Saturn Dasha – Generic Effects

Since Saturn is one of the most dreaded Dashas, I chose to compile a few generic factors to look out for. Keep in mind this has to be used Liberally and NOT Literally. Other planets, strengths, aspects, divisionals etc have to be kept in mind before coming to any conclusion regarding Saturn or for that matter any other planet. Still the points below can be used as good yardsticks for a generic analysis of Saturn-

1) Saturn mahadasha or even antar to some extent operating before age 36 usually gives struggles and blockages even when Saturn is placed well and a functional benefic (ruling good houses)

2) Saturn dasha as the 6th dasha (all born in dasha of sun) is generally very strong and can elevate a person to great heights if Saturn is strong in horoscope

3) Saturn dasha as 4th dasha gives more trouble than normal even when Saturn is well placed

4) Saturn MD if operating after age 56 will have a very high predisposition to KILL before it ends. Only those will very good karma in life escape it alive in general. More the person has SINNED in his/ her life, more the physical/ mental agony in Saturn MD after 56

5) Saturn when conjunct with Mars or Rahu within 8 degrees in D1 will give bad results almost through out in its dashas

6) Saturn in 12th house, especially in a separative sign (Aries, Leo and Saggi – fire signs) will give very bad results and ensure a big downfall in life. Can even be a scandal, bankruptcy or defamation/ court case/ jail

7) Saturn is worst in 1, 4, 8 and 12 (except in exaltation, own signs)

8 ) Saturn gives mischievous results (both good and bad) in mercury signs of gemini and virgo

9) Best placements are 3,6 and 11 of course as upachyaas…in 10th can be tricky…can give a delay in career…if afflicted can destroy career and image…if exalted/ own house and well aspected can lift a person to dizzy heights even if functional malefic…example Leo rising…saturn is malefic owning 6 and 7…but if saturn is placed in 10th house of taurus (friendly sign) with venus and jupiter, it can give tremendous rise in professional life especially banking industry in this particular example

10) 9th placement is good if in a good sign and aspected by Jupiter or conjunct Jupiter and/ or Venus or Mercury

11) Saturn when at exact ascendant degree will give life long chronic health issues…severe if Saturn is in inimical camp and mild if own house/ exalted/ friendly sign

12) Even though sadhe satti is stressful to all (especially when Saturn is plus or minus 5 degrees from moon)…see what houses Saturn owns from moon and lagna…these houses will be activated during sadhe satti….so example for Taurus…9th and 10th will be activated…meaning job changes/ higher education and or travel related changes…but not without Hard work and initial struggle and effort

13) When Saturn is retro and sun almost exact 180 degrees opposite of Saturn, Saturn typically gives good results in its MD

14) However if Saturn – sun exact opposition is in the 1-7 axis, marriage is almost certainly denied or extremely delayed (>42 yrs of age)

15) Saturn feels agitated in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo & Scorpio and tends to give more delay and struggle in these signs

16) Saturn conjunct Ketu (especially same nakshatra) is highly negative for career of a person and unless aspected by a strong Jupiter or Venus, such a combination will bring tremendous hardships in the career of an individual. If Mars joins the mix, career will be a drag completely and the person has to toil a lot for minor returns and has a challenging environment at work at all times.

17) If both lagna & Moon sign are in Venusian signs of Taurus or Libra, Saturn achieves a high order benefic status and will usually give rise in its dashas, albeit after some initial setbacks/ delays and hard work

18) Saturn conjunct Sun is not very bad unless within 8 degrees (causing combustion). Typically such people take duty seriously and have a disciplined nature. Saturn is highly negative when closely conjunct with Mars, Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope.

19) Saturn close conjunct with Moon is not good and will tend to give depression and loneliness to the person at most times. Such people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, so to speak and are usually seen with a serious expression almost always. However when both planets are strong (Moon and Saturn) and if both are related to the 4th house along with an aspect of Jupiter, the person can be a darling of the masses and achieve mass fame. (4th house related to the masses and popularity and Saturn is Karaka for the masses. Moon is the Karaka for fame and image of a person)

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  1. Varun says:

    Hello Vivek – Thanks for the article it is indeed a good read. I have one question – What happens if Saturn and Jupiter occupy Virgo the 4th house for a Gemini native?


  2. VS says:

    Hi Varun

    thanks for the comment. As for your question, keep in mind that astrology can not be applied piecemeal. Only placements of 1 or 2 planets, that too just in D1 can only lead to very few conclusions.

    that said, generically Saturn being the lord of 8th and 9th for Gemini is a mixed planet which will tend to do good more than bad as its Mooltrikona owns the 9th house & it also considers the lagna lord as its friend. 4th being a Kendra, Saturn will tend to be strong here, in a friendly sign too and with Jupiter aspect, it gets ‘mollified’ even moreso. If other combinations are present, such a combination can give fame as well. A strict mother might be the outcome and if fortified, the native can own property and land

    on the negative side, it can give a tendency to sadness/ depression being the house of emotions, especially if moon is also affected by Saturn


  3. yobrevol says:

    what do you think are results of sani MD for sani+ rahu combo in gemini lagna, with mars in 12th house, jup+ mer in 2nd house, moon in 4th and sun + venus in lagna…

    • VS says:

      It will depend on atleast 30-5o other factors like other planets, nakshatras, divisionals, shadbalas, avasthas, dasas, trasnsits etc.

      Unfortunately I dont do personal readings anymore. If I start that again, I will let you know. Please refer to the “If you are looking for a reading article on this blog..”

  4. S. Sridas says:

    Dear Vivek,

    Very Good article. I am Aquarius Ascendant and Makara Rasi…with my saturn in 6th house cancer. Will saturn dasha be beneficial for me. my dob is 27/11/1976, TOB is 11:55 a.m., POB is Chennai.

    • raman says:

      sir i have satrun in aquarius rasi satrun mahadasa started from is sade sati commenced from jan 2017
      dob 11/11/1964.time 01.30 vijayawasa

      • VS says:

        I dont do personal readings. For saadhe satti, overall effect of saturn in a horoscope has to be seen. Individuals with a strong and well placed saturn will not suffer much due to saadhe satti.
        Likewise individuals with moon in a venusian or saturn sign will suffer very less due to saadhe satti itself. Also the transits of antardasha lords as well as jupiter and rahu/ ketu have to be seen together with saturn transit. No one point, including saadhe satti, dictates the net outcome

  5. Vikas says:

    You said 6th dasa. If 6th dasa is of Saturn and coming after 50. what will be the results.

    Assume sat is lagna lord placed in kedra and in own nak

    If sat is the lord does it protect the house it aspects

    • VS says:

      Vikas- Results will vary as per the complete reading of any horoscope
      However as a general observation, saturn tends to show strong and positive results when it is the 6th dasha. This has been noted by various researchers/ commentators of the art.

      If saturn is lagna lord, it becomes a functional benefic. If placed in good dignity/ aspects, it will tend to give very good results in its dasha

      • Naren says:

        Good Day,
        My Rasi is Makara –
        My rasi lord is Saturn, Exalted in Libra and I am passing in Saturn Maha Dasa. Can I from suffer Sade Sathi ? Thank you

        • VS says:

          “suffering” is a relative and subjective word. Suffering for one might be a great time for another depending on how you perceive life. When the person has venus or saturn as rashi lords, saturn is a karaka and if well placed in the horoscope will hardly give suffering in its dasas or sadhe satti/ dhaiyas

  6. Jok says:

    Hi Vivek

    My ascendant is Gemini which makes Saturn a functional benefic, and it is conjunct moon within 4 degrees in Capricorn 8th house. If saturn is benefic, does it give a different effect as if a malefic Saturn is conjunct moon?

    • VS says:

      Hi Jok

      Even though, i dont do personal readings, I can answer generically to a generic question here for the interest of others as well.

      Saturn is functionally mixed (slightly benefic) for Gemini ascendant as it owns one trikona (9th) and one dusthana (8th). Yet since it considers mercury as a friend, it will be benefic

      Even though saturn in 8th in own house increases longevity, in the given situation, there might be ill health/ threat to life/ sickness during the first few yrs of life/ childhood for the native as moon in 8th is weak especially afflicted with saturn.

      Moon here being 2nd lord in 8th with saturn will bring about debt issues in life sometimes when the person might have to take significant debt. On the other hand, some old female relative like grandmother or even mother can leave a lot of inheritance for the native in terms of property.

  7. Raj says:

    Thanks for the informative article.
    I have Saturn combined with Moon in the 2nd house (libra sign) and both are about 6 degrees apart. Hence I could relate to point no.19, quite well. Since childhood, I have had terrible phases of depression and serious self esteem issues and they have gotten worse in Saturn’s mahadasha and Sade-Sati which I’m currently going through. All this has turned me to spirituality which I’m hoping will help me sail through…

  8. Varun says:

    Dear Vivek,

    Thank you very much for your detailed and informative blog posts; I really enjoy reading them. Could you kindly consider doing a separate post on Vipareeta Raj Yoga and its types, if possible? I’d love to learn about your thoughts on this subject.


    • VS says:

      Sure, will do an article on Vipreet Raj yoga soon as I was thinking about that anyways

      thanks for the good words

  9. Rajni says:

    Is is true that 12th from Saturn becomes the argala for the chart.

    If suppose Sat in 10th house, does it mean it blocks everything related to 9th house things – luck/ destiny/ higher education/ foreign travel/wealth etc.

    the house where sat occupies, does it harm that house or its aspects are more malefic.

    • VS says:

      No there is no such thing of saturn blocking life related to the 12th house from its position

      Argala and virodh argala are advanced concepts which you have to first master. I will do an article on them later. Argala = Internvention

      TYpically the aspects of saturn are considered more malefic than the placement itself. that is true. But ofcourse purely just saturn aspect is not enough to build or destroy a house, other planets, yogas and aspects have to be taken into account before giving any judgement

  10. George Saladin says:

    I know of a Saturn Yogakaraka native, Saturn placed in 11th (Pisces) aspected by Jupiter, Vargottama, Retrograde, but roughly conjunct with Rahu in Pisces (Saturn being ahead of Rahu by 13 odd degrees).

    All Astrologers have said Saturn dasa is Very Good, being Yogakaraka and all that, but experience shows otherwise; now going through whats probably worst time in his life, professionally- lost his job, facing litigation, dues, debts what not.

    Yes Saturn is the 4th dasa, and conjunct Rahu, and being placed in a Jupiterian sign- all these give bad results, according to your list of pointers.

    My question: Doesn’t being Yogakaraka compounded by it being Vargottama, and in 11th, contribute to any over-riding positivity?

    I found this intriguing.

    • VS says:

      George – Studying saturn alone isnt sufficient. Horoscope has to be studied from at least 4 ascendants – lagna, arudha lagna, moon sign and sun sign. plus all aspects (even partial ones) on saturn are important to be seen.

      In this case, since you say saturn is virgottam, it means its in the very end of pisces (last 3.3 degrees) which means its going into 12th house and towards its sign of debilitation. It is also rashi sandhi in a gandanta nakshatra
      saturn with rahu is usually rarely good and is called ‘Shraapit’ yoga or cursed yoga. Saturn also rules 9th in this case which is considered a ‘badhaka’ sthaan for taurus or sign that creates obstacles. saturn is karaka of obstacles.

      Anyways you should get the drift of my statements – mere placement of one planet is just one part of dozens of things to be considered

  11. s roychowdhury says:

    My Saturn is posited in fourth , mesha rashi , with mercury and sun . being makara lagna and rashi , Jupiter is in tenth in tula , and venus and mars are in vrisava . DOB is 28.4.1970 . Saturn is debilitated as well as retrogated , while mercury and Jupiter are also retrogated . how will be my Saturn mahadasha which is appearing in near future .

    • VS says:

      There can be problems related to the head/ brain as well as knees for such a person. frequent headaches can be common as well as asthma/ lung issues.

      the individual will be pleasure loving and will be motivated for making wealth as well as material pleasures and comforts. they can be creative and do well in fields like music/ singing/ show business etc as well as in banking.
      might be a tendency to cheat to get what they want and can be aggresive in speaking out or lashing out on others if not careful

  12. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – I have been trying to analyze my current dasha(Saturn/Venus) from career standpoint. I am Gemini lagna and Rashi. Here are some of the points that could possibly help me draw a conclusion:
    Natal Chart(Both Lagna and rashi):
    1. Saturn(MD lord)
    1.1. is in 4th house (-ve)
    1.2. is in Virgo (+ve)
    1.3. along with Jupiter. (+ve)(for Saturn) (-ve)(for Jupiter 10th Lord)?
    1.4. In kendra house (+ve)
    1.5. 8th from Mooltrikona (-ve)
    1.6. Treats Lagna and Rashi lord as friend (+ve)
    2. Venus(AD lord)
    1.1. is in 6th house(MKS) (-ve)(for Venus Karktawa’s) (+ve)(for 6th house affairs – Job)
    1.2. is in Scorpio (neutral)
    1.3. has aspect from MD Lord a friend (+ve)
    1.4. Treats Lagna and Rashi lord as a friend (+ve)
    1. Saturn in transiting natal Venus in 6th Scorpio – Probably (+ve)
    2. Jupiter is in Leo and receives a 10th aspect from Saturn (-ve)

    So I believe the no of positives outnumber the no. of negatives. Could you please suggest if this reasoning makes sense or help me draw some conclusion?


