Dignity of Planets (Part Uno)

There are many ways to ascertain the ‘dignity’ or state of happiness/ well-being of a planet.

I will mention a few important ones here. Many are advanced topics, too early to be discussed now. Remember to use these rules liberally to paint a broad brush picture and not too literally once you get to early stages of judging horoscopes.

(I) Friends/ Neutral/ Enemies

(a) Permanent Basis

In Vedic astrology each planet has a ‘Permanent’ relation with the other planets as one of friend or neutral or enemy. Remember this might NOT be mutual. Meaning if Mercury treats Moon as a friend, does NOT imply that Moon treats Mercury as a friend too. Infact in this example Moon treats Mercury as a friend whereas Mercury treats Moon as an enemy (not even neutral)

Easier for me to tabulate this as below-

Planet Friend  Neutral  Enemy
Sun Mars, Moon, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Moon Sun, Mercury Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus Rahu, Ketu
Mars Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Ketu Saturn, Venus Rahu, Mercury
Rahu Venus, Saturn, Ketu Mercury, Jupiter Mars, Sun, Moon
Jupiter Mars, Moon, Sun Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Mercury, Venus
Saturn Mercury, Venus, Rahu Ketu, Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars
Mercury Venus, Sun, Rahu Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Moon
Ketu Mars, Jupiter, Venus Sun, Mercury, Rahu, Saturn Moon
Venus Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu Jupiter, Mars Sun, Moon

So the Permanent status never changes. Sun will always treat Saturn as an enemy etc.


(b) Temporary Basis

Planets placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th & 12th from a planet act as its Temporary Friend

Planets placed in 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th from a planet act as a Temporary Enemy

So this will be different for each horoscope. Example if sun is placed in 3rd house from Saturn, it is its Temporary friend even though ofcourse it is a Permanent enemy

(c) Add these Up to Get the COMPOUND relation between 2 planets-

Permanent Friend + Temporary Friend = Great Friend

Permanent Friend + Temporary Enemy = Neutral

Neutral +Temporary Friend = Friend

Neutral + Temporary Enemy = Enemy

Permanent Enemy + Temporary Friend = Neutral

Permanent Enemy + Temporary Enemy = Great Enemy


(II) Concept of Exaltation

In terms of happiness/vitality/ strength of a planet in a sign, its of the following order-

Exaltation> Mooltrikona Sign> Own Sign> Friend> Neutral> Enmical Sign> Debilitation

Below I post the exaltation and debilitation signs for each planets. NOTE that each planet is exalted exactly opposite (180 degrees in zodiac) from where it is debilitated or weakest. Secondly each planet, even though considered exalted in that entire sign, will be exact Peak Power at one particular degree which is mentioned below. And at the same degree 180 opposite sign, it will be at Nadir or Zero Power. So typically good to have a planet close to that degree but in an approaching manner rather than receeding. E.g. Sun is exalted at 10 degrees in Aries. So its going towards its peak 0 to 10 and then goes down a bit, but regardless, it will be considered exalted in the sign of Aries as a general quick analysis


Planet Exaltation Debilitation Mooltrikona Own Sign
Sun Aries 10 degrees Libra 10 degrees Leo 0 to 20 degrees Leo entire sign
Moon Taurus 3 degrees Scorpio 3 degrees Taurus 3 to 20 degrees Cancer
Mars Capricorn 28 degrees Cancer 28 degrees Aries 0 to 12 degrees Aries 12 to 30 and entire Scorpio
Jupiter Cancer at 5 degrees Capricorn at 5 degrees Sagitarius 0 to 10 degrees Sagitarius 10 to 30 and Pisces
Saturn Libra at 20 degrees Aries at 20 degrees Aquarius 0 to 20 degrees Capricorn and Aquarius 20 to 30 degrees
Mercury Virgo at 15 degrees Pisces at 15 degrees Virgo 15 to 20 degrees Virgo 20 to 30 degrees & Gemini
Venus Pisces at 27 degrees Virgo at 27 degrees Libra 0 to 15 degrees Libra 15 to 30 degrees & Taurus

NOTE: Rahu & Ketu as written earlier, DO NOT own any house. Hence they act as SHADOW planets. They give results of houses/ signs they sit in as if they are that sign and also they give results of planets they are conjunct with. So if Rahu sits with Mars, it will start to behave like Mars.

