12 Signs & their Significations (Part III)

Aries – Active, Pioneering, Bold, Independent, Charismatic, Entrepreneurial, Inspirational, Impatient/ restless, Good at starting new initiatives/ projects but bad at sustaining energy in long projects, Aggressive, Dominant, Leadership skills, Outspoken, Bold/ fearless, Loves movement, Loves Speed and fast paced activity, Frank and direct- holds no punches, Confident, Always serving self-interests, Selfish to some extent.

Taurus – Loyal, Sensual, Slow and steady, Down to earth, Stable, Practical, Determined, Perseverant, Reliable/ faithful, Loves wining/ dining/ fine arts, Romantic but discreetly, Easy going, Diplomatic, Secretive, Passionate, Loves material possessions, Conservative, Dedicated to home and relationships, Loyal to loved ones, Mostly calm and extremely agitated when pestered too much, Stubborn/ adamant.

Gemini – Communicative, Intellectual, Think/ talk/ walk fast, Pedantic nature, Loves learning, Good writing/ reading skills, Clever, Versatile, Able to multitask, Can have different personalities under different conditions, Argumentative and oration skills, Adaptable/ flexible, Witty/ humorous, Good in information related fields, Loves change and diversity in day to day life

Cancer – Emotional, Intuitive, Protective, Motherly, Nurturing, Good memory, Saves memories/ objects, Sympathetic, Caring, Loves travelling as long as a stable home to come back to, Loves home life/ finds security in home environment, Hospitable, Timid mostly but aggressive if loved ones threatened in any manner, Good business instinct, Ability to learn strong, Honest and Impressionable.

Leo – Leadership abilities, Royal, Noble, Proud, Wanting attention, Cat when loved and a Lion when ignored, Outspoken, Extroverted, Frank, Honest, Intense, Brilliant, Innovative, Stubborn, Independent, Confident, Ambitious, Dynamic, Loves to be complimented, Helpful to friend and family, Protective or fatherly, Fearless & Energetic, Pushy in an aggressive way.

Virgo – Analytical, Quantitative, Intelligent, Research oriented, Practical, Down to earth, Lover of hygiene, Lover of order, Perfectionist, Anal retentive, Critical of problems/ people, Good trade/ business instinct, Good Mathematics, instinct, Orderly and Methodical, Economical and prudent, Efficient, Always working, Always analyzing, Worrying tendency, Hard working.

Libra – Pleasant, Balanced, Co-operative, Perfect, Social, Friendly, Loves justice, Loves harmony, Creative, Lover of arts/ music/ beauty/ literature, Loves social settings, Charming, Smiling, Diplomatic, Good judgment of both people and situations, Quick thinker, Extravagant, Loves luxuries, Adaptable, Popular and liked in friends and people, Good people dealing skills, Good organization skills, Pushy in a pleasant way.

Scorpio – Secretive, Passionate, Intense, Focused, Determined, Obsessive, Unyielding, Strong likes & dislikes, Outwardly calm with inner turmoil, Strong emotions, Complex imagination, Moody, Temperamental, Does not forget or forgive easily, Cunning, Good skills to remain hidden – e.g. detectives, spies, etc., Selfish, Psychic, Penetrating, Can cling to Jealousy and Revengeful feelings, Charismatic, Magnetic, Self-made, Stubborn

Sagittarius – Outspoken, Bold, Optimistic, Idealistic, Loves travel, Spiritual or religious, Strong faith, Determined, Pushy to some extent, Jovial, Business like behavior, Just, Humane, Friendly, Loves making friends, Promises more than ability to deliver, Ambitious, Expansive, Outspoken, Blunt in speech to a fault, Cheerful, Loves to preach and teach, Internal tendency to fields of Law. Medicine, Teaching and Religion.

Capricorn – Practical, Intelligent, Down to earth, Serious, Reserved, Orthodox, Likes to travel, Perseverant, Rising to the top slowly but surely, Keen business skills, Managerial ability, Organizational skills, Thoughtful, Patient, Tolerant of others but Conservative, Hardworking, Self-made, Not easily trusting others.

