Rahu Dasha – Generic Effects

Continuing from the Saturn MD generic rules, I hereby contribute the same for Rahu (As Rahu dasha is perhaps the 2nd most dreaded dasha after Saturn)

(Disclaimer – these are all from my own experiences of thousands of horoscopes and hence just my opinion. Also use these Liberally & Not Literally in a horoscope)

1) Rahu being the generic agent of change, generally its dasha will bring changes, movement, travel and rapid changes of circumstances

2) Rahu in movable signs – Aries, cancer, libra and capricorn will bring more changes than other signs, likewise rahu in 1,4,7, and 10th bhavs will give more changes

3) Rahu is strong in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra & Aquarius. In all others it gives weak and relatively negative results unless conjoined by a functional benefic in the horoscope

4) From my personal observations, rahu rules Aquarius and Virgo. Hence it acts as a yogakaraka for Taurus, Gemini signs

5) Rahu is not good in Jupiter’s sign but tends to give good results in Jupiter’s taras (nakshatras)

6) If Rahu is with a planet in the same nakshatra and the other planet is a strong benefic….rahu gives excellent results in its dasha
whereas the other planet is UNABLE to express itself fully in its own dasha (even though the other one still remains good)

7) Best axis for rahu- ketu is rahu in 6th and ketu in 12th

8 ) 2nd best is rahu in 3rd and ketu in 9th

9) Rahu gives meddlesome results in the 8th and 12th house which can be drastic if afflicted by malefics and debilitated (scorpio and saggitarius)

10) I consider both taurus and gemini as exaltation for rahu and cancer as Mooltrikona and virgo as own house

11) As a side note…Mercury sitting in rahu Nakshatra can become extremely unpredictable in its own dasha and if bad aspected be very bad in
results especially if mercury is retrograde

12) Rahu although a friend of shani does not tend to give good results in capricorn where it feels contrained and becomes too much “saturnine” in its effects

13) Rahu and Saturn in the same house is NOT good. Even in 11th it can give gains but problems with elder siblings and friends. The Infamous “Shraapit” Yoga can be terrible if there are no benefic aspects and the conjunction is within 5 degrees. If the rashi depositor is weak, it can be threatening

14) Rahu and Saturn in 8th can cause Multiple sclerosis and paralysis. In 12th causes hospitalization/ incarceration for a long time if not aspected well. However if Saturn is a functional benefic, results are not that bad

15) Rahu tends to give better results after age 42

16) The nakshatra lord of Rahu is perhaps more important (functionality, Shadbala and placement) than even rashi lord of Rahu

17) Rahu when in Saturn’s nakshatra and Saturn is functional benefic will give good results ONLY AFTER a lot of hard work and struggle

18) Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Saggi & Capricorn placed Rahu – expect better results in 2nd half of dasha, others first half. Pisces relatively same (depending on antardasha and transits)

19) Even though best transits of Rahu are 3,6 and 11. It gives good results in ALL Kaam trikona (3, 7 & 11) and Artha trikona bhaavas (2, 6 & 10)and bad in moksha trikona and bhagya trikona bhavas

20) Rahu when transiting 9th from itself is BAD (marana karaka sthana for Rahu)

21) Rahu Mahadasha of 18 yrs will tend to fluctuate from Good to Bad to Good with an approximate cycle of 37 months (2 signs of Rahu)

22) In terms of material achievement and experience, Rahu MD can be perhaps one of the most intense and powerful among all 9 planets and can give materialistic rise like no other planet.

95 Responses to Rahu Dasha – Generic Effects

  1. Karthik says:

    If asc rising deg is 10. that means MEP is 10 for all houses. If Rahu-Ketu are in 9 deg in 3rd-9th axis. does that mean entire chart is afflcited. closer malefics to asc degree higher the negative results. is that contect true.