That said, their exaltation signs do have some controversy with different schools of thought within Vedic astrology. Over time and with practice and along with Parasari school of thought is what I mention below-

Rahu – Exalted in both Taurus & Gemini.

Debilitated in Both Scorpio & Sagitarius

Acts as MK in Aquarius and Cancer. Own house as Virgo

Ketu – Exalted in Scorpio and Sagitarius & debilitated in Taurus & Gemini

Acts as own house in Pisces

94 Responses to Dignity of Planets (Part Uno)

  1. Sujan says:

    Could you plz tell me , what would be the status of Venus in Pisces after 27 degree (lets say 29 degree) is it Mool Trikon or Exalted or Nothing ??

  2. Sujan says:

    Thank you sir.. 🙂

  3. Dhana Latchmi Mahesh says:

    Can u tell me how to calculate the right degree of Rahu and Ketu since they are both retrograde shadow planets? If my birth chart says Rahu is 27 degrees, does that mean I have to minus it off from 30 degree?

  4. Ravi says:

    People say planets in high degree like 28 degrees have no ability to give effect. Does Mars lose its effect in deep exaltation at 28 degrees.

    • VS says:

      No. Baaladi avastha is just one way of power for a planet
      thousands of real world examples of planets at 0 or 29th degree giving great results

  5. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    I am not sure if my question is relevant to your article, but I am asking anyway. With lagna at 1 degree, when Ketu (26 degrees) and Sun (1 degree) are conjunct in the 12th, is wearing a cat’s eye advisable? Does a gemstone strengthen the malefic (ketu) or does it reduce the ill-effects in general?

    • VS says:

      For wearing any gem, a planet has to be seen in totality in the horoscope. Including its placement, dignity, aspects and ownership. Ketu and Saturn have very strong stones, generally not advised unless carefully checked via an astrologer.

  6. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Does a planet sitting in an enemy house (due to its temporary/permanent enemity) become a malefic? Can it cast positive aspects?

    • VS says:

      No, a planet which is functionally benefic for a chart will remain so even when in an enmical sign or debilitated. Just that its strength decreases in the ability to do good

  7. Siri says:

    Dear Sir,
    How will Rahu placed at 20 degree in libra for kumbha lagna behave? The saying goes”shani vath Rahu”……so does Rahu behave as shani and also Rahu being colord of lagna. Deeply appreciate your insight

    • VS says:


      Shanivat Rahu is only applicable for the generic effects of Rahu
      for functional effects, it gives the results of planets that conjunct or aspect it
      secondly it gives the effects of the rashi lord of the rashi its placed in as well as the nakshatra lord that it is placed in

  8. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    What happens when there is a graha yudh? Supposing Mars and Jupiter are posited in the 1st house and Mars wins..what is the effect?

    • VS says:

      It will act as a very strong conjunction. however the planet that loses will always have problems in the protection of its significations (houses it rules)

  9. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    If Jupiter is sitting in Libra, is it sitting in a neutral house since Venus sees it as neutral; on the other hand, if Venus is in Pisces is it sitting in an enemy house (not taking into account temporal relationships)?

  10. Julia says:

    Hello! Thank you for the report.
    Could you Please tell me if a 29.45° of Leo, alredy acts in virgo?
    Thank you!!

  11. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    How does Jupiter act within 5 deg and, say, 18 deg in Capricorn? My understanding is 5 degree is deepest debilitation, 1 degree is lowest debilitation, and anywhere beyond 5, debilitation does not exist .

    Thank you.