    • VS says:

      Hi Varun

      As you know I will not do individual readings but the points that you have mentioned are all thinking in the right direction.

      also think in terms of domain. not just bhaav. So for example gemini ascendant. 12th house is ruled by venus. venus MK is libra or 5th house and venus is a very good friend of mercury. So 12th bhaav is actually a good domain though it will retain the significations of the 12th house also. On the other hand cancer ascendant. Mercury rules 12th and the 3rd with MK in 3rd which is an evil house (3,6,11 are evil in nature). Mercury hates moon the ascendant lord. So here 12th is a negative domain

      again only way to know all this intuitively – google rodden ratings and see 1000s of horoscopes which are AA rated. Analyze 2 to 5 everyday consistently.

  13. Varun says:

    Sorry but how has cancer ascendant come into the discussion? I am Gemini lagna and Rashi.

    • VS says:

      i was trying to give some pointers to reading a chart in general if you read the writeup again (not your or any particular horoscope). thanks

  14. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – I was re-searching vargottama planets and found the following:

    “For Dwishbhaava raashi the count starts from the fifth from it and the last or the ninth Navaamsha is the Vargottama Raashi. This is the end and hence said to represent Shiva. A Graha getting Vargottama in Dwishbhaava Raashi is said to be blessed by Shiva. ”

    Have you found the above dictum true as per your experience? If I apply the above on my natal chart I see that I am a ” Dwishbhaava raashi ” (Gemini) and the last from the 5th (Libra) is 4th(Virgo) and both Saturn and Jupiter are placed in Virgo in my natal chart. In Navaamsha Jupiter is placed in 10th house(Virgo) and is Vargottama I think.
    Do you agree with this analysis ? Also what are the generic effects of this placement in terms of career.


    • VS says:

      Varun I am aware of the concept. However please keep in mind that these concepts will not give results independently. The basic 10000 feet analysis of placement of planets, yogas in a chart and their strengths will dictate the main results in addition to desh, kaal and paristhiti of the individual. A rahul gandhi born with an average horoscope doesnt mean he will live in poverty! so dont forget the desh, kaal and paristhiti in addition to the overall strength of a horoscope

      these finer rules like the one you have mentioned comes into picture at a much deeper level. I have seen one too many astrologers get caught in such rules early on…and they usually find frustration when such rules dont work verbatim and seem to be off overall

  15. A says:

    Hello Vivek ji,

    i recently had a change of mahadasha ..

    but i started experiencing the effects of it atleast 2-3 months before than what lahiri suggests as starting period

    this happened once before as well with an antardasha ..

    is it because of ayanamsha ? KP seems more fitting timing wise .. should i consider planetary positions based on KP ayanamsa ? as my major planet is shifting position in navamsa if i choose KP or should i stick to lahiri ?


    • VS says:

      Effects of Maha dasa will start being felt months before the actual dasa begins. the Longer the new incoming dasa, the earlier its effects will start being felt. Most events in life take time to build up in the background and are not precipitated all of a sudden anyways. the last part of any dasa is called Chidra dasa and this part always has some overlapping results of the impending incoming dasa as well.

  16. Vishu says:

    Hello Vivek,

    Greate Article.

    Well initial points suggest that Saturn in (leo/aries/saggi) is stressfull and in house 1,4,8,12. And when i see my chart my saturn is in Leo in 8th house. So from the start of mahadasha of saturn for me which was in April 2009 (i was 31) that time i could see lot of changes in my life namely from more responsibility and stress in personal relationship but post my turning 37 things have mellowed down. I wouldnt say Saturn had been very bad for and financially(saturn lord of 2nd house) its has become better. One of the point you mentioned was Saturn retrograde with Sun in Opposition gives good result which is in my chart hence that would be the reason for not that stressfull result. Actually Sun and venus both in 2nd are exactly 180 to Saturn in Leo in 8th.

    Throw some more knowledge.


  17. Achyuth Kumar says:

    Namasthe Vivekji,

    In several horoscopes as I had seen Saturn control the fate/fortune as a real task master in making the individual to recover / suffer from the wrong doings committed during functional/real benefics period.

    In few cases , I have seen – he bestows the individuals with good opportunities and prosperity even though he may be functional malefic from ascendant(Cancer and Leo). May be because of Saturn becomes the functional benefic from rashi as in the case of Taurus and Libra Rashi and also the dasa being the 2nd/4th/6th one.

    You can analyse these types of scenarios too in the interest of all of us.


    A Kumar

    • VS says:

      research is not an IP of only me Achyuth. Here is what you should do. Go back to the horoscopes and observe if in the cases you observed, saturn was conjunct or aspected by Jupiter or Venus and/ or a strong mercury?
      SAturn is happiest in signs of venus and then its own signs. 2nd leve is mercury signs and jupiterian signs

      Make observations and report back. Then it becomes a good discussion 🙂

  18. g says:

    Hello Vivek sir ,

    Sir in 1 of your posts in lova you mentioned about this great astrologer who predicted your left eye problem.. you also mentioned that he has written a book on saturn .. can you please tell the name of the book ? is it good for astrological knowledge ?

    is it possible to get a reading from him online ?


  19. Sandy Jay says:

    Hello Mr. Vivek,

    Thank you for the article. It is very informative. I would like to ask few things.

    1. What is your opinion on the impacts of Saturn placed in upachaya house, specially in 6th house, but in an enemy sign like Scorpio in Lagna chart, specifically during Mahadasha?
    2. Is it fair enough to consider only the Lagna chart when predicting about mahadasha?
    3. Shouldn’t we consider the placements of Saturn in divisional charts, specifically navansham and D10?
    4. What if a native has Saturn in an enemy or weak sign in Lagna chart but in friendly or exalted sign in divisional charts. Or vice versa, exalted Saturn in Lagna chart but Saturn in weak or enemy sign in divisional charts. How do these two situations affect the native during Mahadasha?

    • VS says:

      1. Effect will be good only after early setbacks and health issues. Person might have multiple health problems and need for medication and surgery if a Martian sign. Depends on other aspects on saturn
      2. Lagna will have more effect but Moon and arudha lagna can not be neglected
      3. Not just saturn, you have to look at divisionals and other strengths for all planets.Please read my articles on Vimsopaka bala etc
      4. Most important effect will always be D1 or rasi chart. strength in divisionals helps but can not completely over ride the weakness of any planet in the main chart


  20. UMA says:

    In continuation with above post,I was born in mahadasha of sun and saturn as 6th mahadasha should be good as you previously commented in your article.

  21. vidya says:

    Hi Vivekji
    Saturn as the 4th mahadasha means for Mars mahadasha born people. By the time Saturn MD comes they could be more than 36(Saturn maturity age). So Saturn after maturity is also always bad for Mars MD born people?

    • VS says:

      Hi Vidya

      Not always. however there will be a tendency for it to happen. All depends on the placement, ownership, aspects and strength of saturn

  22. Srinivas says:

    Dear Shri Vivek,

    I am 40 years old, born in Mithuna Rasi and Mithuna Lagna and have Saturn in Gemini. My present Dasa is Sani Dasa which started in 2010.
    I am jobless since Nov 2015. Everything in my life right from my college days gets hugely delayed and comes after a very bitter stressful experience. Can you kindly suggest some remedies ?

    • VS says:

      Hi Srinivas

      unfortunately as a rule, I dont do personal readings anymore as I get more than 100 requests everyday and I have a full time job in banking. I do astrology only as a hobby and to teach others (free of charge)

      As a generic observation, if your venus and mercury are placed well, you will succeed in life, not to worry. Saturn typically gives success only after late 30s and after some trials and tribulations. So hang in there!

  23. Helena Karlsson says:

    This is the best explanation of Shani dasa I’ve ever read. Thank you, sir!

  24. sambit says:

    Saturn is the significator of 8th house so why does it give negative results in 8th h0use?

    • VS says:

      sambit- it does give strong results related to the 8th house signification of longevity, if it is well placed in terms of sign and aspects
      if weak or afflicted, it can reduce longevity as well as give long term chronic sickness like Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, cancers, HIV etc

      • sambit says:

        Apart from longevity since saturn is significator of occult and mysticism and 8th house is also significator of the of the same does this mean a person can be mystic or occultist and can such placement be expected in the chart of an astrologer or spiritual person?

  25. anamika says:

    for taurus lagna, do you consider Jup to malefic if it sitting in lagna and there is mutual aspect between Jup and Ve in 1-7 axis

    also many pandits and gurus on subject create fear of planets in 8th house

    if Sun+Sat and Me are in 8th house Saggitarius. and mer in nak of Venus what does it indicate in general for both above questions

    • VS says:

      results will vary as per exact horoscope, divisional charts, strengths and dasas/ transits
      in general for taurus, benefics in 8th house can give wealth and inheritance but ill health as well as sudden accidents/ negative events as well

  26. Manoj says:

    Hello Vivekji ,

    I would say , a fantastic article for newcomers to astrology like me . I was also interested because I am just studying a horoscope with Saturn(retrograde) mahadasha (Aquiaris ascendant) in second house ,with Venus antardasha (yogakaraka) in Leo conjunct with Sun . The native has a rough ride in career , though I would have thought otherwise due to dasha/antardasha of two yogakaraka planets .The mahadasha of Saturn is 4th (could that be the reason ?) Of course I did not go to transit,ashtavarga etc. because if the main parameters which I thought could not bestow at least a fair time , is there a need to look at transit .
    Eagerly await your guidance ,

    Kind regards, Manoj

    • VS says:

      Hi Manoj

      Transit is always important to see, especially of the Dasha planets. A very important consideration in judging a dasa is the planets conjuncting and aspecting the dasha lord. If the 6th, 8th or 12th lords aspect or conjunct the dasha lord, malefic effects will ensue in the dasa, even if the dusthana lords as benefic by general nature like Venus

  27. Niranjan says:

    Hello Vivekji,

    A very informative article validating my thoughts.
    Thank you
    I would like to add a few pointers, this time on the nakshatras and aspects

    Saturn if posited in its own nakshatras (for example in Anuradha) tends to preserve the house it is posited, more so if it’s in a kendra or a trikona, also malefics lose their maleficence in a kendra (and trikona)

    Also, it won’t harm the houses it owns or aspects (drishti), more so, if it happens to be that of a friend

    For example, let’s say for Leo rising and saturn in 4th (scorpio anuradha nakshatra), Saturn owns 6th (capricorn) and 7th (aquarius), the karaka for 6th house is Saturn himself and for that of 7th it’s venus (friend), again by being in 4th it has 3rd aspect on 6th house (own), 6th aspect on 10th (taurus – friend’s), 7th aspect on 11th (gemini – friends), so it becomes a benefic in this case

    More so, if Jupiter is in 12th (exalted) and 5th aspect on Saturn, in this case, Saturn will make the person, inspirational for the masses and possibly a spiritual leader

    If say venus is exalted in 8th (pisces), then there is a trine (saturn in 9th from Venus, venus in 5th from saturn) happening between saturn and venus, both help each other (planets in trine support each other, more so if one of them is a natural benefic)

    If such a saturn is exalted / mooltrikona / own house in navamsa, it only adds to the above points

    Vivekji, your thoughts on the aspects (drishti) of saturn ?

    Best regards

  28. Sunil Sharma says:

    Dear VS,

    I am going through Saturn MD since Sept 2012. My lagna is Cancer and Saturn is placed in 6th house in the sign of Sag. I am running my 58th year born in 1959 in Sun MD. So Sat MD is 6th in Dasha sequence… so far I have only suffered tremendous limitations and restriction on every aspect of my life… personal, professional, financial etc. Can I hope for relief and improvement??

    Your response will be greatly appreciated!

    • VS says:

      hi Sunil,

      I do not do personal readings here as I get 100+ emails daily to do so and I do this for no monetary gain in my spare time which is just an hour or 2 in a week.

