Manglik (Mangal Dosha/ Kuja Dosha)

Another one of the dreaded blemish in a horoscope which is overtly emphasized by the astrological press, especially in India – Mangal dosha or Kuja Dosha.

Mangal = Kuja = Mars

Dosha = blemish or negative combination

The phobia behind Manglik?

The rumor goes that a Manglik person will be devoid of marital happiness in life. Either the marriage/ partnership ends due to a tragedy/ accident/ injury involving the native himself/ herself or involving the spouse or both.

Also the marriage is full of fighting, misunderstanding and lack of happiness till it lasts. Divorce/ separation (temporary or permanent) result

Accordingly, a very negative dosha to have in a horoscope and it limits the marital bliss a person might enjoy in their life unless they marry another Manglik, in which case the blemish gets neutralized to a large extent.

Definition of a ‘Manglik’-

When Mars resides in house – 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th in a horoscope, Mangal dosha exists.  An individual with a Mangal dosha is called a Manglik.

One might also consider the position of Mars from the Moon and the above locations from Moon rashi will indicate a Manglik dosha as well.

Please Note – Some schools of thoughts interchange 1st and 2nd. Meaning they consider a Manglik dosha for 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house  placements of Mars.

Putting some Rationality into the ‘Dosha’ and its implications

Mars will exist in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses of a horoscope for 5/12 people on earth. This means just a little below half of the people, or 42% to be precise, are Manglik. This is just when considering from the Lagna. If you consider from the Moon independently, then many of the 58% who are not Manglik from the Lagna can now be Manglik from the Moon and hence more than half of people on earth will be Manglik in that regards.

Take a pause and a deep breath and think rationally. Is it possible that half or more people on earth suffer from an astrological blemish that ruins their marriage in one way or another?

Unlikely isnt it? Hence rationality itself dictates that such a generalized Yoga can never be responsible for damaging fully or in part the marital bliss of any couple.

So Is it completely a made up fable with no reality to it?

Kuja dosha being completely useless in predictive astrology would also be a sweeping and incorrect statement. The idea behind Mangal dosha is due to the following factors-

a) Mars is a generic malefic planet which is fierce, aggressive, energetic, full of anger and ego and is impatient by nature

b) Mars also signifies violence, anger, injury, battles/ wars, litigation etc. in its negative context

c) a & b above go completely contradictory to partnerships or marriages which are based on compromise, patience and sacrifice

d) Mars has a full (100%) aspect in houses 4th, 7th and 8th from itself

e) Since the 7th house represents marriage, spouse and partnerships, when Mars affects the 7th house, negative events related to the 7th house can be anticipated due to its impatient, violent and egoistic characteristics affecting the house of compromise, sacrifice and long term commitments

f) When Mars is in 1st, 4th, 7th or 12th, it aspects the 7th house with a 100% aspect. As for the 8th house, being 2nd to 7th, it signifies the family of the spouse and the longevity of the spouse. Hence Mars in 8th is detrimental for the health and longevity of the spouse

Having defined the meaning and logic behind this ‘blemish’ lets recall that no Yoga – good or bad, exists in isolation and the other planets and their aspects will change this scenario to a large extent. Further if Mars itself is in good dignity, the blemish will not exist in the first place.

Important pointers for Manglik dosha

1) When Mars occupies the signs of – Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or Capricorn and in a Kendra house ( 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) it loses most of its venom and becomes a benefic

2) In the above situation no manglik dosha exists even when Mars is in the 1st, 4th or 7th house

3) When Mars is conjunct or closely aspected by Jupiter, Manglik dosha does not exist

4) Mars in its own signs or exalted in D-9 (navamsa) also defuncts a potential Manglik dosha in the main rashi chart

5) Most important to understand is the complete aspects on the 7th bhaav (please refer to the Bhaav aspects – a complete picture for details). The more beneficial aspect the 7th house has, the better will be results related to marriage/ partnerships and spouse

6) By the same token as #5 above, the dignity and placement of the 7th lord is vital. Even if malefics reside in 7th house, if the lord of 7th is strong in dignity and has good aspects, it will be able to protect the significations of its house and in such a case the 7th house significations will not suffer as much