    • VS says:

      technically a planet farther away from deepest debilitation point gets stronger and stronger
      a Jupiter at 15 degrees in Capricorn is still debilitated technically but is now improving. also a Jupiter at 29 degrees in saggi is virgottam in own sign. Does not mean its strong because it is within 6 degrees of its lowest point and hence will have a low shadbal

  12. Uday says:

    Hi sir Venus in Pisces 17 degree will have any exaltation results? It’s placed in lagna and conjuct with mercury debilitated while lagna lord is in virgo 7 th house…How does it create a good one or average one?

  13. Jay says:

    Hello sir,
    I’ve 11th lord Mars in 10 house for Capricorn ascendant. But my Mars is at 29.33 degrees.Is my mars weak and is there any chance that my income may get affected? I’ve heard many times that planets at late degrees cannot give results.
    Tnx in advance.

    • VS says:

      Baaladi avastha is just one of the things to consider. a planet in late degrees can still be strong due to residential strength, divisionals strength, conjunctions, aspects, rashi placement, shadbal etc.

  14. SC says:

    Dear Sir: I have a couple of questions on the dispositor relationship. I will use Mars-Saturn example to ask the questions. If Saturn, for example, is in Scorpio and Mars is in Aries for a Libra lagna native, then Mars is considered to be strong because it is in Mooltrikona, but Saturn is considered to be weak because it is in Scorpio. Mars is also aspecting Saturn through its 8th aspect. In this case, although Mars becomes the dispositor of Saturn, can Saturn mahadasha be good for the native? The confusion comes from the following issues: 1) Saturn is Raj yoga karaka for Libra lagna; 2) But Saturn is in enemy sign, 3) The dispositor Mars is strong but is in 6th-8th relationship with Saturn, and is also aspecting Saturn. How to judge the Saturn mahadasha based on this planetary position and relationship?

    • VS says:

      you have to look at the aspects of all other planets, not just mars on Saturn. Also the divisional and nakshatra placements will be important

      however, in a nut shell…Saturn will damage the 4th house in its dasas or atleast give some negative results related to mother or land/ property of the native. Saturn dasa is likely to cause separation from family and anxiety but it could be good in terms of career/ job…if self employed and entrepreneurial, the person can gain great heights in their chosen field

  15. SC says:

    If the 4th house has Sun and Moon (which are 10th and 11th house lords, respectively, for Libra lagna) and this house also receives the 5th aspect of Jupiter (in Virgo), does that mitigate the problem of Saturn’s aspect on the 4th house?
    Thank you for your quick response

  16. c2c says:

    Question on permanent relationships:

    Rahu and Ketu appear to have been classified differently in different sources. And by sources I mean well recognized sources. So I did my own math to figure out (i) the permanent relationships of Rahu and Ketu and (ii) how Rahu and Ketu are treated for other planets.

    I will restrict this message to just (i) and for (ii) I will post a separate message to maintain clarity.

    (i) Permanent relationship of Rahu

    As per BPHS – chapter 47 verses 34, “The Multrikonas of Rahu and Ketu are Mithun and Dhanu. The own Rasis of Rahu and Ketu are Kumbh and Vrischik.”

    When I use Gemini (Mithun) for Rahu, here is how my calculations turned out.

    Mooltrikona: Gemini

    Friend conditions
    Exaltation: Taurus (Venus)
    2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Saturn, Venus)

    Enemy conditions:
    3, 6, 7, 10, 11: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Jupiter, Mars)
    As per BPHS, since Ketu owns Scorpio (Vrischik), it is also an enemy.

    Friend: Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Moon
    Enemies: Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Ketu
    Neutral: None
    When I use Aquarius (Kumbh) which as per BPHS is Rahu’s own house, I get the following.
    Ownhouse: Aquarius

    Friend conditions:
    Exaltation: Taurus (Venus)
    2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12: Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mercury, Venus, Saturn)

    Enemy conditions:
    3, 6, 7, 10, 11: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius (Mars, Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter)
    As per BPHS, Ketu owns Scorpio (Vrischik), and so it is also an enemy.

