Generic Effects of Mars (Mangal/ Kuja)

In continuation to the series for the generic malefics, which for obvious reasons, invoke more fear and hence questions directed to me by people, this article talks about Mars. Mars teaches via sudden and usually irreversible lessons as opposed to Saturn that teaches via long term hard work/ delay.

Lesson of Mars is caution and patience if the lesson of Saturn is Perseverance.

The bhaav (house) where Mars is placed shows us where the energy and actions of a person are and where their passions are. This can also be the domain where they will be ready to fight as a warrior/ soldier and can be highly protective of the significations of the bhaav where Mars sits in a horoscope.

In this ‘Generic effects’ series, I have covered Saturn, Rahu & Ketu earlier. Remaning malefics are Mars and Sun (although Sun is a limited general malefic). This topic covers Mars. As always, use this liberally and not literally. It can not be blindly applied to each horoscope.

1) Mars will give good results for Leo and Cancer ascendants (and rashis- or moon sign) as it is a Yoga Karaka for these signs

2) Mars will give great results when placed in the signs of Leo and Cancer! (yes Cancer too even though debilitated!) 

3) Mars when in Cancer is debilitated will give good results as long as its Shad bala is good and Moon is strong. This is because-
a) It is 4th from Aries and 9th from Scorpio and hence in Yoga Karaka position from its own houses
b) It is in a house of a friend (albeit debilitated)
c) Unlike other planets, Mars being a young fierce warrior, doesn’t really lose its vigor every and hence doesn’t weaken too much even when debilitated
d) However it is vital to have Mars in a Kendra position from ascendant and have Moon either in Cancer itself or very strong in dignity (example exalted) to create a Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga for Mars when Mars is in Cancer

4) Mars in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricron in a Kendra house (loses most of its venom and becomes a benefic and Yoga causing planet). However the aspects on it and the strength of rasi and nakshatra depositor is vital to note

5) If BAV score of mars is 4 or more in a horoscope, mars will give good results

6) Mars is functionally the worst planet for Gemini and Virgo ascendants and causes trouble for these ascendants

7) For Scorpio ascendants, even though the lagna lord, it is functionally meddlesome at best as its main sign falls in the dusthana 6th house. However in this case if it is placed in the 1st, 3rd or 6th bhaav, it will give great overall results

8) A strong mars in the 3rd bhaav gives strength, courage and dynamism to the individual. However it can cause ‘Bhaavo karaka Naashe’ or destroying its own signification of 3rd – which would imply no younger siblings (especially brothers) or severe issues in the lives of younger siblings

9) Mars is best placed in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th bhaavs. In the 10th it gains directional strength and will gives ability to work hard, ability to lead/ administrative abilities and makes the person a ‘go-getter’

10) Mars in 6th, 8th and 11th bhaavs will tend to give injuries and accidents. In the 8th bhaav, these can be severe if other malefics join in with no benefic aspects/ associations.

11) Mars in 1st can give headaches/ migraines and temper issues. If this happens to be the sign of Cancer, the functional results will be good as Mars is a Yoga Karaka, but Mars will nonetheless give a snappy and emotional/ tantrum oriented nature to the person and sudden outbursts of anger as well. The individual can be moody and suffer from anxiety and emotional dependency on a person/ object of their affection

12) Mars with Rahu makes for ‘Angarak Yoga’. On the negative side this gives sudden anger issues and a predisposition to violence in the individual or an involvement in negative/ hidden/ shady activities. However it can also make a person a warrior in day to day life – someone who wont quit at any level of adversity and has great fighting spirit. Such people can make for great sportsmen and law enforcement personnel and have a never ending energy, especially if this combination forms in the 3rd or 6th bhaav

13) Mars with Saturn also makes for a person who will face one too many adversities in life, sometimes inflicted by their own temperamental behavior and sometimes by fate/ chance. They are hard workers in general and can be workaholics. Saturn solidifies the properties of Mars and such people can be very disciplined (opposite of lazy) and focused towards their goals. They also have a tendency to easily get into confrontations with any authority figure – be it their own boss/ parents/ partners or even the government

14) Mars with Jupiter is a good Yoga in general known as Guru- Mangal yoga. It typically manifests in an energetic person who utilizes his energy towards good deeds rather than otherwise and are typically righteous in their actions. However Mars being ego and Jupiter being inflation or enlargement of any signification can also sometimes bring downfall due to over confidence or egoistic issues in life, especially if the mix is in a negative bhav or involves Rahu as well.