      As for your scenario, you have to see the placement and dignity of Jupiter (as the depositor of Saturn) as well as the the other aspects on Saturn. if only malefics like rahu/ ketu or sun conjunct or aspect Saturn, then negative results will follow as Saturn is affecting 3, 6, 8 and 12 houses by placement and aspect. Also Saturn is a maraka and a heavy negative planet for cancer rising people. even mercury conjunction or aspect will be negative as mercury is a functional malefic for cancer ascendant

      overall strength of yogas in the horoscope is the most important. a stand alone dasa sequence will not dictate the entire results

  29. Tanya says:

    Hello! Great article by the way.
    Is Saturn in 12th house in Gemini as destructive?
    Also my Jupiter is in cancer and in 1st house, and Venus in 4th house Libra, can it block any negative effects?

    • VS says:

      Hi Tanya,

      For cancer, saturn in 12th is not bad as its the 8th lord in the 12th house giving Vipreet Rajyoga or negative x negative = positive
      exalted planets in a kendra or planets in own house in a kendra is always helpful and a horoscope has to be seen in totality for results

  30. Ravi says:

    Respected sir,
    In this article you have mentioned when sun exactly opposite to saturn brings good results In the mahadasha but I have Saturn in fourth house in virgo (gemini lagna)sun in pisces obviously retrograde, I’m a mrigasira nakshatra so its fourth dasa of Saturn for me seems not good in one aspect at the same time it is exactly opposite to sun how the predictions would be please through some light, on every persons chart the Saturn matures at the age of 36 it Is co-incidentally happening to me so how the dasa would be.

    • VS says:

      other aspects on Saturn as well as its dignity in terms of divisionals is the most important to decipher the net results. Mercury as the depositor’s position and dignity is also vital

  31. gacc says:

    I have Libra ascendant and my Yogakaraka Saturn’s maha dasha is going to start from Mid-May 2017. I have Capricorn Moon and my Sade sati is already started on 26th Jan. My Saturn is retro placed in 10th House and aspects Moon in 4th house. I have lost my Job in Feb 2017. Is this Job loss because of Sade sati or Dasha Chidra effects?

  32. Mukund Palshikar says:

    Hi Vivek,

    It is really a beautiful and informative article.

    Please let me ask a question: What if retrograde Saturn is placed in 9th house for Gemini Ascendent? Will he survive in his Saturn Mahadash?


  33. Krishnan says:

    Hi Vs Sir,

    Article is awesome . Can you tell me how will be my shani dhasha which starts this may 26 2017 which is in 6th position. My DOB is 26th Jan 1983, TIme 2 25 PM, chennai born

    thanks in advance

  34. Digamber Purohit says:

    Sir, what is worse – Saturn in 8 house, with aspect on 10th house causign problems, delays, obstructions to career OR Saturn in 10 house itself, as per your point 9 above? I am referring to both point 7 and 9, where you mention Saturn placed in 1, 4, 8 or 10 is worst, but you also mention 10 can be bad. Please clarify if 8th house placement is worse than 10th house placement. Now, what if this Saturn it retro then? Are results reversed?? I don’t know much. Sir, for argument sake, let us assume that ascendants are Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter only, since these being enemies of Saturn he creates the maximum problems for such natives. Omit from discussion: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn, these being friends of Saturn overall results will be OK even if in bad houses like 6, 8, 12. Thank you sir, look forward to your reply. And please note, my query is for career issues only. Saturn is a main cause of giving and getting work, delay in getting work, problems at workplace, earning from work etc.

    • VS says:


      these are meant to be just generic rules. Can not be applied blindly. If saturn is exalted or own house in 10th house it will give excellent results, especially if well aspected.
      Its overall dignity, aspects and strength is vital including its functional nature in the chart. Typically saturn in 8th house affects longevity. If strong, it gives a long life. If weak, chronic sickness and agony as well as financial issues

  35. veena says:

    My Saturn is debilitated in Aries. I have a libra ascendant and my natal moon is Taurus. How will my Saturn MD be? According to your article Saturn is benefic for Libra and Taurus.

    • VS says:

      Hi Veena

      Impossible to say without more data. Unfortunately I do not provide individual readings at this stage.
      Overall yes saturn is a double yoga karaka for you (lagna and moon) it could be getting partially neecha bhang being in a kendra. look at its overall dignity and other aspects and yogas it is involved in to have the final reading on it

  36. ken says:

    Very informative site. What’s the general indication if Saturn is in Aquarius for Scorpio Lagna during the dasha of Saturn?


    • VS says:

      you have to look at all the planets and combinations (yogas) as well as the strengths
      Generally Saturn in 4th in own house is good for acquisition of property. It can make the person famous, especially if moon is sitting or aspecting the 4th house as well. on the flip side, heart and lung issues irk the health of the individual, especially if mars is weak in the chart

  37. Saikumar adidam says:

    Hello ,
    Very good information, can you tell something about Saturn in conjunction with moon in its own sign Capricorn which is the 7th house for the cancer ascendant . Especially about Sade sathi period .

  38. Awtar Singh says:

    I am going through Saturn Maharashtra and it’s 6th MD started in sep2016. I have Libra Ascendant and Saturn placed in Aquarius at0° placed with Venus. How my Saturn MD will be?

    • VS says:

      as per the given information only (not looking at all other planets and dignities etc), the dasa will be good

  39. Saikumar adidam says:

    Dear VS ,

    Very good information, can you please explain something about Saturn in conjunction with moon(holds lower degree ) in its own sign Capricorn which is the 7th house for the cancer ascendant,where exalted Jupiter is in cancer(1),Sun in Aries(10) ,Rahul in Sagittarius(6) and Venus ,Mars and ketu in Gemini (12).
    Thanks &regards ,

    • VS says:

      hi not doing personal readings. but in the given information, Saturn will give 2 marriages in life. the 2nd spouse will be emotional. a managerial/ authoritative job requiring frequent travel is likely

      • Sundar says:

        A small explanation if you can..?
        Also, if the asc and Moon is cancer; Jupiter, Mars in 1st, with Saturn in Capricorn..


        • VS says:

          this is a great combination for a well liked and balanced personality
          can make the person very famous in life, or their career can be in an area where a lot of people dealing/ public exposure happens

          • Sundar says:

            Sorry VS, misdirected question from me; I was asking in terms of the 2nd there a difference and why? In Sri. Saikumar adidam’s question Moon is in saturn for Canc asc, in my question moon is in Lagna itself ..
            Thanks again..

          • VS says:

            in what you asked, only Saturn was in 7th bhaav. In the other case 2 full bodied planets (not rahu-ketu) were in 7th bhaav. in the 2nd case, due to Saturn – moon conjunction the chances of 2nd marriage are high. in the first case, unless venus affects Saturn, by itself 2nd marriage is not seen

            but u have keep in mind that the horo has to be seen holistically…all planets, strengths, divisionals etc to give a full prediction and not just a few planets here or there..

      • Awtar Singh says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply

  40. grv says:

    What effects if saturn of saggitrus only aspecting 7th house from lagn on marriage ,7th house is empty and only saturn is aspecting,

    • VS says:

      usually would mean a marriage delay, but depends on multitude of factors like other planets, dignity of all planets, especially mercury as the owner of 7th. divisional charts, yogas, dasas etc

      • Gaurav says:

        Hi and thanx for wrinting such a good
        Artical . I want to know how my Saturn dasha will be
        27 July 1983 12.30 pm Delhi
        Libra acendent Saturn in 1 st
        Life is full of trouble from the age 14 onwards

        • VS says:

          Hi Garurav,

          Thanks for the nice words
          Unfortunately I am not doing personal readings right now. Just teaching the rules to astrology aspirants is the main goal here

  41. grv says:

    How would be mars of pices in 4th house alone for property,mother and happiness while only sun(virgo) is aspecting from 10th, m asking because it is lord of both 12th(bad) house and 5th(good) house?

    • VS says:

      mars is good for saggi ascendant. However in the 4th house it has no direction and can give anger in the heart of the individual. the location and dignity of jupiter as well as karaka moon for mother will dictate the actual results for mother
      sun- mars aspect is very good for saggi ascendant in the kendras or konas

      • Sundar says:

        “However in the 4th house it has no direction and can give anger in the heart of the individual”…
        Perfect !!!

      • Sundar says:

        VS, if the shadbal and Vimsoka are good, how much does direction matter? I see you emphasize this aspect in a few posts, hence asking. How does lack of direction detract from a strong planet?

        • VS says:

          directional strength is always important and quicker to judge without looking at too many details
          shadbala, vimsopaka, conjunctions, aspects, divisional placements, all are important. One learns over time to give proper weightage to them via experience, cant put a % importance of numbers to them

  42. Amit says:

    Hi VS,

    I have already asked one questions couple of months ago however have not got any response, I realize that you do not give any personal readings but just wanted to get your overview about my horoscope.

    I am Cancer ASC born with planets placed as below

    2 house (leo) – Ketu
    4th house (Libra) – Moon
    6th house (Saggit) – Saturn (retrograde)
    8th house (Aquarius ) – Mars & Rahu
    10th house (Aries) – Jupiter
    11th house (Taurus) – Sun
    12th house (Gemini) – Mercury & Venus (retro)

    VS, please let me know how my married life and wife would be ? Please let me know what can I expect from my Shani mahadasha?

    Thank you so much, expecting your reply.


    • VS says:

      Hi Amit

      as you understand, I don’t do personal readings for now.
      for your ascendant, marriage can always be a bit of an issue. as shani rules 7th and 8th both. if it sits in 6th bhaav, the 7th lord has gone into its loss position also the 7th bhaav is paap kartaari or surrounded by malefics on both sides which will create issues. a retro venus in 12th isn’t very bad but as karak, it will be still average

      hence overall, its going to be hard work to get marriage and then make marriage work in this horo

      • Amit says:

        Thanks a lot for replying VS, greatly appreciate it .

        1) My 7th lord shani is aspected by Jupiter, Mercury & Venus, doesn’t it help in making the saturn a bit on positive side as saturn is receiving aspects from guru & shukra who are natural benefics?

        2) Can you give me an overview on how my shani mahadasha would be? As 8th lord in 6th house, due to viparita rajayoga, can i expect a decent saturn dasha? any remedies?

        Kindly give me an overview of the 2 questions, have been contacting you since months to get answers for the above 2 questions?

        Thanks in advance,

        • VS says:

          Sorry, don’t answer personal queries. Already gave some generic pointers to you

        • Karthik says:

          Hi VS,

          Can you please in general let me know how Saturn MD would be with Saturn in 6th house (Dhanu rashi) aspected by Guru, Bhudha, Ketu & Shukra.


          • VS says:

            good for job and material benefit

            bad for health, skin and liver/ digestion issues possible
            not good for married life also

  43. grv says:

    Why most of the people of libra ascandent having saturn in 1st house face struggles,why saturn not gives him best result n makes strong ? Should we consider planets effect more naturally than functionally? (other planets position is different matter but saturn in 1st house of libra should overcome most of drawbackes n make person strong.

    • VS says:

      Hi, no you can not generalize that. Saturn in ascendant has no direction (it has full direction in the 7th house)
      however an exalted functional benefic in the lagna will cause yoga. For best results, venus should join Saturn in the lagna and Saturn should not be combust or rashi sandhi or debilitated in navamsa for best results

      aspect or combination of such a Saturn with venus and mercury will yield best results. ideally should not be aspected or joined by mars or sun

      best period of life can come after age 36 (when Saturn matures)

      • VS says:

        Good vs. bad are relative terminologies.
        Venus exalted in Pisces ascendant for example does give an attractive body/ face and luxuries to indulge in. can make a person very creative and easy going as well. however being a functional malefic and 8th lord in lagna can give STDs and long term sickness and damage due to females in general. there can be lose morals and suffering due to that in life. a person can also be addicted to alcohol or recreation in one way or another and this will create a problem

        so at the end of the day, good or bad is all relative

  44. Srinivas says:

    Hi Vivek,

    I am 42 and running Shani Mahadasa which started in Aug 2010. My ASC is Gemini and Saturn is in Lagna. I am unemployed since Nov 2015. I have sent countless applications to several IT companies. Any chance of getting a job at least in Venus AD which starts in June ?

    • VS says:


      UNfortunately the entire horosocpe has to be seen and not just a few planets. I am unable to give personal readings right now. Wish you the best!

  45. Veerendra says:

    Hi VS,

    I have a generic question, hope to answer in clarity.

    Does Saturn in Upachaya (6th) house aspected by benefics (Jupiter, Venus) yields Good Saturn dasha? I am asking in general irrespective of Lagna as for few Lagna’s Saturn is malefic, so in this case does Saturn mahadasha gives goods results assuming Shani is also well placed in D9 & D10.