    Friend: Venus, Saturn, Mercury
    Enemies: Moon, Sun, Mars, Ketu
    Neutral: Jupiter

    Your results appear to be different. Are there exceptions that apply to Rahu and Ketu that is yielding different results?

  17. c2c says:

    Here is message (ii) continuation from above:

    (ii) how Rahu and Ketu are treated for other planets.

    I am using Saturn as an example here. Also I am using , the own Rasis of Rahu and Ketu to be Kumbh and Vrischik – as per BPHS, chapter 47 verse 34.

    Mooltrikona: Aquarius

    Friend conditions:
    Exaltation: Libra (Venus)
    2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12 from Mooltrikona: Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mercury, Venus, Saturn)

    Enemy conditions:
    3, 6, 7, 10, 11: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius (Mars, Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter)
    As per BPHS, since Ketu owns Scorpio (Vrischik), it is also an enemy.

    Friend: Venus, Mercury
    Enemies: Mars, Moon, Sun, Ketu
    Neutral: Jupiter
    Ignored: Saturn (same sign)

    So two questions:

    1) So I made Ketu as enemy since it owns Scorpio (Vrischik) the 10th house. However as per your table above I see you have classified Ketu as neutral.

    2) Also for Rahu, since it owns Aquarius (Kumbh) which is 1st sign as well as mooltrikona of saturn:
    should it be an enemy as it is not in the list of 2,4,5,8,9,12
    should it be a friend because it is the sign of mooltrikona?

    • VS says:

      Ketu is a neutral as it treats Saturn as a friend. However Saturn treats ketu is partially enmical.
      Rahu is a friend both ways with Saturn. By this house logic of parasara, since rahu and Saturn own the same MK in your definition – Aquarius, then how can they be inimical to each other? That would mean for every planet, since it owns the 1st sign and not in the list of 2,4…becomes inimical to itself? not logical right

      I think rahu and Saturn consider each other as friends
      ketu and Saturn are overall netural as one considers the other a friend while the other is uneasy with Ketu

      it is said kujavat ketu…ketu acts as a combo of mars and Saturn. thus the Saturn part of it is friendly from a Saturn perspective (the tyaag and spirituatlity part) but not the fiery part of ketu which acts like mars and can cause aggression, anger, surgery and accidents. since mars exalts in Capricorn and ketu feels happy in Saturn’s domain, ketu will not act bad in the sign of Capricorn, as long as a natural benefic like Jupiter and venus is aspecting or conjuncting it. otherwise ketu in the sign of Capricorn will become toxic and carry a depressive and violent agenda

    • VS says:

      also…when you have one sign falling in a friend condition and one sign in an enemy condition, take the one which is Mooltrikona

      so for Capricorn, Jupiter is friendly as MK is 12th and non MK sign is 3rd

      so doesn’t become overall neutral. remains more friend than enemy or what you can call mild benefic

  18. ps says:

    My whole chart 19-11-84
    Plz explain my Saturn result
    Till date I m suffering a lot not having any pleasure in any section in life.no any kind of settlement,no education completion no job,no money

  19. . says:

    Respected sir,
    I’ve capricorn ascendant..Here my 8th and 9th house lords(Sun and Mercury respectively) exchanged houses, ie…Sun in 9th house and Mercury in 8th house.Does it create Vipareet Rajyoga as 6th lord and 8th lord are exchanging houses (as mercury is also the ruler of 6th house).


    • VS says:

      a partial vipreet yoga is created but not bcoz of sun and mercury exchange. just because the 6th lord sits in the 8th house

      this combination overall is neither good nor bad. but will be bad for the native’s father/ guru as well as educational prospects of the person in life. It is good for wealth accumulation, especially via commerce/ business

  20. Sneha says:

    Jupiter, venus and rahu are same 5th house and sign libra.. What doest it mean and how does it effect?