    • VS says:

      Yes 10 deg becomes the MEP for each house assuming an Equal house system. There are other systems of astrology like Porphyry where houses are of unequal size.
      I do not recommend them, especially for a novice astrologer.

      rahu ketu will mostly affect only the 3-9 axis in the given situation

  2. Jatin says:

    Hello sir,
    I feel you should continue writing articles and explain concepts like reading Navasmha and Dasamsha.

    If Rahu in 8th house gives 5th aspect to Sat and 9th aspect to Moon. What can you make of it. No benefic aspect on Rahu

    • VS says:

      Hi Jatin

      I will continue to write time permitting. had been taking some time off writing due to busy conditions at work.

      What i want to encourage is for students to read these articles in depth and then practice on their own and family/ friends horoscopes. Real learning comes only from practice and patience and not from asking questions what happens when sun aspects saturn or this is here or there…the reason is there is no one right answer.

      This art is deep and broad. It can not be mastered in a day or month nor 1 yr. It takes years or decades of learning and application to become good at it. Keep up the good learning work

  3. Navdeep says:

    Is rahu MT sign Cancer? Why in the enemy sign.

    If Rahu/Jup/Sat all aspect 7th house and 7th house lord in 12th house with Venus and getting aspect from Sat. Can marriage be delayed untill mid 30s. or Jupiter can save the marriage?

    What kind of spouse traits you can expect. Atmkrk Ve and amarkrk Ve conjuct together in 12th house in Nak of Moon. Moon is sitting in Uppapada Lagna

    • VS says:

      As per Parasara Rahu’s Mooltrikona sign is Cancer. Ofcourse this is debatable and many consider it to be Aquarius as well as Virgo.

      I believe (as a personal opinion) that since Moon (owner of cancer) has Mooltrikona in Taurus (not cancer) and Rahu is a node of the luminary (moon) that is perhaps the reason it acts as a Mooltrikona in Cancer. It is enmical camp but still Rahu here gives intense and strong results. As usual the strength, placement and dignity of Moon is important as well as other aspects Rahu receives while being in Cancer to ascertain the actual effects of Rahu in Cancer

  4. Uma says:

    I have Rahu in the 6th in Aquarius and now I am running Rahu-Sat dasha. My Rahu dasha has brought me more troubles though Rahu is in a good house. But 6th house owner Sat is debilitated, retro in the 8th. Other planets are not in a good houses either. Overall my life has been miserable whether it is Rahu dasha or not. Honestly I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel

  5. Rajiv says:

    Sir, I am happy to see lot of insightful information on Rahu. There are many details which i have not seen from other sources. One elusive information thus far for me is Rahu MD effect with Rahu in 6th house (debilitated in Scorpio sign) aspected by Jupiter and Mars (Scorpio sign lord) from 10th house.

  6. Uma says:

    What happens when rahu Ketu in Aquarius Leo respectively but in Bhava chart Capricorn cancer. Are the results as per the Bhava? Also what if rahu Ketu in aqu satabhishaj and Ketu Leo magha conjunct saturn

    • VS says:

      Uma – lots of things can happen as astrology is a deep study of 9 planets, 12 rashis, 12 houses, 27 asterisms, more than 2 dozen divisional charts, yogas, avasthas etc. Merely the presence of planets here or there is not sufficient to decipher anything and hence my suggestion is to do a deep dive study and case studies. That is the only way to understand Jyotish if you are serious about it.

      I do not do individual chart answers but can give you a quick response that when any planet moves in a bhav chart, it will tend to give the results of both the bhavas but its effects will have the color of the rashi only. So example moon is exalted in taurus for capricorn lagna but in bhav chart it moves to 4th bhav. Such a moon will have characteristics of taurus (5th bhaav for capricorn) but in its dasa it will give results of 4th house more than 5th and to some extent bridge the effects of both 4th and 5th

  7. Preeti says:

    Very well written..
    .valuable for people like me..thanks

  8. Raj says:

    Nice article on Rahu. I have read/ come across texts which mentions Rahu is debilitated in Scorpio sign and will be bad during its Dasha. How does the effect change if Rahu is in 6th house in Scorpio sign? And this Rahu is aspected by Guru+Mars combo from 10th house.