Aquarius – Abstract thinker, Deep thinker, Socially conscious, Serious like Capricorn but more communicative, Stubborn, Rigid in thinking, Unlike Capricorn – does not like moving and changing situations, Scientific and research minded, Intellectual, Inventive, Thinking ahead of time,  Creative, Great in making friends, Highly Altruistic, Unselfish, Rebellious, Loves to Preach change (but themselves reserved to some extent), Great self-control

Pisces – Emotional, Sensitive, Impressionable, Kind, Giving and forgiving, Dreamy, Romantic, Likes music/ arts, Detached to reality, Somewhat weak in physical and mental activity, Easily trusts others, Moody and temperamental, Spiritual, Meditative, Likes being alone, Reflective, Forgetful nature, Charitable, Tendency to Psychic visions and dreams, Inspirational, Softly magnetic and friendly, Happy go lucky, Liberal, Lacking confidence, Lacking determination to some extent, Intuitive, Indecisive.


So, the readers should now have good information about what houses, signs and planets signify. Can not be overemphasized that these form the basics of astrology and hence very important to become very well accustomed to – so that these things feel intuitive and natural.

Next we will talk about friendships/ enmities between planets, concepts of exaltation/ debilitation and other concepts which determine the dignity of a planet in particular signs and houses.

15 Responses to 12 Signs & their Significations (Part III)

  1. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    I am quoting from another astro site: “‘BHAVA NASH KARO JEEVA, BHAVA VRIDDHHI KARAU SHANI’ meaning, Jupiter destroys the bhava he occupies and Saturn increases the bhava he occupies”. Is this true? Sorry, if it’s a silly question.

    • Sundar says:

      Added: Should we see the Bhaav/Chalit chart for Karak Bhaav Naasha?

    • VS says:

      yes it is true. Jupiter makes the person the area it sits in to be lazy and easy going which can sometimes cause damage, especially if Jupiter is sitting alone. If it sits alone in own house, then damage is even more. Its 5th and 9th aspects are considered very benefic.

      Saturn on the other hand destroys the 3, 7th and 10th bhaavs from it to some extent. Depending on how benefic or not it is in the chart and how close the aspect falls to bhaav Madhya of the bhaavs

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS: Going by “VRIDDHHI KARAU SHANI” how would a strong Saturn sitting in the first house behave with its significations?

        • VS says:

          if Saturn is a functional benefic and aspected well, it gives a stable and strong personality and growth in life with age
          however it invariably delays or creates friction in married life and some health ailments keep lingering (even if minor) as per the sign and planets affected

          • Sundar says:

            If the planet being a FB/FM enters the equation in the “BHAVA NASH KARO JEEVA, BHAVA VRIDDHHI KARAU SHANI” concept, your statement statement “Jupiter makes the person the area it sits in to be lazy and easy going….” can be true only if it is a functional malefic..No?

          • VS says:

            Just Jupiter sitting somewhere will not destroy the area nor saturns aspect. the lord of the bhaav and nakshatra where Jupiter or Saturn are sitting is most important to see
            also this is just a general rule…so one of the 10 things to think of…Jupiter if in pisces in 9th houses…all alone…will give good results…its a FB for cancer and own house…but it will also cause the person to be very dreamy natured…he or she will be very open to foreign cultures and thoughts (broad minded) in this situation too much broadness can lead to trouble as they might get misguided in life and taken advantage off

            that’s how you have to interpret this

  2. Varun says:

    Vivekji I have a question in relation to the above query by sundarji.
    What if both Jupiter and saturn combine(separation more than 10 degree) in a Kendra house(4th Virgo) . Here Jupiter is functional malefic but general benefic and Saturn just the opposite. So Jupiter I believe is a lot less powerful as compared to Saturn. So is this good combination good overall, considering Jupiter a functional malefic?

    • VS says:

      its a good combination granted mercury is strong in the horoscope and there are no ill aspects on Saturn and Jupiter. Also planets should not be combust to give good results

  3. Varun says:

    Thank you very much sir. Actually Mercury and Jupiter are both combust by a debilitated Sun(1 degree Libra). Mercury deeply combust by being at same degree as sun but is Vargottam and vakri. Jupiter is just 3 degree(28 degree) behind in Virgo but in same nakshatra Chitra. So:

    1. Does a debilitated sun cause the same level of damage, when combustion is concerned?
    2. How to check at physical level(real life) if Mercury is strong or not. So as to come to a conclusion and strengthen it by a gemstone
    3. Also what will be the effects of Jupiter and Saturn combination

    • VS says:

      a combust planet is combust, regardless of whether sun is exalted or debilitated
      combustion is stronger for day time births. Sun between 7th and 12th houses than it is at night

  4. Varun says:

    Thank you sir!

  5. kundan raj says:

    Vivek Sir. ….saturn in Scorpio which is vargottam and retrograde…it is in 4th house……can I say this saturn is good in leo lagna.?

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