15) Mars with Venus makes for a very passionate person who will put energy into areas related to comforts and luxuries of life be it wining/ dining, romance, music/ arts and even love affairs. Such people will be very passionate about the affairs related to the bhav where this conjunction takes place

16) Mars with Moon makes for a determined person who can also be very emotional. There will be a predisposition to blood disorders (like anaemia etc) in such individuals depending on the dignity of the planets. Their mothers are usually a strong influence in their lives and they can at times be like bullies in their behavior due to mars ruling their emotions. Mars with Sun calls for an egoistic personality which is also very determined in nature (especially if forming in a fixed sign). Such people are proud, extrovert and straightforward in their actions and can have good leadership abilities if the planets have good dignities

17) Mars with Mercury gives energy and impulse to speech and communication as well as logical thinking abilities of a person. They can make good salesmen, orators, media/ journalists and accountants/ finance professionals. However in a negative context, this can give nervous/ anxiety issues and an overtly aggressive/ abusive speech especially when connected to the 2nd bhaav and devoid of positive mitigations from other planets and yogas

18) Mars in 4th bhav has no direction and is more often than not unwelcome. Unless in great dignity, such a mars will give anxiety and restlessness in the mind of the individual along with anger issues. Typically not good for the health and longevity of the mother as well unless mitigated by other factors

19) Mars is a Karaka for landed properties and real estate. If strong and connected to the 4th bhaav and the lord of 4th house, it can give much real estate to the person

20) An afflicted Mars of low strength in 6th house typically points to involvement in court cases and litigation and danger from thieves/ enemies not just legally but even for bodily harm if Rahu is involved in the mix

21) Mars in 1st, 12th, 4th, 7th and 8th makes a person Manglik – which supposedly causes problems in marriage. This concept is over rated and the overall dignity of Mars and other aspects have to be considered before reaching any conclusion. Keep in mind this makes for 5/12th of the world’s population or about 42% of people. Obviously not all of them can have major marriage issues.

22) Mars matures at the age 28. At this age, Mars will show its full promise in the horoscope – good or bad and this will be amplified if the Vimshottari MD of Mars is operating at this time

23) Mars MD of 7 yrs can be a very fruitful time if a person disciplines their energy properly towards their goals. Many a times it ends up being a period when a person accomplishes many long term constructive projects of their life as long as they remain focused and disciplined. A disciplined Mars is like an army soldier- trained and ready for any negative situation which is its strength. A lazy, untrained and lethargic soldier on the other hand will more than likely lose not just the battle but get harmed in the process

24) Hanumaan is the diety related to Mars and Tuesday is the day of Mars or ‘Mangal’ or ‘Kuja’ as its called in Hindi/ Sanskrit

25) Many negative situations can be avoided during MD of Mars by avoiding impulsive and knee jerk decisions. Most damage done during Mars periods invariably comes from sudden actions and decisions taken at the spur of the moment without due diligence and logic/ rationality backing it. When controlled well, Mars energy can take a person to dizzy heights in their fields

43 Responses to Generic Effects of Mars (Mangal/ Kuja)

  1. Anmol says:

    If Mars and Saturn are conjuct in 10th house scorpio in Anuradha Nak for Kumbha lagan. Sat at 14 deg and Mars at 4.5 deg

    Asc rising degree is 9. Does the Panch Mahaprush Yoga get cancelled or it still active.

    • VS says:

      Hi Anmol

      Even though I dont respond to personal chart queries, I will attempt to answer the generic part of your query-

      Yogas and DurYogas (negative combinations) co-exist. They dont cancel each other out. A negative combination will show its own effects in addition to the positive combination effects
      I the said case, Ruchak Yoga will prevail for the native and give strong administrative positions in technical/ engineering/ police or even sugical areas. Even area related to chemicals is possible

      • Anmol says:

        Thanks VS for your reply.

        I have heard many pundits claiming that if planet is in between 1-6 deg it is considered weak to give results. Is that really true. Now if you take the above case Mars is at 4 deg in digbala and exaltation as well. Do you consider this Mars weak

        Or you also look at varga charts and shadbala or sthana bala to judge strength of planet

        • VS says:

          Anmol- Please go thru the chapters regarding dignity of planets. As I mention in there, Baaladi avastha is an important, yet just one of the considerations when looking at a planet and its overall dignity

  2. Prasad says:

    Mr Vivek,

    Your views are well researched. Makes for a nice reading.

    Please consider the following cases:

    1. For Virgo asc, you said Ma is FM. What if the FM Mars is sitting in 3rd house and aspects the 7L Jupiter sitting in 6th house. Does it cause trouble in marriage/delay marriage or lots of debts? Ma+Jup are friends. But for this lagna. can FM aspects also turn bad for its own great friend?