    I know you do not give personal readings, but this is general question that I have been trying to get a clear cut answer.

    Hope to get positive response.


    • VS says:

      Hi typically what you say is not false. However 6th sign is a dusthana and 6th karakatva or disease, pain/ agony, surgeries/ injuries, loss of relationship, debts etc all sit with saturn. hence when saturn is here, he can give all these results strongly in its dasa. if the saturn is weak or debilitated or combust. In any inmical sign, then it will surely play out many of the above issues in life in its dasas. If along with this the 6th lord is also weak with lagna lord being weak too, then life threatning disease and problems can arise

      • Veeru says:

        Thanks a lot VS but one more clarification, Can Jupiter and Venus aspect on Saturn help ? I want to know about this though its not a personal readings…

        • VS says:

          generally, Jupiter and venus being natural benefics, their aspect on Saturn is always desired and makes Saturn calmer and happier which is good. However also important to note what the functional nature of Jupiter or venus is in the chart, that will also reflect into their aspect

          also the strength of the aspecting venus and/ or Jupiter is important. a very weak planets aspect doesn’t do much good. the strength of aspect is vital as well. should be close <8 degrees for real effect

  46. Navarat says:

    Dear Sir,

    Loved all your articles. But would really appreciate it if you could write one on Stelliums. I have Saturn, Rahu, Mars & Guru all together in the 4th house (Taurus Lagna & Rashi)… Almost all astrologers i have seen think this bundle of four strong planets in one house is highly malefic. I have been hearing this all my life, now however somebody i met told me that Stelliums are not necessarily malefic, in fact they possess lot of power if rightly channelised. Would love to hear your opinion on Stelliums.

    Thanking you

    • VS says:

      they are not always bad. the bhav they are placed in, the bhaavs they represent as well as the bhaav depositor’s strength and placement is vital
      in the above case look at suns placement and dignity. if it is strong and well placed, the above placement will give rise in career. It will however give an egoistic person who is also very headstrong and has anger in their heart

      health problems to mother and father are possible in this placement

      • Navarat says:

        Thank you for the reply. What could be done in terms of Upaaya/remedial measures for this placement? The Sun is in Aries in the twelfth house, so does this make the Sun exalted, but 12th house weakens it?

        • VS says:

          sun in Aries in 12th is not weak per se. Unless heavily aspected by Rahu/ ketu or Saturn
          In 12th house, it signifies the destruction of ego, which is not a bad thing by itself. But unless other good yogas and planets help, this might lead to a low self esteem and/ or confidence. the person can in reality be egoistic but will control/ suppress it in real life…external people will think that he/ she is not egoistic at all, but the person himself is struggling in coping up with their own ego or in other words a struggle in selflessness vs. selfishness

          • meena says:

            I know a tauras lagna native with sun in 12th with mercury and native is egotistical.

          • VS says:

            yes very possible. You have to check the degrees of sun, mercury and lagna. Sun is very powerful here and mercury being the lord speech and intelligence is in a brash sign with a hot headed sun. Further check the aspects on venus the lagna lord and taurus rashi itself in D1 and D9
            all this will dictate the personality, not just sun in 12th rashi

  47. Digamber Purohit says:

    Hello Sir, does Saturn Mahadasha depend on its friendship with Ascendant more than anything else? It seems that is what is to be inferred from your answers to queries.

    For Karka lagna (cancer), Saturn is malefic as it rules 7 and 8 house. Saturn MD started at age 44, so it is past the maturity age of 36. What results can one expect? In fact for this lady, Saturn is in house 9 of Bhaagya, with Bhaagya lord Jupiter exalted in Lagna! And on top of that, lagna lord Moon is Moolatrikona in 11th house, whose lord Venus is in house 2 Dhana house along with its lord Sun. With so many good position still the planets don’t seem to be doing anything great for this person.

    It seems that friendships matter more than running MD/AD. Somehow Sat. MD did not trigger any rise in profession, finances, etc. And now the worry is, will this Saturn cause health problems instead as we are all going to face it as we grow older. It is very peculiar and hard to understand! Thank you for your reply. I wish to mention that the Jupiter MD is obviously over (before Saturn) and if exalted Guru in lagna did do any wonders, how one can expect anything from Shani Maharaj!

    • VS says:

      Typically I don’t do personal chart readings. However if you paste the data of this horoscope here, I can try and explain the generic (not personal) reasons for the behavior of Saturn in this case. Will make an exception to clarify astrological concepts

  48. Digamber Purohit says:

    Hi VS sir, thanks for replying. The birth details are as follows:

    Date & time :- 29 August 1967, at 4.25 AM
    Place of birth :- Renukoot, in U.P. state

    She is family friend and now will be 50 this year. Jupiter MD was not bad but problem is what is so-so in one person’s opinion, might be considered wonderful by another person so that is a matter of opinion. Saturn did improve bhaagya after marriage, that we agree but the difficulty lies in prediction i.e. what to expect? Should they go by the average experiences of previous dashas or expect much more from Saturn? I’m of the opinion that saturn’s functional nature here is causing some delays and difficulties.

    • VS says:

      Saturn is retrograde in bhagya sthana and is neecha abhilashi (going towards its deep fall). It is also a generic and functional malefic for the chart. Its rashi depositor is MK of 6th house and exalted in lagna. Its nakshatra depositor is deeply combust in the 2nd house

      Saturn will give average results overall. Money/ finance will remain relatively good but health will be upset due to Saturn’s connection with 6th house and its karaka as 6th natural ruler. whenever Saturn transits saggitarius or aspects saggi in transit, it will give health issues. There could be swelling in legs and feet and pain in the joints, especially lower back and legs

      overall Saturn will give mixed results but will not be too bad for the chart

  49. Digamber Purohit says:

    Sorry, in the above post, I mean to say Bhaagya improved after marriage….the marriage took place at the end of Rahu mahadasha, and beginning of Jupiter. Date of marriage is 23-April 1995, and place is in Mumbai.

  50. Aurangabadkar maharshi says:

    Hi VS,

    What is the effect of Saturn in 4th house (Vrischik) aspected by Ravi & Budha from 10th house (Vrishabha). Lagna is Simha.

    Note :- Saturn (retro) is placed in its own nakshatra (Anuradha -3 padha).

    Note :- Guru & Chandra in 7th house (Kumbha)

    In Navamsha, Lagna is Karkataka, with saturn in Tula (4th house).

    My client is now 31 years old, her marriage broke with in 3 months of marriage in 2012, ever since then she is facing hard time to get married.

    She has performed various havans and pujas like shani, budha homa and all the possible remedies that she could do, I am not sure what is the issue with her horoscope, is it because she is currently going trhough Shani mahadasha and budha antardasha (both are marakas owing 7th house & 2nd house)?

    What could be the best possible remedy for my client?


    • VS says:

      Hi, I don’t do individual readings as I get hundreds of requests daily.
      I am trying to spread astrology knowledge and interest for interested students to learn by themselves

      For leo and cancer lagnas, marriage is not an easy area due to Saturn’s ownership of 7th. if such a Saturn is placed in an inimical sign of aries, cancer, leo or scorpio and not aspected by a strong Jupiter or venus, it will tend to give more delays and problems especially in its own dasa or saddhe satti/ dhaiya periods

      typically after age 36, when Saturn matures, some stress due to this situation can release and late 30s to early 40s, much of this can get resolved

      • Maharshi says:

        Thanks VS, I completely understand that you do not give personal readings, how ever would like to get a clarity on few things, as you have mentioned that you want to spread knowledge of astrology, I need your help and inputs.

        1) What is the best remedy for my client as I have already stated above that she and her mother are experiencing severe stress due to delay in marriage?

        2) Do you forsee any health issues for the native’s mother as Saturn is placed in 4th house in both lagna & navamsha charts, its often said that either in sade sathi or shani mahadasha, shani tends to break the blood ties.


        • VS says:

          There are no remedies to Karmic outplay of destiny, else everyone will avoid their own lessons in life.
          I can not comment on the mother as I don’t have the complete horoscope, for which I don’t have time as I mentioned.

          best for her is to appease shani dev, fast on Saturdays and donate on Saturdays, it will calm the mind down and remove negativity in thought process at least. destiny is never changed by doing remedies, the help from remedies is mostly psychological, which can be a big component in difficult situations/ times

  51. Anirudh says:

    Hi VS,

    I came across many articles in vedic astrology which gives importance to planetary degrees and avasthas (bal avastha, yuva avastha, vridh & mrith avastha).

    At the same time equal importance has been given to Ashtakavarga bindus of a planet. Any planet with and above 4 bindus tend to give positive results.

    However I have an important contradiction. Many astrologers do not give importance to planetary degrees, they just look at lagna and if a planet which is benefic to lagna is placed in kendra or trikona, then they conclude that particular planet is in good dignitary and give good results.

    Lets assume , a planet like Jupiter is at 24 degrees in an even sign like (Aries) is placed in Kendra(10th house = 32 over all points). In this case, Jupiter is in Mrith avastha in kendra however the interesting contradiction is that Jupiter has got 6 bindus in Mesha which is really good.

    So how do you conclude if such a planet which is Mrith/Vridh avastha can give good results or bad results with highly benefic bindus?

    Should we go by the avasthas or bindus as in this case, as the planet is dead but with high benefic bindus? Don’t you think its contradictory and confusing for someone who is learning astrology?

    • VS says:

      I have said repeatedly that the planet is not dead and taking avasthas literally will give very wrong results, most of the times. Bhav bal is the closeness to the bhav Madhya. In equal house system – if lagna is at 24 degrees then a planet at 24 has 100% bhaav strength and will strongly impact the house

      the degree in rashi show how deeply the planet is colored by that sign…so Jupiter at 15 in aries is much more deeply colored by mars and aries characteristics than what Jupiter at 29 in aries will be

      as for bindus, please use them only for transits. IN general predictions, they will not work well. They are one point to consider but a relatively lower importance one. In other words is sun is at 10 degrees in aries for cancer ascendant of 10 degrees lagna then this sun will have intense power and if this sun has 1 bindu, it will still yield very good results, especially if the aspects are good and if the depositor mars is placed well in this case

      • Karthik says:

        Thanks VS, but what if ascendant is at X degrees and a planet is placed in a certain house which has crossed the ascendant degree but with good bhava and good bindus, will it still give good results considering it has crossed the ascendant degree.

        Lets take your example as stated above, ascendant has 24 degrees and Jupiter placed in Aries is at 25 degrees, will it be considered strong (lets say with bindus = 5) as it has crossed the ascendant degree?


        • VS says:

          forget the bindus. bindus make no difference

          plz read what I have written many times earlier. a planet within 5 degrees of bhaav Madhya will give strong results. Bhav Madhya is the point of ascendant. so if lagna is 24 degrees, all planets between 19 and 29 will give strong results of the bhaav…the closer they are to 24, the stronger the intensity

  52. Anirudh says:

    Hi VS,

    May I know why my questions are being deleted?

    Its not in depth or personal question.

    Its in general question.


    • VS says:

      Hi Karthik

      I have to delete dozens of comments everyday.
      2 main reasons (in addition to completely irrelevant or Spam ones)-

      1. Question are very specific to a particular horoscope
      2. Questions are too generic but related to a particular horoscope

      so in order to clarify #2 above. I get dozens of ‘masked’ questions which are specific but made to look generic. Now the problem is that predictions can not be made piecemeal with lots of missing info

      example say a person asks – how does mars sitting with moon in cancer with Saturn in 5th house behave?
      this question can not be answered unless all other 9 planets, their degrees, the dignities, divisionals etc are looked at. Hence I am not going to waste my time and the other person’s time in it. The individual might feel its a generic question, but the problem is the question can only be answered correctly with the full horoscope, which brings us back to the point that individual readings are not something I am doing..

  53. karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    How true is that when most of the oldest astrologers say that Guru destroys the house it occupies and improves the house it aspects and also Saturn improves the house it sits in and destroys the house it aspects.

    How true is it and is there any justification in it?


    • VS says:

      well logistically it makes sense
      jupiter tends to make the area it sits in as “all good and cool” feeling
      which will tend to make a person lazy and or ignore the aspects of that house

      on the other hand saturn makes a person ‘pete-repeat” a particular activity related to the house and build slowly but steadily…so saturn occupying a house will in general tend to fortify the house, especially as age goes on

  54. karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    1) When we say bad planets in bad houses gives good results then why Rahu is considered bad in 8th and 12th houses? Specially 8th?