  9. Harish.k says:

    I usually get confused about degrees of ascendant..If a rising sign Aquarius 19 degree and planet rahu sitting in ascendant at 9 degre then rahu gives results of first house or twelfth house for natives…Thank you so much for teaching your vast energy with us.

    • VS says:

      take a 15 degree radius from the ascendant degree for each house. That is the orb of each bhaav. If ascendant at 19 aquarius then every planet after 4 degrees in aquarius is in 1st bhaav

  10. Harish.k says:

    Thank u so much for replying sir.

  11. Mallika Gupta says:

    Why is Rahu transit from 9th house from itself bad? What are the effects? Most of Rahu transits are bad anyway, due to it being highly malefic, but is 9H transit even worse – for which aspects of life, finances, relations, health, … please explain! Does it depend on whether the rahu in Natal chart is well-placed? Thanks.

    • VS says:

      The dignity of the transiting planet in the main horoscope is always most vital and rahu is no different in such an analysis

      9th bhaav is the house of religion, belief, thought process, mental makeup of a person. Rahu by nature is fickle minded, rebellious and against dharma (righteous duty). it wants things by hook or crook and deceit. Hence in 9th house it is Marana Karaaka – or in a death like state and feels offended. In such a situation it cause more harm than good during the transit

  12. Mallika Gupta says:

    Thank you for explaining so well… the problem here is that natal Rahu is in 9th Aries in Rashi chart, but in 10th Taurus in Bhava and adding more confusion, now there’s transit Rahu in 5th house Leo from Jan. 30 of this year, along with Jupiter. Well, we just have to take it in our stride. Not much that can be done!

  13. Sambit says:

    What about exchange of nakshatras. Suppose if rahu in jyestha and mercury in ardra.What kind of results can be expected?

    • VS says:

      Nakshatra exchange effects show up during the dashas of the involved planets. In your example the rahu/ mercury period or mercury/ rahu period will show intense effects as per the placement and rulership of the planets involved

  14. RC says:

    In order to analyze Dasha Bhukti effects, does one go based on natal chart or transit chart. For example in the natal chart mars is in exaltation, however during the dasha – Bhukti, Mars is not in a good position. So what chart should one go based on?

    Are there any guidelines on when one should use natal chart vs. transit chart.

    Also another question which I am afraid may not belong here. In my chart sun is in 6th house from lagna (Gemini) and 9th house from Moon (Pisces). Sun being in 6th, is it good or bad for Surya/ravi dasha? When you find time if you are able to post something on sun dasha, it will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance for sharing the knowledge.

    • VS says:

      there is no way to calculate dasa from the transit chart. Dasa sequence starts from the moon longitude at your birth

      transits are a further aid in analysis and prediction. Both have to be used together but dasa has to be given more importance

    • SJ says:

      Planets like Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon and Mercury go through multiple transit cycles during their dasa while Jupiter and Rahu goes through atleast 1 cycle during their dasa. So transits might have an impact on when events occur during the dasa. But for ketu and Saturn, transits might be as relevant as dasa. Just my understanding. Please feel free to counter.

      • VS says:

        Yes, regardless of dasa, that is the exact reason why Saturn transits are most important. Followed by Jupiter and the nodes
        Most important is the basic strength of horoscopes from the yogas and avayogas. The benefic planets should be strong and vice versa for the functional malefic planets. second is the operating vimshottari dasas which will set the tone during any given maha dasa period

        lastly look at transits. first the sat/jup/rahu transits
        finally the faster moving planets can help in pin pointing exact dates/ weeks. but by themselves, the smaller transits wont help much in a predictive fashion

  15. astrolove says:

    Sorry I meant to say “I was also surprised that even an exalted mercury in a good house placed in a not-so-malefic angle from rahu can bring difficulty with regards to money, from your chart.”