    • VS says:

      good raj yoga
      great creativity. depends on which planet is closer to venus.
      if rahu, lots of romantic relations possible
      career in arts/ cinema and entertainment industry is possible

  21. Karan says:

    In my chart(Libra lagna), Saturn(Retrograde) is placed in 5th house in Aquarious at 25degrees while Sun is placed in 11th house in Leo at 29 degrees. Both of them are in own signs. Do they destroy each other? And how does it affect the houses they rule?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. akash says:

    My venus in taurus 4th house …28 degree …how much weight of diamond should I wear ……as I m kumbha lagna nstive

  23. Sundar says:

    VS, for a Capricorn asc, Ketu sitting in the 10th, Nakshtra is Moola (Lord Ketu), is a cat’s eye good?

  24. Kush says:

    Lagnesh mars in 10th house of 28degrees and 6minutes..my mars is weak? Will it give good results

    • VS says:

      Nothing in astrology is standalone. all things have to be read holistically

      in general mars in 10th is very strong with full directional strength and in general 10th bhaav is the strongest bhaav in a chart
      if lagnesh then mars can be either in Capricorn (exalted) or in Leo (friendly sign) in 10th. both of which are good positions. A lot will depend on the placement of the depositor of the planet

  25. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    When Jupiter is sitting in an enemy’s house (Taurus), how would you calculate the aspect on 7th house in terms of +ve, -ve,neutral?

    • VS says:

      Not just Jupiter but any planet’s aspect means the way the planet influences the aspected bhaav. the strength and beneficial/ malefic nature of the planet will completely depend on the strength and nature of the planet itself. So if Capricorn lagna, Saturn is in aries and fully aspecting its own house – lagna, it does not by itself help the lagna. Infact it will give ill health and damage the 1st house features of health, character, personality etc. the person will have an anger and temperament issue and this will destroy his mental and home peace as well as health and personality.

      however lets say venus is placed exact 180 degrees opposite of Saturn in libra and giving a 100% aspect on it. Now the above results will be modified. the will NOT fully go away, but will be modified to a large beneficial extent

      same way if this Saturn is fully conjunct mars in 4th in aries, it gets fully neecha bhang and a person, after initial struggle in life will gain assets and property

      So all this you can learn from doing case studies. 100 horoscopes and a deep dive analysis will teach you much more than 100 days of reading text in books

  26. Navit says:

    Rahu in 7 house in navmasa indicates foreign spouse?

  27. Sumit says:

    Aries ascdent emptey 7 house indictaes beautiful spouse?

    • VS says:

      is possible but depends on dignity and placement of venus and aspects on libra as well as venus in the chart

      • Parul says:

        Venus is 17 degree dignity it is in leo sign 5 house …it indicates beautifulspouse?

        • VS says:

          sorry nothing can be generalized

          these sort of questions are like asking a doc. headache does it mean I have a brain tumor or stress? answer is that it can be both. the doctor needs to examine the body, blood tests, scans and medical history. Only then can a meaningful result be reached

  28. BR says:

    I’ve heard that Mars Venus conjunction (within 5 degrees) in a kendra house creates Raja-yoga for Aquarius ascendant since Mars Venus are the owners of a kendra (10th) and a trikona (9th) house for Aquarius. Is that true?

    If that conjunction is in 7th house, would it still make the native manglik or does the auspiciousness of mars-venus conjunction overpower that?

  29. wara says:

    respected vs if vemus is placed in 0:16 degree cancer asc rising in 1 degree and vargottama in cancer navamsa lagna in astavarga 3 bindus in lagna,,my question is did venus lost its entire power because its in zero degree ,,,?and its is aspected by 10thhouse mars and seventh house saturn for cancer ascendent i couldnt find answer for my question ,,your answer would be of great help to me thanks

  30. Parul says:

    In aries asc venus is sitting in 5 house is venus is ascpecting 7 house also from 5 house?