    2) What are the effects of exalted Rahu & Ketu in Navamsha placed in a kendra (4th house) ? Are exalted bad planets good or does their tendency to do evil also increases?

    3) What are the effects of Sun & Rahu conjunction with one of them being exalted?


    • VS says:

      1) I don’t say that, so not a part of “we”. general malefics do good in upachayas – 3, 6, 10 and 11. Not 8 and 12

      2) Exalted planets are always better than non exalted ones. a functional malefic which is exalted does less damage than an afflicted malefic

      3)rahu – sun conjunction gives leadership skills and potential jobs in government, politics, diplomats, foreign affair personnel, Audit/ taxation personnel etc. especially if this conjunction sits or aspects the 10th house. Fame is indicated. however the person might be selfish, ruthless and unpredictable in their actions

  55. karthik says:

    Thanks VS,

    Can you please let me know what’s the best and accurate way of judging a mahadasha? So apart from Janma lagna, what are the other parameters one need to consider? I have read few articles where they ask to consider the planets from the mahadashanath and aspects on the mahadashanath. If planets are placed in good dignity (kendra or trikona) from mahadashanath, then good results follow. But lets assume ascendant is Cancer, Saturn is most malefic planet and is placed in 6th house but lets assume all other planets are placed either in kendra or trikona from saturn, so when analyzing Saturn mahadasha, do we conclude that Saturn dasha will be good assuming saturn in not in ill aspects of malefic grahas and is only aspected by benefices like Jupiter & Venus. Does other yogas like Gajakesari yoga, Vipareeta raja yoga, Raja yoga helps in reducing the malefic effects of a bad planet? (assuming a planet is placed in good dignity in Navamsha & D10)

    Lets assume a planet is malefic for the lagna, does only bad results follow?

    • VS says:

      1. planet from lagna and also from Moon and Arudha Lagna. If surya is strong, then surya lagna to be considered as well. Most important is lagna
      2. take planet as lagna and see the horoscope from it. See if good or bad yogas repeat (repeat in terms of lagna vs. from mahadasha nath lord)
      3. look at the conjunctions and aspects on the planet and the planets in trinal nakshartras ..this functional nature will reflect in the planets dasa
      4. look at divisionals and nakshatra placements for a finer tuning of the results

      most important is planet’s placement and aspects and the karakatva match of planet with bhaavs involved

      • karthik says:

        Thanks VS,

        My Lagna is Cancer, Moon & Arudha lagna is Thula and shani is placed in 6th house (Dhanu), Surya lagna is Vrishabha.

        So to analyse Shani mahadasha, If I consider Dhanu as lagna, do we consider lordships of planets based from dhanu lagna or just the placements?

        The reason am asking is because in my janma lagna (cancer), I have yogas like gajakesari yoga and raja yoga because for cancer lagna both moon & guru are benefics but for Dhanu lagna, moon is lord of 8th house so do we just check the placements of planets from Shani or even the lordships of planets from dhanu lagna?


        • VS says:

          you have to check the lordships but in context of the basic horoscope. Hence if a planet is evil from the basic lagna and a karaka from mahadasha lord, it gives some benefit but not much. basic lagna functional nature and yogas will still dominate


  56. karthik says:

    Thank you VS.

    1) What’s the effect of Guru transit over 1st house (natal moon). Why Janma guru considered inauspicious in general? Guru transiting 1st house which is kendra & trikona, from 1st house, guru aspects 5th house, 7th house and 9th house (2 trikonas, 1 kendra). Then why its not a good transit? When guru in 1st house in a natal chart can be considered auspicious why not the transit?

    I have been reading articles about 2017 guru gochar, few people are saying Janma guru affects all aspects of life like career, health,education where as others say its auspicious. This is why I keep wondering why different astrologers have different views about a transit? So can you please provide a justification if Janma guru is good or bad? Or does the transit depends on lagnas and ashtakavarga bindus?

    2) Is Gajakesari yoga applicable for Karka, mesha and simha lagna? Because Guru apart from ruling trikona also rules 6th house, 12th house and 8th house respectively? Also Moon rules 4th house and 12 th house for Mesha and Simha lagna which becomes malefic? Ancient scriptures states that both Guru and Moon should own houses and be placed in good houses? So how can this yoga be judged? What’s the accuracy of this yoga for people with different lagnas?

    3) What’s your view about a planet ruling a bad house and a good house but what if a planet’s mooltrikona rashi falling in bad house? Does it still do good for the native? For ex :- Karka lagna, guru rules mega dusthana 6th house and its mooltrikona rashi falls here at the same time it also rules the strongest trikona 9th house (meena) but Meena is guru’s swakeshtra, don’t you think the planet is being partial towards its one sign and neglecting its other sign? Don’t you think both the houses are important for guru, in this case, then why we would say planet gives results according to its mool trikona sign? Any valid justification? Of all the trikonas, 9th house is the strongest one, then why we say it gives results only as per its mool trikona sign? Other ex :- Mithuna lagna & kanya lagna – shani rules trikona and bad house but its mool trikona falls in bad house 6th (kanya lagna), Mesha lagna – guru rules 9th and 12 house, Simga lagna – guru rules 5th and 8th house, Makara lagna – Budha rules – 6th and 9th house, Kumbha lagna – Budha rules 5th and 8th houses.

    • VS says:

      Some good questions Karthik, for the general good of all, here are the answers-

      1. Jupiter transit over natal lagna is good. over natal moon will have good effects on the 5th, 7th and 9th bhaavs but not the mind (moon) or health might suffer. usually causes grief. the mind can be lost – so to speak and sometimes due to laziness, lethargy or lack of knowing what to do, a person suffers. He/ she might not take advise from the wise and hence will suffer. in many cases, he might want to do good to others and in the process forget about himself. but financially and relationship wise, the period is not bad. over natal lagna, its mostly good

      2. Gajkesari always applicable if Jupiter or moon together or opposition for all lagnas.exact 90 degrees to each other is a milder form of the yoga. so the generic effects of yoga will be true for ALL LAGNAS – lets say making the person good hearted, helpful, thinking about society and others in a positive sense etc. The FUNCTIONAL effects of the yoga will be good more for lagnas where Jupiter and moon represent some combination of Kendra and konas

      3. In these scenarios remember that its not about partiality. Its about stronger ownership. Mooltrikona houses are deeper representations of a planets energy and hence show more strongly and vividly than the other sign. if the mooltrikona sign falls into a trine (5 or 9) the planet will give predominantly beneficial results, albeit slightly blemished if the other sign is a dusthana. Also 2,8, 12 are neutral signs. If a planet MK falls in this, it becomes completely neutral and will give results as per placement as well as aspects on it, while maintaining its general nature…so for example say Rahu is highly toxic for leo ascendants. If it sits in the 9th bhaav (a sign inimical to it) but is now conjunct mars which is mooltrikona and a yoga karaka planet. Such a Rahu will give laxmi and extreme rise/ luck in its dasa, albeit in a fashion which suits its general nature and the nature of the house it is in. so a blend of rahu, 9th bhaav fashion…which might mean lots of travel, foreign exposure and new culture exploration etc

      • karthik says:

        Hi VS,

        Thanks for answering all my questions , it makes sense. I was always eager to gain knowledge in this field and help people in my abilities. Hopefully one day, I would be able to influence people in a good way and share my knowledge. You always share your know;ledge about astrology in an open platform which I really like it.

        I will get back to you in case if I have any other questions.


  57. Vishal Verma says:

    Hello Vivekji,
    You mentioned that saturn being 4th dasha tends to give malific effect but what happens when saturn is strongly disposed in D3, D9, D10 and creating panch mahapurush yoga in birth chart.
    Also this means that people born in Mars MD have bad Saturn MD??
    Thanks a lot.
    P.S- This is the most comprehensive article on saturn MD. Really impressive.

    • VS says:

      Hi Vishal-

      These are only Generic rules. Meaning they don’t have to be taken literally every time. If Saturn as a planet is benefic, well placed and aspected in the chart, then its dasa will be very good regardless of the order. The 4th dasa impact might just reduce the beneficial nature of it to some extent. In general its more applicable for individuals where Saturn is poorly or at best average placed

  58. karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    We all know that Navamsha (D9) Chart is purely used only for marriage predictions. We consider the condition of Navamsha lagna and Navamsha lagna lord mainly, next the 7th house and 7th lord. Am I correct?

    1) What are the effects of 7th lord in main chart placed in dusthana (6,8,12) houses but placed in trikona/kendra in navamsha chart?

    2) The rising Navamsha ascendant is that of a malefic? what are the effects of Navamsha rising of a malefic planet?

    3) What are the effects of Saturn placed in 1st, 5th and 10th houses for Makara/Kumbha Navamsha lagna? Saturn placed in these houses aspecting 7th house, is it still considered good for married life though Saturn becomes Navamsha lagna lord? In many articles that I ready about D9 analysis, 7th house should not be afflicted by a malefic planet? But here Saturn naturally is a dire malefic planet. What are the effects of such a Saturn aspect on 7th house?

    4) What are the effects of an exalted Mars on 7th house in Navamsha chart?


    • VS says:

      D9 is used for marriage but also for general luck and general nature of each planet. a planet repeating a good placement in D9 becomes deeply colored with the good properties. For example mercury is in Virgo in D1 and also in Virgo in D9, this is a deeply exalted mercury which is virgottam and hence its properties/ power are amplified in this situation.

      1) Lord of 7th of D1 in 6,8,12 of D9 doesn’t mean much. what matters is the sign it is placed in it friendly or not? that sign is what house in D1, this matters more.
      2)No implications at all. same way as you read D1, if ascendant is of Saturn, doesn’t mean all is lost!It is all about the yogas, placement of planets and their strengths
      3)Any planet which is own house or exalted/ friendly sign will not harm houses it aspects. Aspects don’t work in the same way in any divisional as they do in D1. for a divisional, take the conjunctions only and the 5-9 (same direction) as a conjunction. other aspects don’t work. For any divisional the relevant house in the divisional is important to see. So 7th house in D9, 4th in D4, 5th in D7 etc
      4) any exalted planet is good. it shows courage/ dynamism/ leadership characteristics in the partner

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS:
        If a capri asc is virgotttam in D-1 and D-9, with Saturn well placed in D-1 but placed in Leo in D-9, how does this play out from the virgottam’s strength perspective? Does the D-9’s bad placement matter?

  59. karthik says:

    Thanks VS.

    1) Can you please elaborate what do you mean by ”Lord of 7th of D1 in 6,8,12 of D9 doesn’t mean much.”? We know when 7th lord goes into any of the dusthana houses its not good.

    What I meant was , 7th lord of main chart is placed in 6,8 or 12 th houses in main chart but placed in trikona or kendra in Navamsha.

    I am Cancer ascendant born with Saturn(R) placed in 6th house Dhanu aspected by Guru, shukra, Budha in lagna chart.

    In Navamsha, Shani is in Gemini (5th house) not aspected any planet.

    I know you don’t give in depth prediction, can you please take this an example and elaborate your point because you said it depends on the sign that it is placed in?

    What do you infer by the above placement?


    • VS says:

      all you should care about is the sign placement of Saturn in D9. Gemini is a friendly sign for Saturn and hence it is placed well. now Gemini is 12th bhaav in cancer lagna D1. so in D1 Saturn in 6th. it means Saturn will give heavy 6-12 axis results in this horoscope. that’s all that it means. placement of Gemini as 5th or 6th etc in D9 will not matter

      • karthik says:

        Thanks VS,

        But I find this logic contradictory because you have said that its a good placement again you are stating that it will give heavy 6-12 axis results?

        Also you stated Saturn placement of Gemini as 5th or 6th etc in D9 will not matter.

        What do you mean by 6-12 axis results? Is the Saturn with above placement in D1 & D9 over all good or average or bad?


        • VS says:

          Please try to get to the logic of what I am saying
          Good and bad are relative in life. Most things are not just good or just bad

          Saturn sits in saggi or 6th bhaav and aspects 12th in D1
          it sits in Gemini in D9…so as per rashi tulya navamsa concept, it will give results as per Gemini sign in D1 too (this is true more for D9 than any other divisional)

          so 6-12 axis becomes heavy. however Saturn is karaka for 6 and 12 also…so multiply this effect more
          if Saturn in this horoscope is also aspected or conjunct with Jupiter or mercury then the effects amplify even more
          chronic disease will result in the stomach/ liver/ pancreas area and in general poor digestion

          • karthik says:

            Thanks VS.

            1) What are your views on retrograde malefic planets in natal chart? Are they good or bad?