  16. sambit says:

    So if the sign dispositor of rahu is debilitated and the nakshatra dispositor of rahu is in own house or exalted then the condition of such rahu is expected to be what?

    • VS says:

      Only deb or exaltation is not enuff to see results. A combust exalted planet in 8th house might do 0 good whereas a neecha bhang deb planet can give raj yoga
      also in addition to depositors, the aspects, even partial, should be considered as well as strengths in divisional charts

  17. Jay says:

    Dear Sir

    I read above that Rahu in 9th is Marana Karakka(death like state). Will it still be the same in Exaltation in Taurus or own house Gemini. Will condition worsen or improve in such cases


    • VS says:

      Hi Jay

      ofcourse the situation changes with the dignity and aspects on the planet. Exalted planets as well as planets aspected by auspicious planets tend to give good results even in marana karaka places

  18. Jay says:

    Thank you for clarifying it so nicely.


  19. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    I am quoting your reply to a question for convenience: “take a 15 degree radius from the ascendant degree for each house. That is the orb of each bhaav. If ascendant at 19 aquarius then every planet after 4 degrees in aquarius is in 1st bhaav”.

    Question: If Jupiter is sitting at 3 deg in Aquarius, should I look at Jupiter as sitting in the 12-th house? |||, if Mercury is sitting in 3 in the 2nd house, should I read that as being placed in the first house? If the answer is yes, who is the lord of the house Mercury is placed in? How do you calculate the temporary friends of these planets?

    Thank you.

  20. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    I have checked for this information and all of them refer to the temporary friend concept as specific to the natal chart. There is no mention of this in relation to transits. So, unless you think otherwise, I will assume that transits have nothing to do with this.

  21. Digamber Purohit says:

    Hi Sir, will Rahu Maahadasha be bad for the natives of Simha lagna (Leo) all through out the 18 years of its duration? Even if placed in good or bad houses, it is because Rahu is enemy of Sun , the lord of the lagna. Same is also true for Karkataka (Cancer) as Rahu enemy of Moon, so losses and sufering during the Rahu Maahadasha? Please clarify this point that for which ascendant types Rahus is a good dasha. Thank you!

    • VS says:

      Not at all. Depends on how Rahu is placed and the aspects on it
      if rahu is placed lets say in 6th bhaav with mars. It implies rahu will reflect mars (yoga karaka) which is exalted. SUch a Rahu will make for a very competitive and successful person (especially if saturn is also placed well)

  22. Digamber Purohit says:

    Thank you for answering my question! One more doubt i had, if you can please check into it :- if the Lord of the house where Rahu is placed is weak or deblitated but the lord of nakshatra of Rahu is strong, exalted or mooltrikona, then whose effects will the Rahu show in its Maahadasha… house lords or Naksatra lords? Thanks.

  23. Digamber Purohit says:

    Thanks for explaining about Rashi lord Vs. nakshatra lord. I thought from your writeup above that for Rahu (because its shadow planet, i.e. a vortex of magnetic field, not actual physical body) it is effected more by its Nakshatra than by house lord. Why I thought as such is because Rahu Dasha is quite long, 18 years. So I wasn’t sure whose results it will try to imitate… but you confirmed Rashi lord, so if Rashi lord is weak, then Rahu dasha will be bad or not so great. nakshatra lord effect is secondary i suppose.

    • VS says:

      Yes Rashi lord still dominates but if the nakshatra lord is strong enough, then it will salvage back some of the negativity

      • Sundar says:

        If Rahu is in Aries in D-1 Rasi but moves into Taurus in Bhaav-Chalit, the Rahu Dasa will be influenced more by Venus than Mars, am I correct?

        • VS says:

          No rahu will be influenced by Mars more and not at all by venus
          but it will give the effects of bhaav ruled by venus

          • Sundar says:

            VS, if Venus is sitting in Taurus for a Capricorn asc and Rahu is in the Aries in D-1 but in Taurus in Chalit, does Venus affect by its position (not Lordship) ?

