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IMG-20150323-WA0011  I am an Investment banker on Wall St. I do Equity Research or research into the ‘real’ value of company’s stocks. Previously I have a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Finance in terms of educational qualifications. I was born in India and came to the US shores in 2003, since when I have embarked a journey full of experiences including education and jobs. Through years of research in science and finance, a common thread in my passions has been research into Vedic astrology.

Idea of this blog is to dispel some rumors regarding astrology. Understanding what it is and what it isn’t. My intention is to share some knowledge that I have amassed over the last 21 years of study and research into this beautiful topic. I am by training and basic nature a person who believes in science and facts and would not take anything presented to me prima facie, unless I can see the rationality behind it. The reason I wouldn’t believe in astrology without understanding it was also the reason I didn’t dispel it completely without researching into it. After all, how can I be sure of its non existence when I am oblivious to the subject?

My journey of astrology began in 1993. I was very good in school, especially in Mathematics and Science. Numbers come naturally to me and I took keen interest in anything involving them. I was a curious reader since a young age and skeptical of astrology as a subject. I wanted to dispel the belief my mother had in astrology and for the same reason, decided to read up on the subject to be able to have an argument against it’s basic premises. As a child with strong interests in maths, I was an ardent fan of the famous ‘human computer’ – the late Shakuntala Devi. Surprised to find a book by her on astrology (“Astrology For You”) I enthusiastically read and re-read the book. It was a simple treatise, yet elegantly written by someone whose skills were in the arena I loved so much – Mathematics. Realizing how heavy and mathematically involved the astrology field was from her book (especially before computers made the calculation part less cumbersome), I naturally wanted to read more into it, now that I knew a legendary person of mathematics researched into it.

Looking back  now, the book by the late Ms. Devi was written well and yet touching astrology very briefly. Infact it barely scratched the surface of this field, which later to my amazement opened up a pathway for me which took years of reading first and researching much later. Years 1994-2000 were spent mostly reading different treatises in Vedic astrology. These included encyclopedic sized Bhrigu Parasara Hora Shashtra (BPHS), the Jamini Sutras, Phaladeepika and the Lal Kitab, among others. My appetite grew with each reading and the early skepticism I had while reading Devi’s book had changed into belief and passion to know more about this field. In astrology, as some new students will understand, initial knowledge brings a struggle to apply rules verbatim on all new horoscopes one comes across. I believe many give up in the initial months or years as the thousands of rules and permutations/ combinations start to overwhelm a student. Many quit just because the results in this field are never fast enough. For years early on, the effort far exceeds the fruits of correct predictions. Takes a certain amount of insanity, if you will, to persevere during these initial years – or at least for those who remain true to it in terms of a research area, as opposed to trying to make a quick business out of it.

Thankfully I had a good head for astrology since get go. Call it the strong abilities in mathematics, deep passion and work into it or just beginner’s good luck, by the end of millennium, I had all but awestruck many of my relatives and friends with very accurate predictions, sometimes years ahead of the actual events, down the date or week. Following circa 2000, having exhausted the theory and a ‘practice set’ of 100 odd horoscopes early on, I started diving into more case studies as I found out that even though all the theory was absolutely vital to know, in itself it was insufficient to be a good astrologer. Brute force case studies and learning feedback loop from these was absolutely vital. Over time, I have been through some 2000 – 3000 horoscopes if not more and yet continue to learn this beautiful subject. I am a full time banker, a son, a friend too! So I keep putting in these hours at late nights, weekends, off days as a passion which has kept alive over two decades now.

In this blog I will make an effort to clarify what astrology is and isn’t and perhaps as time evolves, this blog can evolve and take its own course and shape.

 PS: If you are looking for a reading, Don’t submit anything via contact Me, kindly read the article “if you are looking for a reading” in the Blog section. Thanks!

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  1. Very nicely written
    Keep it up

  2. Florian Ott says:

    this is great…so keen on knowing more about vedic astrology

  3. chandramouli dasu says:

    A very crisp and beautifully written Article . will you kindly analyse my bio data given below Sir !

  4. Very well written article. As you must have discovered there are literally hundreds of rules and also a large no. of exceptions to these rules..Most of the articles are postmortems of the events which have already occurred but not good enough to predict future. And the querrants are interested about the future. I agree that postmortems are part of our journey to establish trustworthiness of the rules.
    Would welcome your articles giving the rules (based on your wide experience) which can be used for prediction.

  5. Jit Takhar says:

    good stuff mate.
    Keep it up!