            During transit, when a planet like Saturn is retrograde, its said that neither god nor bad happens, Such retrograde remains as mute spectator without doing any good or bad (if the transit is good/bad). Is the same case with retrograde Saturn in natal chart?

            Others are of the view that when Saturn in natal chart is retrograde, its malefic effects doubles, is it true?

            2) What are your views on retrograde benefic planets like Jupiter & Venus? Do they good or does their benefic effects reduced due to retrograde in natal chart?


          • VS says:


            1 &2. Retrograde planets will always give uncertain and sudden results to some extent. They also will reflect the depositor and any conjunct/ aspecting planet much more than usual – exactly like Rahu/ ketu which are always retrograde. Saturn retrograde can be both good or bad as many other things in astrology. Saturn retrograde usually causes more delays than usual by the planet in the areas it aspects in the chart. Venus retrograde (by experience) is almost always bad for things venus rules and general romance/ marriage significations. the planet does become bright when retrograde and hence some additional strength is added. however its actual results will depend on the usual analysis – its ownership, conjunctions/ aspects, dignity in rashi etc.

            Also generally if a debilitated planet is retrograde, it will partially cancel off the debility and same for an exalted retrograde planet (except mercury as mercury exalts in own house and hence becomes even stronger when retro and exalted)

  60. karthik says:

    Thanks VS, makes sense.

  61. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    If saturn is a yogakkara, does that reduce the malefic significations (including delays due to retrogression etc)?

    Thank you

    • VS says:

      Any functional benefic is good by itself. Yoga karaka is best order functional benefic. is Saturn is yoga karaka, it will do good if placed well, if placed retrograde, it depends on sign, aspects etc…some extra delay is still added due to retrogression

      • Sundar says:

        VS, am I right in stating that a Yogakkara planet can do good only within the limits of its significations?

        • VS says:

          Yes which includes its functional as well as generic significations as well as the domain it is placed in (bhaav it sits and aspects)
          These are the areas of life the planet will be able to touch

  62. Varun says:

    Hello Vivekji – Hope you are doing good, would be thankful if you could answer the following questions:

    1. Is Guru’s transit over the 5th house good for Career ? Even for Lagnas for which Guru is functional Malefic(Gemini)
    2. Is it good to have a functional malefic and general Malefic(Mars for instance) exalted or powerful ?
    3. How to factor-in combustion and especially combustion at night in astrological calculations?

    • VS says:

      1. guru transit in 5th not bad by itself. but look where 10th lord is in chart. if say 10th lord is in 12th house in chart then Jupiter is 5th bhaav is 6th from 10th lord and 8th from 10th bhaav. this will not give any good results for career in itself
      2. depends. Any planet exalted in a Kendra or kona is generally good. not necessarily in 3, 6, 8 and 12 bhaavs
      3. Combustion at night is slightly less potent than during day. However any combust planet will fail to protect the areas it rules. Its general significations become higher. E.g. mercury very close to sun will actually make a person intelligent (budha-aditya) but whatever areas of life Gemini and virgo rule, will suffer

  63. Varun says:

    Also sir one more query that I forgot to ask – is Lagna and/or moon in some nakshtras like Ardra considered bad in general?

    • VS says:

      No such generic rule. You have to look at the strength and dignity of the ruler of rashi and nakshatras as well as divisional placements

  64. sambit dash says:

    What about retrogression of other planets like sun, moon, jupiter,mars

  65. karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    What are the effects of dusthana lords aspecting their own house? Is it considered good or bad?

    For instance, if 6th lord is aspecting 6th house, does it mean it increases the significance of the house like increase in diseases & enemies?

    If 8th lord is aspecting its own house, does it mean it increases the obstacles?

    Though every planet protects its own house when it aspects, was curious to know what are your thoughts about this question?


    • VS says:

      any planet aspecting its own house will enhance the results of that planet…if the planet is sitting in good dignity, the results will be good. If the planet is sitting in bad dignity, enhanced negative results are also seen. full strength of planet has to be taken…bhaav bal, rashi bal, aspects, divisionals, shadbal, etc

  66. karthik says:

    Thanks VS,

    Can you tell me what does the mutual aspect of Saturn and Venus in kundli means? Lets not consider the lordship of Saturn and Venus in this case, lets consider only the aspect.

    1) Saturn is a dire malefic
    2) Venus in a naturally benefic planet how ever both Saturn and Venus are Athimitra grahas (best friends) so what does the mutual aspect of them lead? Is it considered good because Saturn is being aspected by a benefic or is it considered bad as Venus is being aspected by Saturn?

    I was trying to get accurate answer for this question but I could not find any justification for this mutual aspect?

    As you are aware that for males, Venus is karaka of wife/spouse, so when such a Venus is being aspected by Saturn and Simultaneously Saturn is being aspected by Venus, is it considered good because karaka Venus being aspected by a malefic planet ?

    Though Saturn is the best friend of Venus and Vice versa?


    • VS says:

      typically by itself…saturn heavily aspecting venus will tend to delay/ deny the marriage of a person or make the partner very orthodox/ practical and non romantic in nature….it all depends on if this combination occurs in libra, the best of both planets appear. If this happens in cancer or leo, both become bad etc

      on the other hand, venus aspecting saturn mollifies the harsh nature of saturn and it gives results which are smoother/ easier and less harsh in general
      so in one way the significations of saturn improve and of venus suffer…but thats all just generic (nothing functional or specific)

      also perversity in ones sensuality can occur, like weird sexual behavior…too reserved or voyeuristic or homosexuality all occur when saturn aspects venus in bad dignity…there is financial, health or reputational loss due to a persons sexuality

      when both have good dignity, it can also show a person who is like a saint…such a person stays away from much luxuries of life (doesnt mean they dont have them)…they live more like a saint as venus shows enjoyment and luxury and saturn shows restraint and restriction

      • karthik says:

        Thanks Vs for the detailed explanation.

        So in such mutual aspect, what would you suggest?

        Should the Venus as karaka should be appeased or Saturn be appeased?

        I have such combination Venus & Mercury in 12th house (Gemini) & Saturn in 6th house (Saggitarius).

        Saturn in my case is well disposed aspected by Jupiter, Mercury & Venus.

        Venus is well disposed in 12th house friendly sign Gemini though ill aspected by Saturn and Rahu.

        As the mutual aspect is happening in dusthana house, do we consider as good? Saturn in 6th house is considered good though a dusthana house where as Venus is also considered good in 12th because Venus is karka of 12 house.

        Though both 6th & 12th houses are dusthana house, both the karakas are placed in their kaarak houses, is it still considered bad?

        I am just trying to get some more clarity by taking example of such aspect happening in dusthana houses but in good signs.

        So what do we infer by these placements? I mean in general if you take my case as an example, aspect happening in dusthana houses but good signs, what do you conclude?


        • VS says:

          no need to appease anything in this case

          vipreet raj yoga will exist. marriage will be not happy and/ or delayed or might lead to divorce/ separation

          • karthik says:

            Hi V.S,

            That’s sad to know 🙁

            You have stated that vipreet raj yoga will exist but the placements may lead to divorce, any remedies that you would suggest?

            Cancer ascendants are the most lovable, warm, friendly people but they are the ones who often meet disappointments in marriage? :(((

            May I know why divorce? Though my 7th lord is placed is 6th house but its aspected by Venus & Jupiter.

            Can’t the Jupiter aspect on 7th lord save the marriage?

            Note :- My 7th house is weak but unafflicted.

            The Saturn-aspect I have mentioned is in my lagna chart, will Navamsha chart not be considered to judge one’s married life? Just curious to know.


          • VS says:

            the impact of Jupiter on Saturn is what intensifies the chances of divorce/ separation as its the 6th lord in its mooltrikona

            6th is 12th from 7th or loss of marriage and the house of mental agony/ pain

  67. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    When Retro Saturn is 180 deg to Sun in the 1-7 axis and can it give marriage during the MD? I am looking at points 13 and 14..

  68. Anirudh says:

    Hi VS,

    1) Heard of a concept about planets giving results based on the house its placed from its mool trikona sign? For eg :- Jupiter placed is Karkataka, so it traveled 8 houses from its mool trikona sign , its placed in dusthana house from its MK sign and will give results based on that? How true is it?

    2) How accurate is the concept of Yogi and duplicate yogi planets? Do they actually exist? What if a planet which is highly malefic for the lagna but becomes a duplicate yogi or yogi, what are the results?

    3) What are the results of 7th house getting 19 bindus in natal chart? Though 19 is the minium bindus that 7 th house should get, is it considered average or weak?


    • VS says:

      1) that is just one of the things you can consider, you can not make it a complete decision point. Planets in 6/8/12 from their MK can still give very good results
      2) Not very accurate regarding yogi/ Avayogi etc. these are very fine concepts and can not dictate other major concepts
      3) again bindus is more specific only for transit. the aspects on the house, strength of the owner and karaka of the house are most important considerations

      • anirudh says:

        Thanks VS.

        1) Can you let me know the results of Vipareeta raja yoga with Saturn involvement for Cancer ascendants?

        a) Results of VRY occurring in 6th house – results?
        b) Results of VRY occurring in 8th house – results?
        c) Results of VRY occurring in 12h house – results?

        2) Can you in general describe the results of Shani mahadasha for Cancer ascendants in a situation where Shani is in either 6,8th or 12th with Vipareeta Raja yoga condition assuming Shani is not receiving aspects from Rahu, Sun, Mars.

        What results does Shani maharaj give for Cancer ascendants in his mahadasha in VRY condition?


        • VS says:

          Let me reply by saying that for the net effects of any maha dasa, please keep the following in your mind while judging the total impact-

          1. the bhaav the planet occupies and the bhaav(s) it fully aspects
          2. the closeness to bhaav Madhya will dictate intensity
          3. the bhaav lord’s position in chart and dignity is most vital
          4. nakshatra the planet is placed in and its lords placement and dignity
          5. conjuncitons (within 12 degrees) of the MD lord as well as full aspects on MD lord
          6. Planets in exact trine houses to the MD lord will also give effects in the MD lord
          7. Karaka combo of planet and its bhaav. example Saturn in 6th becomes kakara of 6th of diseases/ debt and enemies.

          • Sundar says:

            Related question VS:
            When are VRYs triggered? Same as other yogas, when the planet/bhaav is aspected by transit of Saturn (also Jupiter?) ? 2ndly, is it always due to somebody’s loss that I gain?

          • VS says:

            relevant dasas plus trigger from Saturn/ Jupiter is important

            not necessarily someone else’s loss. It could be your own loss in some aspect before gain. Sometimes, say 8th house is involved along with karakas of mars/ Saturn but there are strong raj yogas in 8th. (Amitabh bachan horoscope)
            real rise in life came after a life threatning accident. So the negative triggered the yogas in 8th which in this case are in virgo sign so functional benefic for aquarius ascendant.

          • anirudh says:

            Thanks VS,

            But in order to judge mahadasha, apart from the above points, do we look out for any divisional charts like Navamsha or D10 to see the signs in which the MD lord is placed?

            Also if a negative planet is placed in negative house lets say (6th house being upachaya) and negative nakshatra (bad nakshatra) it becomes positive , is that true? I mean am referring to this scenario where Saturn is involved in VRY condition when placed in 6th house and bad nakshatra?


          • VS says:

            yes divisionals are always important. They should not be looked at, if the time of birth is approximate
            Also look at the divisional for only the area related to the divisional. example if Saturn is own house in D10 in 10th house of D10 chart, it will likely give strong (good) results related to career/ job, that doesn’t mean that this Saturn can not be negative for many other areas in life depending on its dignity in other divisional charts etc

          • Sundar says:

            Learning a lot Sri VS. Thanks due in abundance; blessings too; for teaching this Vedic sashtra.

  69. Samaresh says:

    Hello Vivekji
    Hope you are good.
    I have one concern that Jupiter & Saturn present in my 11th house (Gemini),I am a scorpio ascendant .Also I have Rahu & Sun in Cancer ( 9th house).Currently I am going through Jup-Rahu-Saturn dasha.

    I am trying to change my job since 2014 but connection is not happening,can current DBA will prefer me.I am confused since last 3 yrs.

    • VS says:

      first – I don’t give personal readings
      second – the way you are asking this question is akin to me going to a doc. standing in a room where he cant see me, examine me or order any xray or blood test. But I say, I have headache and also some issue in my right hand. please tell me my disease and prognosis as well as the correct medication

      third- my advise to you before trying to read your own horoscope – learn the basics in detail. if you have Jupiter and Saturn in Gemini in 11th, then wont you obviously be Leo ascendant?

      finally if you want a personal reading, go to a professional astrologer who charges money on this. I do not ask or accept money and do astrology as a hobby and service. So I pick the rare cases I do analyze


  70. Sharath says:

    Dear VS:

    What is the effect of Saturn Mahadasha, when Saturn (lord of 2nd & 3rd house-Sagittarius ascendant) is placed in the 10th House in the Rashi chart and the 11th house in the Bhava chart. Can you please prescribe any remedies if I need them?