          • VS says:

            Rahu will be affected by venus in this case only if the longitude difference between them in this case is less than 10 else not. Rahu will be colored by Mars but will give effect of the 5th bhav in dasas

  24. Mrugesh says:

    Hi VS,
    Do you use true rahu or mean rahu?
    What is your experience?


    • VS says:

      Always True
      mean is just an Average of the movement which means nothing
      actually any planet that retrogrades (all except Sun and Moon) will have a Mean motion in addition to the True motion. What is important is to use the TRUE locations

  25. Ashutosh says:

    For Capricorn lagna, Rahu in 9th giving very good results so far in all mahadasas, even mars-Rahu given good results, however little skeptics on his own mahadasa which will start from 2019, as per your article it will be bad looks like , since 9 th is Marana karaka and its lord is in 12th Sagittarius(mercury)

    • VS says:

      The topic says Generic rules…cant be applied blindly in all cases

      Rahu in virgo is also strong as mercury is close friends with it. Some even consider rahu in virgo to act like a planet in its own house. Rahu is a friend of lagna lord (Saturn) and so such a rahu if well aspected can give foreign travels and in general success in life

  26. Ram says:

    Sir I am running rahu MD and jupiter AD
    And rahu Marc moon and jupiter in 3 hous e in leo its good or bad

    • VS says:

      Hi Ram
      for an analysis, all planets, degrees, divisionals, dignities, transits, lots of things have to be taken into account for an overall picture…since I don’t do personal readings for now, I can not say for sure for you
      a clue is to look for how strong Sun is. Since all these planets are placed in the domain of sun. Where sun is placed, its dignity, shadbal, aspects etc are vital. thanks

  27. Sundar says:

    VS: During the MD of Rahu, if one undergoes saade saati, does it matter at all that Saturn is a friend of Rahu?

    • VS says:

      sadhe satti works not with or w/o any MD lord. saturns impact is enhanced during such period and hence the dignity and placement of saturn in the horoscope is what is vital during this time

  28. Amit says:

    I have Rahu, Saturn & Venus in Pisces in 11th house. Currently going through Rahu MD & Jupiter AD. How Rahu MD will be? Thanks

    • VS says:

      It will be either good, bad or somewhere in betweem

      that’s what can be said from the info you provided.
      a full horo analysis is need for predictions, which I don’t do currently unfortunately.


  29. Digamber Purohit says:

    Hi, I have follow-on comment to the post by Sundar. If sade-sati coincides with much feared Rahu mahadasha/Shani antardasha, then it causes great suffering. Rahu and Saturn are similar in nature, but not friendly to a native, meaning they cause problems to everyone. This period is supposed to be the worst according to many astrologers. Even worse than Shani-Shukra, which does great harm to some but not all. VS-sir, what are your views on Rahu-Shani dasha, can you write an exclusive column on this time? Full 2-3 years of the person’s life is totally wasted and if Shani is Markesh, enemy of lagna lord, Rahu-Shani are 6-8 or 2-12, then WORST! Death-like suffering and losses.

    • VS says:

      My comment is that nothing can be generalized. yes when 2 generic malefics are operating in dasa and antar, some anxiety and obstacles will be there. However if Saturn and rahu are functional benefics in the chart and placed well in good dignity, then the period will be overall very good for the native, even though he/ she will go thru some hard times or anxiety in it

      likewise, venus-saturn and sat/ venus is supposed to be very bad if both are strong in a horoscope. however in reality I have not seen that work as well. 1 example is bill gates. he has venus in libra conjunct exalted Saturn in 5th bhaav. venus and Saturn are both in great dignity and in a good bhaav. both are functional benefics for the chart and are forming strong raj and dhan yogas.

