship (or lack thereof) towards lagna lord. Meaning in this example horo, Jupiter’s aspect on lagna might be taken as slightly negative. However since Jupiter considers saturn as neutral and is relatively neutral owning 12th, I will take it as neutral or slightly positive as Jup is a natural benefic and so on and so forth

    Hence the +ve and -ve part will include some subjectivity in addition to the compound relationship

    Thanks, VS

  3. Milred says:

    Lets take saturn’s aspect on the third house. Lord of the third house is jupiter which is enemy of saturn(who is also the lagna lord) in compound relationship. Hence red. Got it :). Took some time to figure out though. Thanks. Interesting. Its a lot of work.

  4. Rana says:

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to grasp a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you just can do with a few percent to pressure the message home a little bit, however instead of that, that is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  5. Pinky says:

    Hi VS,
    Could you please clarify Rahu and Ketu’s 5th and 9th aspects? This part confuses me “they aspect the houses 5th and 9th to them but mostly in the depositing nakshatra of that bhaav only”.

    • VS says:


      Rahu & ketu will aspect planets in same nakshatra as them. So as an example Rahu currently is in Virgo sign and Moon’s nakshatra. Thus is will aspect any planet in virgo and also in Capricorn (in Sravana Nakshatra) and in Taurus (in Rohini Nakshatra) as the Sravana and Rohini are ruled by Moon

  6. Vandana Tummala says:

    I dont know where to post this. I saw my chart using web-based software. It shows my Hora lagna (HL) to be in my main lagna itself. Jupiter is based there too, he is lord of my house 9. I am a cancer ascentant and the lord of my Lagna is Moon in house 11, being in Taurus sign. Sun is in Leo house 2, his own house with Mercury and Venus.

    Not sure what it means, the website doesn’t show anything much except the charts and some other data i am not so sure of. I will read your articles to see how to interpret the Hora Lagna.

  7. Sundar says:

    Does the quality (good, bad, neutral) of the aspect depend on the nature of it alone? Or, does it depend on other considerations? Like..What if a natural benefic like Jupiter is a functional malefic? And if Jupiter sits in a shatru graha?

    Thank you.

    • VS says:


      You have to look at both general and functional characterisctics
      For example if for Libra ascendant, Saturn is well placed and aspecting jupiter fully, then in the dasa of jupiter good results will accrue due to the good functional aspect of saturn BUT in a context of general characteristics of Jupiter

      hope that helps

  8. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    In a female’s chart if Jupiter is sitting in the 7th house (Leo), has good Vimsopaka bala, does that positioning have any significance?

    • VS says:

      you have to see all other planets, yogas etc
      generally a strong jupiter in 7th can give a good partner/ marriage, unless it is its own house which causes bhaavo karak naashe

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS:
        Jupiter is not a karaka of the 7th house, isn’t it? You are also bringing Jupiter’s own house into the equation for “bhaavo karak naashe”. Can you kindly elaborate?

  9. Rkparmar says:

    Jupiter in libra sign in makar lagna…n in bhav 10th house…..should it effect marraige life

  10. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    A quick question on Argala (planets in the 2nd, 4th and 11th from a Bhaav or a planet having an influence on the bhaav or the ability of the planet to do its job…please correct me if I am wrong on the understanding of this subject). How much influence does this have on the house/planet when compared to Graha dhristi or Rasi Dhrishti?

    Thank you.

    • VS says:

      Yes argala and virodha argala are advanced topics. Predominantly study and master grah drishtis first and foremost

      Rashi drishtis and argalas are less important in the grand scheme of things. focusing on them early on will just confuse a student in my opinion

  11. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    With Rahu + Sun posited in the 10th in Taurus in the natal chart..Rahu transiting in Leo asc..are there potentially serious bad effects ( other than bombastic talk, inflated ego etc)? Can there be sudden tragic events for example?

    • VS says:

      Not enough to say. all other planets, dignities and yogas will dictate
      Trump has this combination right now. but that isnt enough to say what exactly will happen

  12. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Are aspects relevant in D-9 and other divs?

    • VS says:

      not fully. for example if 2 planets in conjunction in navamsa…the planets will have a sambandha with each other in D1 too. but not like a real conjunction. more like a finer shade of that.

  13. r pristine says:

    Sir: for mithun lagna(of male),can shukra in 7th house be bad -having “karak bhave dosh” despite being functional benefic too?? kindly explain. regards.

    • VS says:

      no by itself it will be good in 7th for gemini and cause no bhavo karak nashe
      that applies when a planet sits in its own house not a sign of another planet

  14. r pristine says:

    sir: thank you for clarification. similarly,for mithun lagna(male or female)-if guru with “kendradhipati dosh”has 5th aspect on dhanu,will it be good or bad in marriage? kindly explain. regards.

  15. r pristine says:

    sir: a related doubt. guru/or budh having kendradhipati dosh, if aspecting lagna/it’s lord or placed in lagna- can ginve health/longevity problem,(assuming no other good factors)?? generally,in what respect such planet to be deemed adverse? pl clarify. regards.

  16. NARESH says:

    generic question?:

    for prediction regarding aspects and yogas,bhava predictions whether we have to consider D1chart or Bhava chalit or both

    • VS says:

      it is very simple to understand. the rasi chart shows what the planet feels like. so if moon in 5th rashi exalted but moving back into 4th house in chalit chart, then moon will be exalted by nature and power but giving effects of the 4-10 axis. in this case it will still represent the 7th house regardless of wherever it sits. so if any planet sitting close to it, then its a conjunction of that planet with the 7th house planet. etc

      • NARESH says:

        Sir, first thanks for giving reply and god give you everything you want to make you happy so that you also give happiness to others by sharing divine knowledge

        can i conclude with your information that gor Planetary aspects and yogas we have to consider D1 chart and for bhava predictions we have to analyse BHAVA chalit chart.if my conclusion was wrong please explain

        yours true follower


  17. Baskar says:

    Sorry for bumping up this question VS ji.

    This is about the environment of the aspecting planet. If it is in a friendly environment, will it be mellowed to certain extent even though the aspected planet is its arch rival?

    Examples may be like Mars aspecting Saturn ( or ) Mercury aspecting Mars ( or ) Sun aspecting Saturn.. case 1 from a friendly sign .. case 2 from a distressed situation via placement or dignity.

    Thanks much for your guidance again!

    • VS says:

      for aspect the strength of aspect depends on how strong the aspecting planet is…and secondly on degrees of closeness of aspect…every exalted planet has a strong aspect…and is aspecting the house of its fall…so the aspect doesn’t become weak..but strong

  18. Sundar says:

    For example, for an Aqua asc, Rahu is in 11th bhaav and aspected By Jupiter from 7th. In Calit, Rahu moves into 10th? Is Jupiter influencing Rahu during Rahu’s MD? This question is another way around the above I have asked. Can you add a comment on the Rahu dasa ?

    • VS says:

      doesn’t matter what bhaav etc. Look at degree of Jupiter. exact 120 from it is the max impact of drishti. is Rahu within 8 to 10 degrees of that point? if no then Jupiter’s impact in minimal to none (>13 degrees)

  19. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    What is the effect of a mutual aspect of Kendra and Trine lords when they are enemies? example for Aqua asc, Saturn in Capri and Sun in the raja yoga almost nullified?

  20. gil says:

    Hi VS,

    You repport the data from JHORA screen in a spreadsheet to have this ?
    I don’t have this right cliking on D1 and choosin “Aspect Table with Relationships”.


    • VS says:

      JHOra has the aspects table. The analytics is something I have done in a spreadsheet (excel) and is not available via JHora

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