    • VS says:

      no remedies needed, neither do they usually work beyond a psychological level.
      also in order to analyze what Saturn will give here, look at the placement of the rashi and nakshatra depositor, the conjunctions and full aspects on Saturn as well. all this combined will show the net result of Saturn in the chart. in general Saturn here can give earnings via a technical field but something involving communication/ speech as well

      • Sharath says:

        Thank you very much, Dear VS.

        Saturn is placed in the Virgo Rashi and in the Hasta Nakshatra, 4th padam. There are no conjunctions with Saturn in the Rashi chart and it is aspected by Moon, Rahu, Ketu and a very small % of Venus as well.

        Will politics be a good move for me? I am an Engineer currently.

        • VS says:

          Sharath a horoscope has to be seen in totality…not just saturn or any other x planet. Unfortunately i do not provide personal readings, but if you are passionate about a career shift, my advise would be to certainly try your best!

  71. karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    1) what are the effects of 5th lord in dusthana house (8th house) conjunct Rahu aspected by malefic like saturn, ketu? (I am referring to its D1 position).

    What are the results specially if the native is a male? Does it signify childlessness? Or do we also need to look at the wife’s horoscope or can we make out if the male native can be blessed with progeny just by looking at his 5th house and lord?

    As you know that 5th lord is the house of child/progeny so in this case do we look at 5th lord to see how its placed in Navamsha or Saptamsha or just D1 chart? Also, do we consider how the putrakaraka i:e Jupiter is also placed in D1 chart?

    What factors do we need to consider apart from 5th house and its lord to judge if the native can be blessed with child or not?

    2) What are the effects of Lagna lord of D1 debiliated in Navamsha in 10th house how ever its dispositor being exalted?

    3) Is Gajakesari yoga applicable for Guru and Moon in Vrischika?


    • VS says:

      1) completely depends on the planets dignity and general nature, functional nature etc. for example if leo ascendant, Jupiter in 8th is not bad etc. too close a combination with rahu is usually bad always for any planet. Will also mean the person will waste too much time in the unknown and hidden activity (drugs/ illegal work/ looking into mysteries/ astrology etc, can be superstitious and have troubled mind/ emotions). if moon is also afflicted in this case then mental diseases and bipolar nature with severe mood swings can be indicated

      2) too general to answer
      3) yes it is applicable fully

  72. Kapil says:

    Sorry VS didn’t read your answers to previous comments , you don’t provide personalise reading .
    Article was good .Thank you

  73. Robert says:

    And other question, what would be the financial result for venus-saturn antardasha for Capricorn lagna, moon in Libra, sun in Aquarius together with Venus, Rahu in 3rd when Saturn is in 5th house? Jupiter in 8th, AL virgo. Thank you very much.

    • VS says:

      Robert – impossible to predict with tid-bit information here or there. I either do a full reading considering every facet of the horoscope or I don’t.
      for now, the goal is to provide people guidance for free and I unfortunately do not have time for personal readings. thanks

  74. Robert says:

    Do you consider vimshottari dasha period counted from lagna? If so can you please clarify how do you use this. Thank you.

    • VS says:

      No Vimshottari dasa is relevant only from Moon. From lagna is experimental. In my personal opinion, the Vimshottari from lagna is applicable more from a health perspective from Moon for all other perspectives. thanks

  75. Robert says:

    Dear Vivek, thanks for your advices and teaching. What will be general result in the dasha period of the planet which is beneficial to the native (extremely good placement in D1, lord of good houses being lagnesh itself, favorable to nakshatra but debilitated in D9 though otherwise still beneficial for D9 chart) but has low ishta phalas and big kashta phalas? Thanks

    • VS says:

      Robert – a planet which is in high dignity in D1 and well placed and a FB will always tend to give good results as an overview
      the placements in other divisionals only tend to slightly modify the effect (not over turn it), likewise high kashtha fal can not change results, it just makes the planet give raj yogas after some delay/ setbacks as opposed to very easily and smoothly.

      • Robert says:

        Thank you Vivek, I think I have read somewhere that when mercury is in conjunction with some planet then it tends to give away its phalas to that planet and will take phalas of that planet, what is your opinion about this? Can you please clarify also how is it with other planets in this regard? I have also question about Viparita Raja Yoga. When the lord of 8th and 6th is in 12th in enemy sign causes it Viparita Raja Yoga? What then will be general results during its mahadasha? Does exalted lord of 6th in 8th house causes Viparita Raja Yoga? And what about the lord of 8th in 2nd house in enemy sign? Thank you again.

        • VS says:

          Mercury and Moon are impressionable planets and always tend to take some results of the planets they conjunct
          Likewise rahu/ ketu and any retrograde planet will do the same. as will the planets which own the 2nd and 12th house from the lagna

          • Robert says:

            Thank you, can you please clarify also on Viparita Raja Yoga? When the lord of 8th and 6th is in 12th in enemy sign causes it Viparita Raja Yoga? What then will be general results during its mahadasha? Does exalted lord of 6th in 8th house causes Viparita Raja Yoga? And what about the lord of 8th in 2nd house in enemy sign? Thank you.

          • VS says:

            just think of these things step by step
            8th house is endings/ destruction etc. any lord sitting in 8th bhaav will have the significations it rules destroyed in one way or another. so 6th house rules enemies, 6th lord in 8th is automatically hence good

            but the caveat is that the planet should still be decently strong in dignity else it also means acute disease (6th) becomes chronic (8th) and accidents can be life threatening as well as diseases incurable.

            So like in the real world…there are shades of grey and good usually accompanies bad

  76. jayasree says:

    Dear VS

    Re # 4, saturn mahadasa will kill if operational after 56:

    1. Is this more possible during sade sathi period?
    2. Would this happen is Saturn is generally beneficial in horoscope, e.g., libra ascendant, capricon moon, Saturn in 3rd, 6th house in D1 or D9 and so on.

    Really appreciate your insight.

    • VS says:

      1) if Saturn dasa and sade sathi both going on, then obviously the effect is more intense
      2) what I have said and clarified is that these are generic statements. hence they can not be blindly and widely applied to everyone. however in general, as age goes on, Saturn’s influence starts to intensify on everyone. It has been observed by some scholars that after age 56, Saturn dasa retains a special maraca propensity. ofcourse if Saturn is a benefic in the chart and sits strongly, this will be avoided or averted

  77. karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    1) Can you tell me what exactly is a Vargottama planet? Is it a planet occupying a certain sign in D1 repeating the same sign in D9 Or is it a planet occupying a certain sign in D1 repeating same sign in any of the divisional charts?

    2) Out of 14 divisional charts in my horoscope, in 7 charts Saturn is in own house (Makara/Kumbha) and in 2 signs its occupying the same sign as that of D1 and in 3 signs its exalted. What does this in general imply? Does it imply that Saturn is in happy state?

    FYI – In D1, Cancer lagna, its placed in 6th house aspected by Jupiter, Venus, Mercuty & Ketu.

    In Navamsha, its in 5th house (Gemini) un aspected by any planet.

    In general, can you let me know the effects because in many of your articles you have mentioned that a planet’s placement in Divisional charts adds to the functioning of the planet? I want to understand how my Saturn is placed with all above factors considering for my D1 lagna Saturn is malefic and for my moon lagna its benefic. I don’t want any personal reading but eager to know about my Saturn’s dignity is and placement in the chart?

    Thanks a lot.

    Eagerly awaiting your response.


    • VS says:

      Virgottam means repeating the same sign in D1 and D9. technically repeating in any other sign should also be virgottam but in definition used only for D1 and D9

      a planet in own/ friend signs in many divisionals is in a very happy state. Whatever it represents in D1, it is more likely to easily fructify. Exaltation and deb is not valid in divisional charts only own sign, friend or enemy sign should be thought of. So mars in cancer isn’t bad in a divisional chart as cancer is the sign of a friend

  78. Amit says:

    Hello VKji,
    Nice website and good learning. I have seen the chart of native where for the aries lagna saturn is sitting in the 6th house of virgo at 0.56 degree conjunct mars which is however at 28 degrees. Saturn is in the nakshatra of sun in Uttra phalguni, and moon is in taurus second house with sun in 4th house….. Saturn sits well in D9 in capricorn in the 4th house. Saturn is badkesh since lagna is mesha. How would the Mahadasha of such a saturn be…. There are indications both that Saturn is weak due to being in early degrees, in nakshatras of sun, but also saturn being in 6th house in virgo and its own navamsha makes its somewhat resonably placed. It is the enemy of the lagna lord mars and it is conjunct the 8th lord from itself (which happens to be mars). To me it seems confusing with different combinations. The saturn dasa in the life of the native will be 5th.

    I want to understand a bit more on the nature of how Saturn will behave when there are multiple significations. Would the native end up losing money, health, professional career during such a MD of Saturn.

    Would it be better if saturn was weak in such a chart or strong.

    Thank You very much in advance. Would appreciate how to decipher such mixed combinations.

    • VS says:

      strong Saturn for aries lagna can give wealth and career but spoil health and also cause evil events in terms of other family members. Success can come after struggle

      in the above case it is not conjunct with mars as more than 15 degrees away from mars. if lagna degree above 15 then it will technically be in 5th bhaav. look at how mercury is placed. is it strong? in general this Saturn will cause health issues repeatedly and stomach/ intestinal issues as well. many surgeries in life are likely but in terms of career it will do good after lots of hard work

      • Amit says:

        Thanks Vivek,
        Mercury is strong in the native’s chart in the sense that its in the 4th house and vargottama in rashi and 10th house in D9 with Mars. However, this mercury too is in early degrees and hence shifts houses between 4th and 3rd (in bhava chalit) You are correct, the bhava chalit will fall in the 5th house since the acendent is more than 15 deg in the rashi chart. So this further adds to the confusion on the affects of Saturn in its MD.

        The concern on finaances and job and property arises in the mind of the native. But for me trying to understand such a position becomes difficult. Esp now that you mention, if Saturn is in Bhava 5, would the 5th Bhava results come into play during Saturn Dasa.

        Would such a saturn in mixed state of affairs cause issues in finances/job/ and property during its dasa or provide positive results. While Saturn is associated with hard work, I am unable to make out the true state of saturn with such a combination which falls mid way in all aspects.

  79. B says:

    Hi Vivek,

    I have spent hours on here reading and going through the questions and answers. I have an extremely basic knowledge in vedic astrology, but a profound interest. I take whatever you write and try and read up on it, you have me hooked with your content – so thank you!
    I am also in awe of your continuous patients with the number of requests that you receive and the manner in which you politely answer them, even though you have made it abundantly clear to what you can and will answer.
    So, with that, as much as I wish to get a reading from you, I know it’s not to be, may I instead request you to consider generic outlines for entire years (2017, 2018 etc) for the rashis and major planets in their transits/or perhaps just the big planet transits (ie what would generally be in store for a rashi for the next 2.5 years of new saturn transit and yearly transit for Jup). That would be so good, as I read a lot form many sites which seem to contradict one another – you, I trust.
    Reading this back, I realise it’s a BIG ask – so, I only ask you to consider it.

    Many thanks

  80. Guru says:

    As you said conjunction of Saturn and ketu will be negative, is it same for my case???

    my ascendant is libra, Saturn(uttarabhadra) and ketu(Revati) in 6th house ie., Pisces. Vargottama moon(Krishna navami) in 5th house, sun and Mars in 7th house(aries), retrograde Jupiter in 3rd house and retrograde Mercury in 8th house ,Venus in 9th house and Rahu in 12th house.

    Here Saturn is yogakaraka and placed in 6th house, both are favourable. Saturn Dasha Is starting from 24years old. How will be Saturn dasha? Please guide me…

    • VS says:

      Saturn dasa will be conducive to give a family (marriage) and kids. can aquire property and assets as well during this period
      will not be good for health and feet/ legs problem will cause some anguish

  81. Ravi says:

    Hi VS
    Retrograde Saturn in natal chart in its enmical sign in Kendra, will it reduced its negativity being retrograde? How will be the Saturn Mahadasa in this case? ( Saturn being the lord of 10th & 11th house sitting in 4th moon house in natal chart and Moon along with Sun sitting in 10th Saturn house). Please guide……

    Many thanks,

  82. Nirmala Devi Srinivasan says:

    Dear sir,

    This is an excellent accurate definition. Thanks.