  31. Su says:

    Namaskar Shri Vivek Sir,

    First of all, i greatly applaud your painstaking work of simplifying the concepts of astrology for a beginner like me. I consider you as one of my Gurus to teach me astrology in this age of internet. I have been slowly reading and re-reading your pages, one day at a time. This is just a beginning for me and there is a long way to go deep diving in this vast ocean of astrology. As you mentioned in one of your pages that the burning desire of learning astrology should be rekindled everyday to achieve small steps day after day.
    Just read through your dignity of planets chart. Thanks a bunch, for this is the most simplified chart i came across to memorize it. I, however, would suggest you to change a small error in the chart. Under permanent basis chart for mercury, you have mentioned Rahu as both friend and neutral. I think it should be Jupiter instead of Rahu under neutral for Mercury.

    Please keep up with this excellent work.


  32. Bhavana says:

    Respected sir, I have Mars rahu conjunction in 5th house in Libra sign and it’s lord Venus is combust sitting close to sun in 3rd house. How will the results for combination be? Thank you

  33. Sahithi says:

    Sir, what if Sun (29.49 degree) and Guru (29.34 degree) both are in same sign Scorpio at 1oth house and Mercury (10.34 degree ) and Mars( 20.15 degree) is also in 10th house its own sign( Scorpio ) in lagna (Aquarius) chart. My question is :-
    Will Jupiter fully combust because in navansha( Aries Lagna) also Sun and Jupiter are together in 12th house and 12th sign (Pisces) ?. Mars is in 10th house in Navansha also.
    How much negative/less benefit effect Jupiter will give to native ?
    Thanks in Advance for your guidance.

  34. Aman says:

    Retrograte Excalted jupiter in 3rd house of taurus lagana. Is it having good or bad results in his mahadasha.

    • VS says:

      you have to look at the overall horoscope and just one planet or even all planets are not enuff. yogas have to be seen. many types of strengths for each planet are also to be seen. finally dasas and transits in combination with the yogas and avayogas of a horo will trigger events

  35. Robert says:

    Dear Vivek, my question is little bit out of topic, but still I think it may interest many. What will be effect of Venus in Pisces in Gandanta? Do you consider Venus after 27 degrees of Pisces still exalted or it is more like mooltrikona (as some schools suggests)? Thank you.

    • VS says:

      Hi Robert

      Venus at the end of Pisces is deeply exalted (peak at 27 degrees)
      venus is mooltrikona only in Libra from 0 to 15 degrees and not in pisces or taurus. if a school suggests that venus is Mooltrikona in pisces (regardless of the degree) then they are wrong

  36. sachith says:

    Why moon is exalted in taurus whose lord is venus towhom moon is enemy?

    • VS says:

      Moon does not consider Venus as enemy, only venus considers moon as an enemy
      Very much in the same manner as Mars is exalted in Saturn’s house even when Saturn thinks of Mars as an enemy
      exaltations have a rational reason. Its not just about enemy or not. Example moon exalts in Taurus as it helps her find a stable ground (fixed sign) of pleasure/ care/ finances/ comforts (represented by Taurus) where the mind (moon) feels at home and at peace. Liekwise, Mars – a planet of impulse and aggression finds stability and control in the sign of Saturn which tends to restrain and slow down things. Think of a energy as a bomb which destroys and burns, the same fission/ fusion when controlled and restrained makes for large scale Atomic energy which can give power to millions.

  37. Midhun says:

    Sir what happens to Jupiter after 5 degree cancer? Is it still exalted?

    • VS says:

      Yes, Jupiter remains strong, the exaltation definition mathematically might be over after 5 degrees, however jupiter will give very strong results

  38. Baskar says:

    Dear VS ji,

    Any Vargottama planet having a very low Shad bala and Vimsopaka bala.:

    Will it be able to protect its significance in the chart?

    Will it be able to fulfil its promise in the chart?

    I am confused which one to give more weightage.. One one hand ,Vargottama planets are very strong..but what if the shad bala calculations show them to be very weak?

    Please let me know..