      venus dasa made him a billionaire. Venus-Saturn period was especially good for him in terms of career. so again a strong caution to any generic rules, which usually don’t work

  30. Shankari says:

    Sir, I’m going through the last couple of years of Rahu Dasha. I’m going through moon antardasha at the moment and will begin mars antardasha from start of next year. For me Rahu is in the 10th house which I’ve heard is a good position? However Moon and Saturn both reside with Rahu in the 10th house. And Mars is in the second house with Sun which I’ve read is also not too bad. My mercury is in the 1st house, Ketu in 4th , Jupiter in 9th and Venus in 12th. But since the start of the moon antardasha I’ve gone into terrible mental agony and depression. I find myself stuck in a situation I cant seem to get out of. I’ve lost my motivation to do things. I was in a similar situation during my Mars dasha though was much younger and not so helpless. I’m really worried about the health of my father. My mother died during the saturn antardasha of Rahu dasa. Will things improve , will I be able to live in peace? Please could you advise?


    • VS says:

      Hi Shankari, please do mahamrityunanjaya mantra everyday for atleast 108 times. this will help alleviate rahu impact on your mind (moon)

      • Shankari says:

        Thank you so much Sir for your kind advice. I’ll definitely do the chanting. Appreciate you taking the time to help me.

        Om Tat Sat

  31. Gayatri says:

    Sir .thank you for the wonderful article. My date of birth is 15 Oct 1981 and time is 11:35 am in Delhi. I am suffering from many years.when I showed to an astrologer she told me rahu mahadasha. Am dead scared.she said rahu in 8 house ketu in second and Saturn, sun and Jupiter in 10 house are giving me all troubles.Recently developed heart disease.please guide me.

    • VS says:

      Rahu in 8th can give chronic disease. Since it is in the natal sign of cancer, that can give chest area/ heart issue
      also lagna lord will be combust in this case which can cause health issues. rahu in 8th also gives paranoia and mental disorders including depression, mood swings and deep phobias or fears

      advisable to get maha mrityunanjaya yagya done every year till your rahu dasa lasts

  32. Adidam says:

    Sri VS ,

    In D1
    Rahu(R)(27°)in sagittarius 6th house for cancer ascendant on Uttarashada nakshatra and moon(0°:56′) is in 7th house also on uttarashada nakshatra in capricorn with saturn at 13° on sravana nakshatra.Uttarashada nakshatra lord sun is exalted in aries (10th) .Sagi house lord jupiter is exalted in cancer 1st house .
    1.In this case despite of rahu and moon being in two different houses ,still they are in conjunction right ?
    2.Does it really effect the health of the native as well as his mother (moon) ,as moon is in conjunction with rahu in 6th house which is the karaka of diseases ,enemies and debts.
    kindly consider the question ,Thank you .

    • VS says:

      yes they are still in conjunction and health might be affected. depends on the degree of closeness on rahu with bhaav Madhya of 6th bhaav. for rest, details have to be looked at. I can not provide personal readings for now. thanks

  33. SriRam says:

    Sir, my Rahu MD is running since 16.10.1999 and now in last phase of Rahu-Mars. DoB 13.07.1975; 17:08:47, Wazirpur(rajasthan). Scorpio asc. and rahu sitting in Asc, aspected by Mars(aries) and Jupiter(Pisces). Moon-Venus in leo; Mer, sun, saturn in gemini. Since Rahu-moon beginning specially, I’ve been facing accusation/ allegations in my career (Executive Engineer, PWD) and recently served a chargesheet on 04.10.2017. I’m in great distress and no hope left now to come out from this disastrous phase. Kindly advise me whether my vargottam Jupiter mahadasa (starting from 15.10.2017) will help me come out clean from all these allegations and career problems, so as to get my overdue promotion. How long will it take to come out from Rahu mayajaal so as to live a peaceful life and get promoted. Your advice will be immensely helpful for me sir. Thanking you.

