Can Macro/ Worldwide events be predicted using Vedic Astrology?

I get this query a lot.

Short answer is No. Inherently Vedic astrology and its predictive tools are all defined and refined in context of human beings. But the answer is not completely no either as explained below.

I have to a certain extent succeeded in some research along the lines of Natural disasters, Stock markets, Commodity prices etc. Problems- Firstly, astrology isn’t defined for these events and secondly, now a ‘horoscope’ itself disappears and so do ‘dasha’ periods (planetary periods utilized as one of the main predictive tools for timing of events)

Basically what remains is Transit. Transit is the current movement of the heavenly bodies (planets) in the zodiac at any given moment of time. This is dynamic in nature of course and the movement is available from astronomical calendars (ephemeris) or simply by the astrological softwares.

What one can do is look at transitory alignments and predict on a mass scale, periods when the likelihood of Natural disasters in the world is increased. That works. But there is an inability to point out what exact disaster or the geographical coordinates where it will occur.

Mars represents action/ aggression and also violence/ calamities it also denotes the earth and land below our feet. Mars rules the fire element and is Karaka of volcanoes, earthquakes etc. Saturn represents the general public or the masses/ mass population. Inherently these 2 planets are mortal enemies of each other. When they combine or aspect each other, especially in the signs of Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn they can wreak mass havoc. I have correlated past events like earthquakes, big floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, wars between countries breaking out or tense situations arising, mass scale tragedies etc.

Typically Mars remains in one sign in transit ~45 days whereas Saturn remains in one sign for about 2.5 years or 30 months. However sometimes when mars turns retrograde in a sign and then forward again, it can remain in a sign for as long as 9 months. If this position happens to be in conjunction, opposition or mutual aspect from Saturn, surely an elongated period of tensions arise where conflicts break out more, violent happenings like terrorism, genocide, earthquakes/ tsunamis etc. happen much more than average.

As an example this yr., Mars is in opposition to Saturn from May 3rd to June 14th 2015. Mars is in Taurus (otherwise pleasant sign) and Saturn in Scorpio. This period on a Mass scale is likely to see the following –

1) Most of us will feel a power struggle at home or at work. We will feel constrained and unable to express ourselves fully or vent our energies fully and hence leading to more meltdowns, fights and arguments with bosses/ spouses/ parents etc.

2) Most of us will feel a sense of frustration more than usual and getting into situations which need ‘rescue acts’ so to speak and immediate action to prevent aggravation of the situation

3) Mass scale events of damage/ tragedy like earthquakes/ tsunamis/ hurricanes/ floods/ terrorism will increase in intensity. Especially between May 8th and May 22nd when the opposition of Mars- Saturn is more exact in degrees.

However like I mentioned all this becomes generic, but #1 and #2 will be much truer for those of us whose MOON sign is Taurus or Scorpio or Ascendant is one of these 2 signs. Will also depend heavily on our individual operating planetary periods in context to our horo and hence some might feel just a 1% surge in the first 2 points whereas some will get into massive power struggles. Somewhere in the middle of May, a mass scale negative event (affecting thousands) can occur somewhere in the world which we will all read about in the news.


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  1. r says:

    I feel other factors should also be analyzed in a study of Astrology. There are questions that need to be answered before we can construct a theoretical model of nature of Astrology and then test this model. Some questions are that there will be lots of people born with Raja Yogas and exalted planets but few will come to top. Can exact degrees justify this? Will all such people experience similar fates, what about children who die in Hospital? I think in predicting success it should be taken relatively – if a person is in a certain position during a particular Dasha, then if he is entering a much more favorable Dasha he will be relatively elevated. Say if a state Minister can come to the top job.

    Another question is events involving multiple people, like nuclear bombing. A person’s fate should also depend on the environment to some degree then as such people can’t all have similar Horoscopes. Maybe some of such people would have had benefic Dashas. Maybe with such knowledge we can influence future by placing ourselves in better environments. .

    In any case till now I have strong influence of Dasha/Antardashas in my life and my success is limited by fortune even if I have the know-how.

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