  6. Kakashri dhawan says:

    . Know little elementary somehow. Very keen to learn more from u sir. Thanks

  7. Sachin says:

    Very well written ! Absolutely sane thoughts which are so well in tune with present world

  8. rose says:

    Well written …..are you running the 3rd lord or associated planets dasa or sub dasa to make your hobby public and under your name? just curious 🙂
    Wishing you the best in your astro journey…..God bless and take care

  9. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Good day! I would like to know which ayanamsa and siddhanta do you recommend using. I say this because the position of planets and various other facts change when the siddhanta is changed from Drik to Surya siddhanta.

    Thanks for your time and effort.

    • VS says:


      I would recommend Modified Lahiri (where Spica star is fixed in the middle of ‘Chitra’ nakshatra). You can find this as one of the options in JHora.
      Surya Sidhanta was utilized long back and made sense with the understanding of Physics/ astronomy in those days. You can feel free to experiment with different Ayanamsa and combinations, however with experience, astrologers develop their own preferences and mine is modified Lahiri (which is only just slightly different from traditional Lahiri)

      Hope that helps

  10. Ravinder Kumar says:

    You have written so nicely. U r a milestone in this era with so precise knowledge of astrology and its simplicity.

    GOD BLESS YOU, Keep on writing sir.

    I hv one question regarding use of RAHU/KETU NODE in JHORA software, whether it should be taken as TRUE OR MEAN, as i m using sublord of it also.
    snap shot is there, please be describe in writing

    Planet calculation option:
    GEOCENTRIC position

    TRUE positions

    TRUE nodes
    is it right. because it is affecting in sublord position of Rahu/ketu. pl sir.

    • VS says:


      Thanks for the good words.
      As for Rahu, please always take the TRUE position not the MEAN position. The mean is just a long term average. The actual motion of Rahu/ ketu is fastest when as far away from Sun and Moon as possible and absolutely stagnant when conjunct either sun or moon. TRUE will show the real position of the nodes and hence use those only


  11. BHUMIKA GUPTA says:

    Beautiful! Completely relate to you as i am also an MBA in finance, working with an investment bank, love numbers/maths, and possess a deep passion for astrology, numerology, palmistry, color therapy, graphology, spirituality etc.
    Already read more than 100 charts, i follow Kapiel Raaj now..
    The article is very well written and it was a nice read..

  12. T.sachidanandam says:

    Dear Sri VS,

    Your page contains very informative and exhaustive articles on a different perspective,
    very good indeed.

    I have a doubt: the lord Mars for lagna scorpio is also owns the 6th house. Now what the lagna lord will do for the 6th house?
    Please explain and Thank you

    • VS says:

      Thanks for the comments
      Mars in 6th house in mooltrikona is a good placement. Its full aspect on lagna will recharge the lagna and give robust health if mars is unaspected or well aspected. On the other hand if mars in 6th is combust and or aspected only by Rahu/ saturn then it will give diseases of the blood, brain as well as accidents and surgeries.

      in general the person can be hot headed and full of energy. They can also have a strong ego/ jealousy feelings towards people more successful then them and they can get involved in frequent litigation due to that
      ketu if cojoining or exact trinal to mars in 6th will give frequent accidents/ surgeries/ injuries

  13. SG says:

    Hello Vivek,

    I was going through your article and really it was very crisp and clear and on the other hand very informative. It is so clearly written that any one with absolutely zero understanding of the subject will get interest in reading and get a good grasp on the subject.

    We want more article from you in astrology. Thanks very much for such a wonderful write up.

    I have one doubt if you can guide:

    1. While we predict should be consider planet position on D1 or Bhaav Chalit
    2. Got confused here – Ascendant is Tauras. Placement of planet
    a) SUN, MER, KET in ASC (1st House)
    b) SAT & VEN (2nd house – Gemini)
    c) Moon (8th House Saggi)
    d) MAR & JUP (11th House – Pisces)

    Question is

    i) Saturn as Yoga Karaka as the lord of Kendra (10th) & Trikona (9th) when sitting with Venus in 2nd house will be Benefic or Malefic and what will be its effect on Ven (+ve or -ve)
    ii)Mars as the Asc lord sitting with Jup Benefic planet, will Mars will act as Benefic or Malefic for this chart

    • VS says:

      saturn will be a yogakaraka for taurus. If sitting with venus in a friendly sign of gemini, will give wealth and status. on the other hand will also tend to separate from family during its dasa

      if taurus is the ascendant then mars is not the asc lord, venus is

      sorry that i dont do individual personal readings much


  14. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Can you make a video on D-9 with an emphasis on marriage?
    Thank you.

  15. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Do you think that wearing an Emerald for a gemini lagna and rashi can do any good if Mercury is placed in 5th house libra with Sun(at approximately same degree – 1 degree, in chitra nakshatra) ? This Mercury is both vargottama and vakri but is also deeply combust.