  34. Yash says:

    I have one more question please
    I know that transits are usually viewed from the Moon Sign. What about Dasha? For eg- Rahu Dasha. Do we view it from ascendant or moon sign or both?
    Thanks a lot.

  35. SJ says:

    Some online articles indicate Rahu in kendra with trikona lord, or in trikona with kendra lord act as yogakaraka. Is this true for all Asc. or just Taurus and Gemini Asc., only.

    Is Rahu’s status as Yogakara an open ended debate?


    • VS says:

      Rahu/ ketu – since they don’t own any houses, behave in tandem with where they sit (sign and nakshatra lord) and the aspects they receive including conjunction or trinal to other planets. generally rahu is good for any venus, mercury or Saturn ascendant. if it sits in Kendra with kona or vice versa, it will certainly give good results

      Rahu/ Ketu will still give effects of their general nature in their dasas, regardless of their functional nature in a horoscope.
      Example leo ascendant, Rahu becomes a strong marak and functional malefic for the ascendant. Now if rahu sits in Aries with Mars, it is going to give very strong yoga karaka results and its dasa can give great success, fame and wealth. However even with this, it will maintain its maraca properties and can give injury and death despite yoga in its dasa. Also the success it gives can be sudden, have ups and downs/ volatility and can involve some level of cheating/ distorting facts etc. which is because its own nature still remains intact despite its portfolio becoming of a yoga karaka in the horsocope

  36. Ayesha says:


    I have my Rahu mahadasa running now. I have rahu and saturn in my 6 house and my rahu-ketu dasha starts in feb 2018 for one year. can you give me some precautions and dangers that i need to be prepared for. I am born 2 june 1990 in chittoor, andhra around 11:30 am.

    • VS says:

      Unfortunately I do not provide individual readings. In general though, always good to take any step with precaution and after consulting friends/ family/ seniors during Rahu MD. Lots of problems are averted as generally Rahu makes an individual take decisions rashly or w/o proper diligence, which causes problems and stress usually

  37. Kanav Gupta says:

    Hi sir.. The article was very well. Explained.
    But i wanted your help on one issue
    If Rahu and ketu are in kendra(say 7/1 axis) , and their dispositors are also there in kendra(say 4-10 axis) forming a raj-yoga, then will such placement of rahu and ketu improve or decrease the above raj yoga?

    • VS says:

      it will blemish the raj yoga, however rahu ketu themselves can then act as agents of dispensing the raj yoga in their dasas

  38. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For an Capricorn asc, with Rahu co-ruling the 2nd and 9th and sitting in the chalit with Venus in Taurus, will the significations of 2nd and 9th operate concurrently in the 5th?

    • VS says:

      rahu being a reflector will give results of 5th mostly and 2nd bhaav co rulership to a limited extent. Also important will be other aspects on it from other houses

  39. rahul says:

    Hey vs
    Great analysis
    I have my rahu in 2nd house of saggitarius [scorpio ascendant] but it is aspected by Jupiter [ Jupiter is placed in the 10th house being the lord of 2nd and 5th house]. I know Rahu is not that good in saggitarius but will the aspect of Jupiter give some positive results?

    • VS says:

      depends on other aspects and strengths of the horoscope. In the described scenario, rahu will give good results but some swings in the financial status and job status of the person. mostly it will give good results. It can also kill in its dasa while giving good material results otherwise. If kaal of the horoscope has not come yet then instead of death, some death like situation will come and go

  40. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Plenty of scandals related to bribery, sex are coming out not just here in the US but in other countries as well. Rahu is sitting in Mercury nakshatra Asresha 3rd pada . It is 5th trinal aspecting Kaal Purush 8th house Mercury’s naksahtra Jyesta.

    Rahu, 8th house – Scandal, Mercury – people communicating

    Please opine.