    2. If Mars+Ketu is together in 10th house for Scorpio asc. Does it also cause Angkarak dosha

    3. If Mars+Sat both look at 4th house for any lagna. Do they separate the person/destroy family life or the contrary help create huge assets and business

    4. If Mars in 10th house for Aqu rising also not considered good. What if it is sitting with lagna lord. They both aspect 4th house. Is point 3 still true or false

    5. How does Mars perform in 9th house and in fire sign of Leo

    Many thanks

    • VS says:

      As I have said before, the functional nature of planets is more vital than generic nature

      find out the functional nature of each planet in the horoscope. If saturn is a yoga karaka for a lagna and placed well, it will give good results not adverse via both position and aspects. Likewise look at houses ruled and the yogas or duryogas formed. THe generic nature is less important but to be kept in mind. A strong saturn which is functionally strong will give good results but via hard work, patience, perserverance and dedication (positive traits of generic nature of saturn) etc.

  3. vidya says:

    Namaste VS,
    your articles are really nice….just discovered them!
    My interest in astrology began some 4 yrs back , on my journey of self discovery and was fascinated with what our rishis has left for us to understand….
    My interest also stemmed from the fact that …there was a lot of fear associated with planets …. this bad…this dreadful…if a benefic is here ..your life is good and if a melific…then its gloom and doom…
    I am of the belief that every planet is perfectly placed depending on the soul evolution of that person… if a malefic planet is placed in a said situation…then why so and what are the lessons….does the person have to apply more energy( raw power or rakshasic energy) in that sphere of life….if so then what is the journey or lesson , anyway thats how i look at it…

    really enjoyed reading your articles and shall keep returning for more!
    my learning is at nascent stage….
    but enjoying every bit of it..
    could you suggest some books which would further enhance my quest,,,’
    thank you
    much appreciate you putting up your knowledge for others to benefit!
    much respects,

  4. sambit dash says:

    Will debilitated mars give beneficial results for cancer ascendant even if it at 27 degrees and approaching its deepest point of debilitation?
    (Considering moon to be well placed)

    • VS says:

      No single answer to that
      depends on the overall chart and many other factors to check debilitation cancellation as well as other aspects, yogas, divisionals

      but is it possible? Yes

  5. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a Pisces ascsendant, Mars being the lord of 2 and 9 and sitting in scorpio and virgottam in d-1 and d-9, can you please comment firstly, by discounting the virgottam and its position aspects and secondly by taking these into account?

    Thank you.

  6. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Mars in Cancer, conjuct Jupiter and Moon for Cancer ascendant; Mars in graha yudh with Jupiter and Mars wins. How does the debilitation of Mars affect the yudh?

    Lots of questions from me in one shot on this topic. Thanks for your patience.

    — Sundar

    • VS says:

      for cancer ascendant if mars, Jupiter and moon combine in cancer, it is a potent raj yoga and extremely good for the native. Grah yudha causes minor issues in this case for significaitons of Jupiter and can cause some injury in the dasa of moon as Jupiter is 6th lord with karaka of 6th mars all deposited by moon and conjunct moon

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS:
        So I can understand this more, quoting “Grah yudha causes minor issues in this case for significaitons of Jupiter” say “minor” due to the debilitation of Mars? If true, Mars’ Neech in this case is eliminated by Mars/Moon in Kendra rule..any comments in this neechbang context in the effect of the yudh on Jupiter..still “minor”? Thanks.

        • VS says:

          mars triple neecha bhang-
          Kendra to lagna and moon
          Depositor with mars
          Planet exalted in rashi with mars

          they are also 1, 5 and 9 rulers . all combining in 1. so a strong raj yoga and even dhan yoga

          war between 2 planets is less severe if planets are mutual friends (which mars and Jupiter are)

  7. Saikumar adidam says:

    Dear VS,
    Many thanks for the information , can you explain the case of Mars(gemini) in 12th house along with Venus(holds lowest degree ) and ketu ,(they are not very close),for a cancer ascendant with exalted jup in 1st house.Kindly explain this case .
    Thanks & regards ,
    Saikumar Adidam .

    • VS says:

      there will be more than one surgery/ injury in life
      eye surgery and injury also likely. multiple affairs or secretive sensual life possible due to an over friendly nature, but a lot depends on the position of mercury and other planets in the chart

      • Saikumar adidam says:

        Mercury is in pieces (9th house ) on revathi nakshtram and sun is in 10th house in Aries.

        Thank-you for the reply .

  8. sambit dash says:

    Can moon create neechbhanga rajyoga for mars in cancer ascendant even if its not exalted but in sign of capricorn in mutual aspect?
    But i think such a cancellation will not be as powerful as moon being in exaltion?
    What is your opinion?

    • VS says:

      for cancer ascendant if mars in cancer and moon in capricorn and both of them are not moving ahead or back in chalit chart then mars will be neechabhang

  9. r pristine says:

    sir: for Leo ascendant,if shani-mars are close conjunct(2deg.)in tula & mars being yogkarak has higher degrees–it can cause marital problems? similarly if shani has higher degrees? no other aspects assumed on them or on 7th house. pl explain. regards.

