If You are looking for a Reading..

UPDATE as of APRIL 19th, 2015 – Due to time constraints coupled with very heavy inflow for reading requests, I am unable to accept anymore reading requests for the time being. Please note if you are sending a request after April 19th, it will not be responded to.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.


Hence I am going to focus on the Lessons portion and encourage the readers to learn this art themselves. The Lessons are still here and still Free and I will keep adding to them as time permits.

For all those who emailed before April 19th, there is quiet a backlog and I will respond to you eventually, so hang in there and I greatly appreciate your patience.


Instructions for submitting data-

Please send your birth details (date, time and place) to theartofvedicastrology@gmail.com

Like the past 20+ yrs., I don’t do this for money as of today. That said, I have replied to hundreds over the years in different astrology forums and people who came to me referenced by others.

I can’t promise any timelines as I have a busy schedule, but will revert when I can. Also if possible, please try to keep questions to max 2 or 3 and keep them precise/ concise. In general I prefer to respond to those in more severe/ urgent need/ crisis in their professional/ personal lives as opposed to individual’s asking out of curiosity.

On an average, I am receiving anywhere between 20 to 50 requests in a day, which is overwhelming for me. Please be patient and when you do get a response to your query, please abstain from requestioning further and starting a never ending loop. Only the initial 2 or 3 questions will be answered.

Exact time (or as accurate as possible) is needed. Remember a few minutes can make a big difference.

-If you are unsure of your time outside of plus or minus 15 minutes, then I might not be able to help you.

-If you are unsure within plus or minus 15 minutes then also send 5 significant events in past with exact dates of the events. These are significant events like graduation, job startings, promotions, marriage/ child birth, accidents/ surgeries, tragic events in family, birth of sibling, etc. – anything which stands out as a significant as opposed to a day-to-day event.

This helps in BTR (Birth time rectification. Or essentially fine tuning the time of birth by reverse engineering known past dates with events. Once the time is set, the horoscope is set for future reading)


11 Responses to If You are looking for a Reading..

  1. Umesh B N says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Your prediction regarding my job prospects came true. I got a very good job in another MNC. Thanks for the help extended. God Bless.

    Best Regards,

  2. Rishikesh says:

    Dear sir,
    first of all thank you very much ! No one is doing this service as free service, you are a great person indeed.
    When I asked some websites, they charged more and gave me wrong time for c section – April 24th 10 am. Which falls in gemini lagna/raasi. When I asked clarification, they said its their intellectual property so they dont share !
    You replied all my mails which shows you are genuine person. People like you are very rare in this materialistic world and I will take you as an example to give some thing for helpless people.
    There are rains which is just because of you kind of people.
    I hope your generations will be very good and long live !!!
    Rishikesh, Muscat.

  3. Sudha says:

    Dear Vivek,

    A little note to thank you. We as humans tend to turn towards astrology in times when we are looking for answers to situations beyond our control.

    To help such people and also to give your free service to them is a very noble gesture. You were very patient to answer all the queries I had and also gave some practical advice which was beyond vedic astrolgy

    Sincerely thank you very much for your good deed

  4. Julia Lansberry says:

    I am truly impressed with the considerable insight you’ve displayed in reading my basic chart, actually showing how things are and what to look for. My familiarity of terms and symbols is just adequate to appreciate your skill in extracting the meaning correctly from the entire interwoven picture. I had been through it with a book some years ago and understood the gist of it in a very low-res sense, but the author of the book had no way to tie everything together, only presenting some possibilities of each element in isolation. So yes, it’s very good indeed!

  5. Dinesh Maini says:

    Dear VS,
    I have found your way of explalining complicated astrological principles very helpful. The contents given by you are also not generally made known by the experts in the field. Kindly let me know any books written by you on the subjcet.
    Thanks for everything.
    Dinesh Maini

  6. VS says:

    Hi Dinesh

    Thanks for the kind words.

    As I mention in my Blog portion, writing a detailed treatise on the subject is definitely on my list and I will eventually get to it, sooner rather than later.

    However the material presented here even in the “Lessons” articles which are designed chronologically for a beginner of the subject will encompass nuggets and vital points from – Parasara, Jamini Sutras, Phaladeepika, Jatak Parijata and Deva Keralam. In other words would be precise and powerful lessons for the learner of this vast subject.

    Meanwhile for the intermediate & the advanced user, I am adding articles in the “Advanced topics” section which will contain research oriented material and food for thought for various astrologers with different levels of experience.

    Do not wish to set timelines I dont meet and hence will not quantify the book timing but hope to do it within a yr or so


  7. Krishna says:

    Dear Vivek,
    Please make comments about the following horoscope.
    a. Name: Krishna
    b. DOB: 08th July 1959
    c. TOB: 8:51
    d. POB: Melbourne, Australia
    He keeps talking a lot when he talks. Otherwise he may not talk for a while. His IQ is also low. Can you let me know what can be done to improve his situation?
    I know your cut off date is 19th April. This horoscope has few twists and turns. I appreciate if you can address those after you clear your back log.


  8. Sanjiv Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    My birth detail is-
    DOB- 21-January-1979
    time- 13.43(01.43pm)
    place-dhanbad (jharkhand,india)

    Kindly request you to please look into my birth chart.Below is my 2 question:-
    1) I am jobless now. when can i get a good salaried job..??Faced lots of problem in Jupiter major period.
    2) How will be my Saturn major period like Worst, Bad, Average,Good,Best??

    Thank you so much!!

  9. astral says:

    sorry to bother you. if you can tell me when I should resign from my present job…it will be great. I am not looking for any new job….just want to do my own things.
    TOB : 7 APRIL 1965, 19:20, DELHI,INDIA

    thank u.

    • VS says:

      unfortunately, like I have mentioned multiple times on this site before, I do not do personal readings as I get hundreds of requests and this is not my full time job or even part time job

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