    • VS says:

      generally i dont use astrology for world phenomenon as it is geared more towards inviduals.
      however saturn completed its karma in the 8th rashi scorpio respresnting sex, scandals and perverted actions etc. Now it has recently gone into the dharma rashi of saggi. hence the focus and karma of world changes from sex and hidden activity to dharma or righteous conduct and punishment to the offender

  41. Ayisha says:

    Hlo sir! I have rahu combined with mercury and sun in 5th house(in libra) from my Gemini ascendant. Currently am facing hardships by the mars mahadasa. I will be having my rahu mahadasa by 2021.
    Will it give positive results or should I get prepared for my worst?

    • VS says:

      see where venus is placed – the depositor and its strength. likewise, the effects of rahu can be. Rahu should be closer to mercury and father from the debilitated sun for good results. back/spine and stomach problems in Rahu period

      • Ayisha says:

        Thanks for considering my question Sir! I have both mercury and sun with rahu in 5th. And my venus is combined with jupiter and mars in 6th house (scorpio) from midhuna ascendant. Kindly tell me whether my upcoming rahu dasa will yield positive results or the negative.

        • VS says:

          Hi Ayisha

          I do not do personal readings here. ALso the info you provided is very limited and can not be used to give any accurate predictions
          Maybe some day and year I will give personal readings, but not yet 🙂

  42. KRS says:

    Dear VS:

    Regarding Rahu and Saturn combination in 8th house. (1) Would this also apply when Saturn aspects Rahu in the 8th house (say from 2nd house)? There seems to be some debate on this issue. (2) Does degree of separation also matter in an aspect? (3) Does the dignity of Rahu/Saturn matter? For example, would the ill effects be lower for Saturn-Capircon Rahu-Cancer, than say Saturn-Aries Rahu-Capricon? (4) Finally, will dasha status of Saturn or Rahu predict timing of onset of the disease? Can disease occur when neither planet is involved in dashas?

    As always, your wisdom and patience is appreciated.

    • VS says:

      Yes all the factors are important not just for this combo but any combination.
      Closer the degrees, the closer the impact. till 6 to 8 degrees, yogas are intense. beyond 15 degrees, they are namesake only
      whenever you 2 planets combine and both have good dignities. Say if saturn or rahu are in aquarius or libra or taurus etc, then the effect will functionally be more positive than negative, espeically if they are functionally good planets for the lagna. say libra ascendant and both saturn and rahu in lagna then this is a strong and potent raj yoga where rahu dasa will execute the yoga, if venus joins them, it becomes a massive yoga. yogas get triggered by saturn and jupiter transits over the said yoga or trinal to the yoga. when both these heavy planets aspect a house or yoga by aspect, conjunction or being trinal to it, they activate a yoga. and not just madadasha but even antardasha can trigger. also different types of dasas and not just vimshottari.

  43. KRS says:

    Thank you VS. This is very illuminating.

    Would you please answer the first two questions? That is: can the effects of a conjunction arise through an aspect? Like can a Sharpit yoga arise when Saturn aspects Rahu? Will the effect be weaker than when there is a direct conjunction? In such a case, how do we figure out the degree of closeness? Your answer is much appreciated. Thank you

    • VS says:


      Conjunction will always be stronger than aspects
      a mutual aspect is pretty close to conjunction as long as the aspect is within 5 degrees approx. example 2 planets in exact opposition are both aspecting each other
      another example is mars exact 90 degrees behind saturn. now saturn with 10th and mars with 4th have 100% aspect on each other. on the other hand if jupiter is 60 degrees ahead of saturn. Now saturn has a 100% aspect on jupiter but jupiter has 0% aspect no saturn. so in this case, there will be no conjunction effects

  44. Dinesh Kamath says:

    Hi VS, my rahu is placed in Aquarius in the 9th house, owned by Saturn and aspected by Jupiter sitting alone in the 5th house and Saturn is debilitated sitting with Moon in the 11th house.
    My rahu dasha is to start soon. Will this phase be beneficial or is it a cause of concern?
    Appreciate your reply and help.
    Thank you!!

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