Technical Writings on Vedic Astrology

I am honored to receive a large amount of requests for writing/ teaching on this subject.

It is surely on my mind and I will certainly write a treatise on it someday. However to compress knowledge of over 2 decades, which starts with a multitude of encyclopedic sized books coupled with actual reading experiences from thousands of horoscopes is a tall task in itself, at least for me. A comprehensive treatise will be long and hence illogical to begin touching in a blog.

I do understand, believe me, the frustration of a new student to this subject. The vast enormity and diffuse nature of theoretical material along with an even harder application part of it. Going back 2 decades, nothing would have made me happier than a precisely written treatise on this in a powerful/ compact form.

However, I will try for 2 things-

1) Long term – write a detailed treatise on the subject and try to compress all my knowledge in a “readable” sized book. Trying to keep it as short as possible and hitting the relevant points an astrologer should target for (I don’t envision this below 300-600 pages, even yet, and hence certainly a long term project for me)

2) Short term – Maybe start another link on this blog talking about some technical parameters which people tend to show a lot of interest in, during emails to me or what I have observed in some very active astrology forums. (This will assume a basic knowledge of astrology and will mean nothing for the complete starter, but might be relevant in giving my thoughts on some keen topics of interest.

For the #2 above, this will be in no necessary order as I will address things that come to my mind from queries I get. So again, not intended for a casual (no astrology knowledge) reader. This can be relatively short term and more dynamic in nature and hence I might start relatively quickly in the coming days/ weeks.


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  1. I would like to read about career and entrepreneurial prospects through analysis of a horoscope.
    Also interested in reading decisions to be made in old age regarding staying with children in a different country-through horoscope analysis.
    Thirdly, about health in old age to be predicted through astrology.
    Though I am a technical person (retired Professor in Electronics & communication Engineering) I have been interested in astrology through reading many articles and video lectures. I use Jagannatha Hora software for horoscopes. I like your articles and hence my request. With best regards.

    • VS says:

      Dear Satish Chandra ji- there are no specific chapters, per se, for living with children or old age health in astrology. however astrology deals with all the aspects of human life including health and foreign settlement.

      I did get your request for your own reading. Typically I don’t do personal readings as I get one too many of them and this is not a job for me. However since you are a professional in engg (a field I come from) as well as a senior citizen, I will make an exception and look into your chart and reply to you at your personal email that you used to send the request


  2. Thank you for this quick response.

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