7) Generally when 2 or more of the ‘generic’ malefics affect the 7th house – Rahu, ketu, saturn, mars & Sun, then the gravity of the negative situation is intensified more than any one planet alone affecting the 7th bhav. Again any of the above planets when in good dignity (example own sign or exalted sign) will not damage the significations of the 7th bhaav

8) Another important point is distance from Bhaav madhya or most effective point of the 7th bhaav. As an example say ascendant is 23 degrees rising. Hence 23 degrees in each bhaav becomes more sensitive to any planet or aspects. Now if Mars sits exact on 23 degrees in the 7th bhaav, it is affecting the 7th house very strongly (good or bad as per dignity of mars and other aspects on it). However, in such a case, if Mars is at say 3 degrees in the 7th sign. Technically now this Mars has gone into the 6th bhaav and not affecting the 7th bhaav in any sifnificant manner. Thus degree wise ‘residential strength’ of planets is very vital to observe for accurate analysis

9) Mars when strong in Vimsopaka bala and/ or Vaiseshikamsa will give beneficial results as opposed to bad (please refer to the Vimsopaka bala and Vaiseshikamsa articles in the advanced topics section if you are unaware about the same)

10) Likewise when BAV bindus of Mars in ashtakvarga scheme is 5 or more in any sign, its results will tend to be very positive there. If Mars is situated in the 7th bhav but with 6 BAV score, it can never hamper marriage or the spouse generally as it receives support from most planets in that sign

11) Even when Mars is negative in a horoscope, at age 28 Mars matures in a horoscope. Thus, after age 28 the negative effects of Mars start to come down (in the logical sense a person tends to become more patient and compromising) and hence Manglik dosha loses is potency after the 28th age of a native’s life

12) A good idea is always to check the dignity of the karaka of a life’s aspect as well. In this case, since marriage and marital bliss are being analyzed, Venus as a karaka (significator) is also to be checked. A strong and well placed Venus will tend to counteract many a negative aspects on the 7th house caused by Mars or other planets in the horoscope.

13) When Mars owns a trine (1,5 or 9) house, then it is a functionally benefic planet for the horoscope and as such, will tend to cause less harm than otherwise


Conclusion – Analyze the horoscope as a whole, like always, before predicting anything related to marriage or spouse of an individual. Manglik dosha exists by basic definition, but as per the rest of the horoscope and the dignity of mars itself, dignity of 7th house and 7th house lord from lagna and Moon will dictate the eventual outcome of a horoscope and one should not read too much into the mere existence of Manglik dosha in a horoscope.

25 Responses to Manglik (Mangal Dosha/ Kuja Dosha)

  1. Padma says:

    Dear VS,

    For Taurus asc, Ma and Ju both are totally malefic. When Ma is in 2H, what is the significance when both these planets have mutual 7th aspect??? what about the mangal dosha , since aspect of Ju nullifies as mentioned above.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards.

    • VS says:

      yes they are functional malefics, although Mars is relatively neutral. manglik dosha will prevail, though Jupiter in own house in sag will certainly have a generic benefic effect. Also the 8th and 12th lord in sambandh is a vipreet raj yoga by itself. The person might have to undergo surgeries (multiple) in his/ her lifetime

  2. Prafulla says:

    I hve mangal in 7 house of vigro lagna..but aalso saturn in 4 house ….can this make dismiss manglik dosh in taraus rashi

  3. Sudhir Iswaravaka says:

    Dear Sir,
    How strong is Kuja Dosha, If both the 7th house and the 7th Lord are in strength like Mars as 7th Lord in a Kendra(in Leo, a dear friend’s house) 4th from Lagna and 10th from Moon and having 4th house aspect on its own house (7th).

  4. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Re: Star matching for marriage, I observed that same rasi stars gives high match scores; example
    I have also heard that the same Rasi is not good, is this correct? If so, why?
    Thank you.

    • VS says:

      as for marriage compatibility, i would not pay too much attention to just rasi or kutta score of 36
      what is more important is the overall matching of strengths and weaknesses in the charts

  5. r pristine says:

    Sir: If mars has multiple PARTIAL aspects of Benefics, will it nullify kujdosh? pl clarify.