    Thanks ,


    • VS says:

      virgottam planet just means the planet is deeply colored with the owner of the sign it sits in

      now if the owner of the sign is weak or ill placed, then the virgottam planet will give intensely bad results
      likewise a planet virgottam in a 6/8/12 bhaav will generally be bad

  39. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    How significant is the Kalpurush house?
    I have seen 2 cases, scorpio ascs, with Mars sitting in the 11th (Kanya) which would indicate good laba from Mars but also general bad health. In both cases, the lord of the 4th Saturn is sitting in the 9th house (not a bad placement) but is the 4th Kalpurush house aspecting the 11th and both have heart issues. Can you comment on the kalpurush house tenants aspecting a house counted from Pakka lagna?

    • VS says:

      Mars for Scorpio becomes a negative planet as its MK sign is in 6th of which it is also karaka for accidents, injuries, litigation etc
      then in virgo its weak and unhappy in an imical sign
      then virgo is the worst place for scorpio as a domain…because mercury is toxic and 11th is a MK sign so most evil house
      Saturn in 9th is in an imical sign also and being enemy of lagna lord is bad for health as well. Ketu has to be seen as the co lord of lagna in this case as well as mercury and moon the depositors of the said planets

  40. gil says:

    Hi VS,

    I just found your website, it is very interesting thought.
    I am french, i have a particular combution aspect. Virgo lagna (23.55) rahu near lagna (28.54) and, in 2nd house, venus 23.38 Libra, sun 23.58 libra, jupiter 19.57 libra, moon 9.16 libra.
    Whe i look at your explanations, each of these planets are in the same house so become Temporary Enemy am i right ?

    At the same time, sun has past its weaker point in Libra but venus is approaching it strongest point in libra. Sun being lord of 12th, i suppose it destroyes partially venus no ?


    • VS says:

      I don’t do personal readings. However in this case, venus is stronger than sun and its also a nighttime birth when sun is weaker (left side of the horoscope). Hence it becomes an indirect yoga for wealth as 2nd lord and 12th are together but 2nd is much stronger than 12th

      • gil says:

        Hi VS

        Thanks for your reply. I also read you define Rahu sign being virgo and Ketu own sign is pisces. They get stronger in this case ?


        • VS says:

          I think the main sign of Rahu is Aquarius and exaltation both in Taurus and Gemini. It behaves like own house in virgo
          ketu own sign is scorpio. exalted in both scorpio and saggitarius and behaves like own sign in pisces

  41. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a Vrischik ascendant, Moon and Rahu are sitting in Taurus. To add, Rahu is sitting in Moon’s nakshatra Rohini. The dispositor Venus has good sthaana bal being 5 degrees to lagna but is debilitated. Mercury is sitting with exalted Jupiter and I believe that does no remove the neech of Venus. Venus is not a functional benefic being lord of 7th and 12th.
    How much does Venus’ debilitation affect Moon and Rahu in Taurus?

    • VS says:

      the mind will be preoccupied with the desire to get rich/ powerful/ material relationships and romance. as the depositor is debilitated, moon and rahu will do damange to the 7th house by multiple relationships and a fickle mind

  42. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For an Aquarius asc, Venus being a yogakkara, sits in the 6th and enemy’s house?
    Does venus still do good (for example, removing obstacles, enemies)?

    • VS says:

      The intent of Venus will still be to do good. However the ability it has will depend on the strength of its rashi and nakshatra depositors as well as the other aspects it has. Any planet sitting in the 6th, 10th, 12th and 2nd will be affecting Venus fully in this situation

  43. Suku says:

    In my Horoscope Venus (26.12 degree) is place in 1st house of Pisces Lagna. So is that Venus has full power ? Venus is good or bad mor me ?

    • VS says:

      its power is good but will depend on its distance from sun, strength of depositor jupiter, other aspects and conjunctions on it etc.

  44. Prasad says:

    My venus and moon are great enemies while mutually calculating them using your chart. How do I get around this issue and appease them so to lessen the pain?

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