    • VS says:

      yes emerald can be worn in this case

      • Sundar says:

        How about Sun + merc in Gemini but for a Pisces asc sitting in the 7th house? If not, why VS? Thanks.

        • VS says:

          Hi Sundar

          my advise to you is to actually start looking at 3 to 5 AA rated horoscopes in a day and do only case studies. Stop learning generic rules of this plus this for this ascendant. Same combination can be average, bad or excellent in different cases. To really learn a horoscope, one has to take a deep dive and learn from case studies

          • Sundar says:

            How do I get AA rated horoscopes VS?

          • VS says:

            in the astro.com website, look for any horo, on the top is a rating. AA means where the time is known for certain (example with birth certificate)
            You can search for any category like politicians, dictators, sportsmen, film stars, scientists or even from any lifestyle like wealthy etc.

            Not all data available is AA rated. In the beginning focus only of AA rated ones. There are thousands of those available to research

          • Mayur Kher says:

            For doing case study one should get authentic information, as I was trying to study sport celebrities, I got different details of Birth in different medias, can you kindly lead me to authentic source.

          • VS says:

            astrobank. Put in a name and Rodden rating an google
            look at the charts only which have AA rating (these are authentic with a birth certificate on record)

  16. Varun says:

    Thank you sir!

  17. Akshay says:

    Can i know about myself from you ??

  18. Sundar says:

    God bless you young man for spending so much of your time sharing your knowledge! I will post this whenever my mind tells me to. This coming from a person who does the trikaala sandhya-vandana every day without fail and does shalagraama (govinda) abhisekam everyday, it should have some value (about 5% of a Rishi’s blessing I mean). May Perumaal (Govinda) bless you with all good things in life.

  19. Mayur Kher says:

    You are rendering great service to beginners in Astrology, Kudos to you.

  20. Mayur Kher says:

    Does Modified Lahiri Ayanamsa called Chitrpaksha Ayanamsa, also kindly tell me which Astrological Software incorporate Modified Lahiri Ayanamsa or Chitrapaksh Ayanamsa if it is called so.

  21. Mayur Kher says:

    What is the effect of Ketu in Abhijeet Nakshtra in Kota Chakra

    • VS says:

      any planet gives good results in the Abhijeet tara by definition. However its existence is disputed territory in astrology and i dont believe in it as well

  22. Mayur Kher says:

    I have a Astrology Software where there is provision for customized Ayanamsa but it does not have Modified Lahiri Ayanamsa, can you help me with the format – Base Date, Precession Rate per Year, Base Value, Annual Precession Rate Adjustment, for Modified Lahiri Ayanamsa

  23. Subramanyam says:

    How does one interpret houses when lagna has a high or low degree? For example, lagna is 28 degrees in Taurus. Say Mars is in Taurus at 3 degrees and Saturn in Virgo at 2 degrees. We say Mars is in 1st house and Saturn in 2nd house, but given the high degree of the ascendant it seems more logical to think that Mars is in 12th house and Saturn in 1st house. Is this what the Sri Patti chart tries to do? Any thought on this?

    Appreciate your clarification.

    • VS says:

      Nothing confusing here. Take it 1 step at a time
      in your given example, mars is in 12th BHAAV and 1st RASHI. its effects will be as per 12th bhaav placement but its actual dignity or ‘color’ is of that of mars sitting in Taurus and not of aries (where it is mooltrikona). Next step is to check where is venus sitting in the chart and how strong/ weak. Mars will also give effects of where venus sits as venus deposits mars in this case

      • Subramanyam says:

        VS: Thanks for your answer, Makes sense. One more clarification: how do we determine lordship of houses? Would it depend on both rashis occupied by the so-called “revised” houses (bhavs)? In this case 1st house straddles both Taurus and Virgo, so would 1st house lord/s be Venus or Mercury or both? Thanks.

        • VS says:

          lordship will be of the planet where the bhaav Madhya of the rashi falls. so if Taurus ascendant is at 29 degrees and mars is at 2 degrees in Taurus. the ruler of 1st house is venus. and mars will given intense 12th bhaav results. when mars dasa and venus bhukti runs, 12th effects will be most intense

  24. Mayur Kher says:

    what is A2,A3,A4,A5 in JHora Horoscope

  25. Mayur Kher says:

    Can the transiting planets be considered for their positions with Arudha Lagna, Ghati Lagna & Indu Lagna for making transit effects prediction of planets, apart from treating this Special Lagnas as Ascendants while predicting effects of different planets in Natal chart.

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