  6. r pristine says:

    Sir: if total strength of PARTIAL aspects of benefics on mars is much higher than strength of mars; will it not completely nullify kujdosh?? kindly explain. regards.

    • VS says:

      there is no such thing in astrology as total strength of aspects vs. the strength of a planet

      further no such thing as complete cancellation. even in neecha bhang raj yogas, initial struggles or setbacks leads to yoga and not otherwise

  7. r pristine says:

    Sir: thank you for lucid clarification. your clearcut answers give us much confidence in analysis.however,i was probably not much clear in my question.
    By “total strength of PARTIAL aspects of benefics on mars”,i mean– “strength of benefics partially aspecting mars”,& hence their reduced proportional strengths to be considered and totalled”. i am only hoping this may change the picture considerably minimising kujdosh (to ignorable level even?). regards

    • VS says:

      like I said astrology is not just pure mathematics. GANIT jyotish is good to learn. But case studies will teach you the PHALIT jyotish – or in other words the actual results. In general the answer to your question is Yes there will be a reduction in evil, but no it wont completely nullify the negative effects

  8. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a karkataka asc, Jupiter, Venus, Mo, Mars sitting in the asc, retro Saturn sitting sitting in the 7th..
    During shukra MD, Shani bukthi, is marriage possible for a 26 year old girl (woman)?

    Thank you

    • VS says:

      yes it is possible, but as you know, not doing personal readings now. To predict with accuracy, the degrees and strengths along with transits has to be noted with the chart as a whole and D9 too

  9. Sundar says:

    VS: With Mars sitting in the 4th (taurus) and Venus being exalted in D-9 and sitting with Mars, does not get rid of Manglik, does it?

  10. Sumanth D says:

    Hi VS,

    How do you reconcile the fact that Rasi has a lord, underlying nakshatra has a lord and the corresponding pada within the nakshatra has a lord? Say for Scorpio, the lord is Mars but for Visakha,the lord is jupiter and pada-4 has moon as the lord?

    Seems confusing to start with!!!

    Sumanth D.

    • VS says:

      Hi Sumanth
      There is no reconciliation as such. you have to consider the power and placement of all the 3 planets concerned. Unlike KP astrology, Most important is rashi, then nakshatra then the pad lord. all 3 viewed holistically will indicate the power of that area of the horoscope. if all 3 are strong, even a weak planet sitting in such a pad will produce very good results (especially if the zone is Kendra or kona)

  11. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Mars is in the 6th in Rasi, in the 7th in Bhaav chart? Does this make for a mild manglik?

  12. Baskar says:

    Dear VS ji,

    Referring to point 1.

    Does this include LEO also???

    One of my friend’s Mars is in 7th Bhava and in Leo sign.

    His wife us clearly not Manglik.

    they have a successful marriage..20 years and counting.

    is it possible that Mars ia Leo also behave like its anorher OWN house??

    Kapeil Raaj says that Jupiter and Mars treat LEO to be their own houses. Your opinions please.

    • VS says:

      As the article states, Manglik by itself is only 1 of 100s of things to be considered. By itself it means nothing much except that a manglik person is among 5/12th of the population and non manglik are among 7/12th of the poplulation
      The fire trine – sun, mars and jupiter owned – aries, leo and saggi are all MK signs and hence their rulers are very friendly and beneficial towards each other. So mars and jupiter will certainly be happy in Leo (own sign is just someone’s personal opinion)

      also mars in cancer or leo becomes in a kendra from one of its rashis and kona from other rashi. meaning it becomes in a yoga karaka position from its own houses. THis is the reason why mars is the only planet whose debilitation has a lesser blemish, especially if it happens in a kendra bhaav from both lagna and moon. In this case if moon is also strong, mars becomes a raj yoga karaka planet. However the blemish of anger issues, impulse or over emotionalitly will remain in the person to some extent. mars in leo will make the person of a proud/ dominant nature as well. ready to confront and fight all the time and takes life heads on all the time instead of passively relaxing at some times

      • Sundar says:

        “mars in leo will make the person of a proud/ dominant nature as well. ready to confront and fight all the time.”

        Example: Donald Trump whose lagna is also Leo.

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