    • VS says:

      in conjunctions, look how close the planets are. higher or lower degree doesn’t matter
      both are placed well in libra for leo ascendant, especially Saturn. can give engineering/ construction area jobs or even real estate jobs. eventually person might do their own business which will give great financial gains. they will have strong abilities in their area of expertise and will be relentless hard workers leading to success if venus is placed well.

  10. gomzy says:

    i see you did not cover Sun Mars in your article. I’m Dhanu Lagna, with mars and sun in 8th house .. Mars in cancer debilitated .. Glad if you could answer please

    • VS says:

      you might gain inheritance from parents suddenly at some stage in life
      tendency to smoke and be involved in too much emotions and pleasures with the opposite gender…eye surgery possible in life

  11. Joy says:

    Dear VS,
    What is Mars MD? I am just a very beginner.
    My son has Rahu (R) and Mars in 10th house in Cancer.
    Also I keep reading in alot of places that having Saturn, Sun and Jupiter in 12th house would have a negative affect on the Rahu/Mars 10th? He has this placement as well.
    Can you give any insight?
    Thank you very much.

    • VS says:

      MD = mahadasa
      the kind of rules you are talking about are Lal Kitab rules, which is not main frame Jyotish but a much recent add on of a small school of thought

      • Joy says:

        Thank you VS for your prompt response.
        So the rule or thought that having Saturn, Sun Jupiter in 12th will negatively effect Mars in 10th is Lal Kitab? Just wanted to make sure I understood. Also, what is the effect of having Rahu/Mars in 10th with Saturn, Sun and Jupiter in 12th?
        Thank you again. Joy

        • VS says:

          Typically such rules that if x planet sits in nth house, another planet in mth house becomes weak or powerless are Lal kitab dictums from the sound of them

          as for the actual impact of any combination, you have to see the dignities of the planets involved and how close they are to each other. their functional rulerships and the placement in divisional charts are relevant along with aspects on the planets. depositor of rashi and nakshatra is paramount. So there is no one size fits all of what mars and rahu in 10th will do etc. It can vary from very bad to very good depending on dignities, yogas, strengths of planets etc

  12. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a Vrichika asc, if Mars sits in the 6th house (own, exalted) what is the effect?

    • VS says:

      effect is good. A highly competitive person full of energy.
      has ability to work very hard and rise to the top in profession
      also remains prone to accidents and surgeries in life

  13. Suraj says:

    Hello VS,

    If Mars is in Cancer sign in the 1st house with 2 degree, then what effect it will have on married life. Moon is also 2 degree. Mars is debitilated over here.

    Venus(10 degree) and saturn(20 degree) are in conjunction in the 7th house.

    Your opinion needed.

    Thanks and Regards.

    • VS says:

      is moon at 2 degrees in cancer?

      • Suraj says:

        Yes, moon is also at 2 degrees in Cancer sign and in 1st house.

        • VS says:

          No problem in marriage or otherwise. strong raj yogas and neecha bhang raj yogas

          • Suraj says:

            Thanks for a prompt reply VS. Can you please confirm whether this horoscope will be considered as non-manglik?

            I went through your journey and passion for vedic astrology and you have described it very nicely. Really impressed with your journey as I can relate it to myself as even I am a finance profesional and I too have developed keen interest in vedic astrology.

            Waiting for more such posts or articles from you.

          • VS says:

            Not manglik. Dosa is canceled. is now a raj yoga. although person can be prone to headaches and some brain issue

  14. Suraj says:

    Thanks VS. It was really helpful.

  15. Ayisha says:

    Sir! You have said mars is functionally worst for Gemini ascendant. Also mars will create yoga when placed in scorpio. If mars is placed in 6th house(scorpio) with jupiter and venus from Gemini asc, what will be its effect on Mars MD? Will it affect love & marriage during its MD?

    • VS says:

      yes it will. more details i can not tell as I need to see the entire horoscope – something that I dont do write now in terms of individual readings. thanks

  16. vindeshwari chauhan says:

    sir, for taurus ascendent people if mars is in cancer in 3rd house and moon in 1st house exalted, then is it consider in neech bhag raj yog? and if saturn is placed in 10th house in aquarius and mars is looking at it with its 8th aspect, then is it not good for profession or bad? please reply.
    thank you.

    • VS says:

      it is not neechbang rajyoga. but rather a neecha bhang and a vipreet raj yoga. generally it will give good results

      • vindeshwari chauhan says:

        thanq so much sir 🙂
        i would love to hear if you tell me what will be the impact of that mars in 3rd house for taurus asendent on aquarius saturn placed in 10th house with its 8th aspect! is it good or bad?

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