Analyzing Basics – Transits (II)

In part (I) you learnt most of the concepts to be utilized while analyzing transits. This was a pretty elaborate list of points to know while analyzing how a transiting planet will behave through a particular sign and Bhaav.

However for the sake of completion of this article, some other things are worth mentioning as well. These concepts should be at least mentioned, even though a detailed explanation avoided at this stage to prevent information overdose or confusing a learner.

Some additional factors to be considered while analyzing a particular planet are –

  • Transit from Lagna (in addition to Moon)
  • Transit from Arudha Lagna
  • Transit from the natal position of planet itself
  • Bhaav bala (another concept like Shadbala is for planets, Bhav bala calculations aim at quanitifying the strength of a bhaav)
  • Shadbala of owner of Bhaav in horoscope
  • Istha phala of owner of Bhaav in horoscope
  • Average SAV and BAV bindus (dots)
  • Planet transit from Natal planets in D1, D9 & D60

As an example, let me produce the following horoscope as a reference again-

Chart example

Now for analyzing the effects of Rahu in this horoscope in transit through various signs, I put together a worksheet as below  (click to enlarge). The results are plotted with the straight line representing the average quantified number for each sign. Below 0 is negative and above 0 positive (duh!). Average is +0.6. The higher it is, better will be the results of Rahu transit.


Rahu transit


Rahu Transit graph

The reader might at this stage realize that this is time intensive and complicated mathematically. This example is just meant to be a thought exercise. In regular practice, one will not have the time or energy to go through all these details, but with experience a lot of them will come to an astrologer intuitively. You have to take my word for it now. But for a beginner, it is always a good practice to know the minions that make the gears turn and understand that over simplifying this art will also tend to give incomplete results in general and hence should not be done so.

2 Responses to Analyzing Basics – Transits (II)

  1. rose says:

    V,would you be kind enough to give a south Indian chart along with the north Indian one…..or at least birth details? Have a great day

  2. VS says:

    Hi Rose,

    Will make sure to give birth data for future charts. For this one-
    Sep 18, 1981
    4:12 pm and 27 seconds (rectified)
    Chandigarh, India

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