    Currently I’m undergoing saturn Dasha being libra moon and capricorn ascendant. 42 years single saturn in cancer. 7th from lagna. 10th from moon. Have trouble in career recently. If possible any advice or guidance will help a lot. Many thanks. God bless.

    Best wishes

    • Nirmala says:

      Please ignore this sir, I just have read that you don’t do personal reading.thanks.

      • Sundar says:

        Hello Ms. Nirmala,
        Please chant:
        Sri Raama Raama Raamethi RamE RaamE ManoramE, Sahasranaama tattulyam Raama Naama VaraananE, 108 times each day. Saturn is subservient to Hanuman and Hanuman is a humble servant to Lord Raama.

        If possible, one full Vishu Sahasranaamam recital everyday.
        May Perumaal bless you with good health and clear up any Vigna in your path.

  83. Ravi Vaish says:

    Thanks for reply. You said in your earlier post that retrograde planet debilitated will partially cancel off its debility. So if any retrograde planet sitting in its inimical sign can also partially cancel off its inimicalness. Please guide

    • VS says:

      No, it becomes worse. It will take on the effect of the inimical house. if the inimical house is a functionally benefic area, example aries for leo ascendant is a yoga karaka domain, then the planet will become functionally better as it takes the nature of aries more

  84. Ravi says:

    Thanks VS for this insightful. Is Cancer a functional benefic/yoga karka for Aries ascendant.

  85. Babs says:


    In your above article wrt point 3&4; if Saturn as lord of 11th &12th(meena lagna) placed in 2nd (aries), and person is undergoing the saturn MD. Does the above manifest as badly as is written in the vedic rules, 2nd being a maraka house. Though Jupiter (L of 1st&10) is in 8th Libra aspecting saturn. But mars in lagna aspects jupiter too…

  86. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Quoting: “When Saturn is retro and sun almost exact 180 degrees opposite of Saturn, Saturn typically gives good results in its MD”.
    Is this from your observation or is it a sutra? Since this is a peculiar combination which probably occurs in 1% may be ..Any reasons? Thx..

  87. KRS says:

    Dear VS
    I have a query re Mars-Saturn conjunction. Is this conjunction inimical if it occurs in Capricorn? After all Mars is exalted in Capricorn because Capricorn’s Saturnine energies channelize and discipline the Martian energy. If Saturn is also there, shouldn’t this accentuate this effect and make it more constructive?
    As always thank you for the generosity with which you share your knowledge.

    • VS says:

      by itself it is not a bad combination but depends on lagna etc

      for example for capricorn lagna, it will make for a person who is very hard working, has great money and leadership skills but also make the person prone to accidents, especially vehicular accidents and injuries/ surgeries in life

  88. Venkat says:

    hello Sir,

    My Lagna is Aries and Mars is placed in 11th House in D-1. In D-10, Mars is placed in 8th house. will this dasa gives me permanent retirement from job or can i take it as long break in my career, as i study, plannets in 8th house from D-10 lagna gives permanent retirement.


    • VS says:

      no you have to look at all the planets and other dasas and influences, only mars placed in x or y position will not dictate your job outcome

  89. Anirudh says:

    Hi VS,

    What are your views on Dev Guru Brihaspati’s aspects?

    Vedic astrologers says that the bad effects of a badly placed planet is completely nullified when Guru aspects a malefic planet. How far is that true? Assuming Guru is not afflicted.

    Scenario 1 :- In a horoscope, lets assume 2nd house is occupied by Ketu and Ketu is aspected by Rahu, Mars and Guru. So in this case can we say that Jupiter’s aspect on Ketu can completely ward off its negative effects as its also receiving aspects from 2 malefics like Mars & Rahu. Will Ketu become 100% neutral by receiving aspect from Jupiter?

    As Jupiter is the most benefic of all the planets and a Satvik planet, in the above scenario do we also need to check he lordship of Jupiter in the D1 chart or do we look at Jupiter aspect based on its benefic nature?

    • VS says:

      No, nothing gets completely nullified or amplified in real practice. the closeness of the aspect (in degrees) and the power of the aspecting planet are to be seen. Experience teaches us regarding the quantum of effects from the aspects (good or bad)

  90. Pran says:

    Hi VS,

    What are the results of Saturn being malefic to Janma lagna but yogakaraka to Chandra and Surya lagna and Guru being benefic to Janma lagna but malefic to Chandra & Surya lagna?

    In of your articles, you have stated that, a planet placements must be looked at 3 different lagnas as stated above. (Of course Indu lagna too).

    What are your views with the planets (Guru & Shani) having above benefic/malefic lordships to different lagnas?

    Note :- I have only mentioned Guru & Shani as they are major and slow moving planets.


    • VS says:

      Hi Pran

      the effects from Lagna will always dominate the effects from other lagnas. Sun and moon as the representatives of the soul and mind are obviously important in context to observe the horoscope from. for example the placement of a planet from moon shows how your mind/ emotions perceive a particular planet/ yoga and from Arudha Lagna shows how the world perceives it etc. however eventually the effects from Lagna are most specific and should always be used to ascertain the functional nature of planets

      • Sundar says:

        Sri VS:
        Does the same apply to transits as well? I understand the transit from the moon being good or bad for a planet, but that’s only a coloration of the outcome, in the way you feel about it. I see astrologers seeing the 11th from the transit moon as a labasthana and making a general prediction, hence asking.


        • VS says:

          11th from moon is a good transit for gain of material things – money, relationships (like marriage or child birth etc), promotions etc. It can be tricky for health matters and if Mars/ ketu / saturn involved then also give a potential of injury or accident. For transits only, the ashtakvarga bindus of the entire house as well as individual planets should be considered

  91. Rajesh says:


    I have saturn in 6th house(libra), Exalted and in retrograde and mercury in 9th house. I am taurus Ascendent,Kumbha Rashi.My Saturn Mahadasha is starting in 2018.Will the Dasha period be good or Bad?Also will retrograde Saturn cause any harm?

    • VS says:

      Unfortunately I cant do personal readings and many things have to be seen
      prima facie, your Saturn will give you good results. good luck

  92. SJ says:

    What is the impact of Saturn when it receives no aspect from other planets. I am trying to understand how it behaves?


    • VS says:

      Any planet (including Saturn) will give results as per its basic functional nature in the horoscope, Bhav it sits in, bhaavs it aspects and the functional effects of the depositors for its rashi, nakshatra and navamsa


  93. Rishi says:

    Hi VS,

    What are the results of Saturn owing malefic houses or malefic to Lagna (Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Saggi ascendants etc..) how ever Saturn is benefic to Lagna in Navamsha ( Kumbha, Thula, Vrishaba lagnas)

    Will the effects of Saturn change in this case as Saturn is Malefic to Janma lagna but benefic to Navamsha lagna?

    I understand the aspects on Saturn, its rashi despositor, the nakshtara Saturn is placed in all matters, but what are the effects of above case?

    • VS says:

      No it does not become a benefic due to navamsa placement
      main Rashi (D1) effects will dominate, D9 can very slightly modify but not change the results

    • SJ says:

      I think it is more important to analyze the functional nature from Asc/Moon/Sun in D1 rather than divisional charts. Take into account placement from each lagna because when lagna changes functional nature and position. Also, remember the significance of each lagna as there could be a disconnect between what is happening and how one perceives those events. One of the reasons I believe people use both Asc and Moon to analyze horoscope.

      • VS says:

        Functional nature is most important to be seen from lagna as that’s most specific, followed by Moon and then Sun in that order. The relative weightage of how much will one pull the full nature of a planet is learnt from experience and has no direct mathematical formula. in cases where sun and moon are both placed in 1st or 5th or 9th bhaavs, the functional nature of planets will remain same from the 3 ascendants.

  94. Ambica says:

    Hello sir,

    I am Cancer born female, with retro Saturn in 6th house aspected by only benefics (Jupiter, Venus) & there’s no malefic influence on Saturn except Ketu.

    Saturn is placed in Moola nakshatra, with nakshatra lord – Ketu placed in 2nd house, aspected by Jupiter, Mars, Rahu.

    Saturn’s dispositor (Jupiter) is placed in Kendra (10th) in friendly sign. Moon in 4th house forming Gajakesari yoga.

    Due to VRY (8th lord in 6th), Can I expect a decent Saturn Mahadasha? Or Do you forsee any challenges with the above placement?

    Just trying to analyze the Mahadasha using your points as you stated that we should check the bhava that MD lord sits in and its despositor and nakshatra that MD lord is placed in.

    I know you don’t encourage personal reading but I have just highlighted my readings as per your article, how fair do you think is my understanding?

    • VS says:

      Saturn in 6th for cancer aspected fully by Jupiter will create either complete denial of marriage or big issues in it
      it is also well placed in terms of career/ job and finances and the placement is only average in terms of health, giving chronic issues in the legs/ joints

  95. Baskar says:

    Dear VS ji,

    Functional Malefic : Placed well in Kendra / Trikona

    Functional Benefic : Placed badly in dusthanas–6/8/12

    How will be results during their respective Mahadasas?…assuming same dignity and strength .

    Please let me know.



    • VS says:

      it all depends on the depositor. If the depositor is strong, the results are strong. Domain should be good
      Trines are always good and so is lagna. HOwever other kendras, it depends. For example planets placed in libra for cancer ascendant can not be considered very good as venus becomes a functional malefic and is inmical to the lagna lord
      generally benefics should be strong and malefics weak. Depositors should always be strong. an exalted planet with a very weak depositor will hardly give any positive results, if not very negative

      • Sundar says:

        VS: “Trines are always good and so is lagna”
        For a cancer asc, even if Venus is placed in the lagna and the L-lord is strong, it still is good I presume. Same with trine..Please comment/correct.

        • VS says:

          venus will give wealth and property and good looks in lagna for cancer if moon is well placed. Venus will also give bad health

      • Baskar says:

        If a functional benefic sits in a functional malefic’ house and if this depositor is strong, will it not make the functional benefic ineffective?

        Sorry, this could be a basic question. What is the difference between Domain and depositor?

        Thank you very much VS ji for taking your valuable time for teaching us.

        • VS says:

          domain and depositor are related but not the same
          for example for capricorn ascendant, mercury is a functional benefic with its mooltrikona sign ruling the most benefic 9th house. hence any area ruled by mercury becomes a good domain. So 9th bhaav is obvious but even planets in the 6th sign of gemini will tend to give good results if mercury is placed well in the chart. 6th bhaav is not a good bhav but a good domain in this case. this doesnt mean that planets in 6th will not give issues, they still might give disease, debt and physica;/ mental agony to some extent (as implied by 6th bhaav) but they will still give materialistic good results as well and good communication/ intelligence applied in the job/ career for the person.

          • Baskar says:

            Thnaks for the explanation VS ji.

            Extending the same logic for the other Saturn house, Aquarius.

            Since Mercury’s MK house falls on the 8th house, the following two things might happen, I guess:

            If Mercury is well placed , has a strong depositor AND associated with functional benefits / Neutral planets, I guess it Will behave like a functional benefic.

            On the other hand, if Mercury is ill placed with a weak depositor , associated with functional malefic, it will behave like a functional malefic.

            Is my understanding right?

            Please let me know.

      • Baskar says:

        Thanks much VS ji. Understood!

        Also, please throw some light on Rasi Depositor, Bhava Depositor as well as Nakshatra depositor.

        Which one gets more weightage in producing positive or negative results?

        If any of these depositors has good dignity but ill placed in a dusthana, how will the effects be?

        Kindly let me know.

        Thanks again!


        • VS says:

          Rashi most important, then nakshatra and finally navamsa in terms of weightage
          see closeness to bhaav Madhya also. say lagna 5 degrees in virgo. Moon in aries at 27 degrees (so 8th bhaav) sun in virgo in lagna

          this moon is extremely strong. Its almost full and approaching its deepest exaltation point of 3 degrees in Taurus. also technically this moon is in 9th bhaav (though 8th rashi). So such a moon is highly benefic in terms of 11th house and 2nd house (money) considersations

          • Baskar says:

            Thank you very much VS ji.

            In this above example, Moon is 8 degrees away from the Bhava Madhya.. Upto what degrees, we can consider that the said planet be close to the Bhava Madhya?

            Please let me know.

            Thanks AGAIN!

          • VS says:

            no specific degree but usually upto 10 is a good guideline

  96. Karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    In what cases/scenarios does Functional malefic planets or lord of Dusthana houses (6th,8th & 12th houses) gives good results?

    • VS says:

      if 6th, 8th or 12th also rules a trine then it can give good results
      if sun or moon rule 8th or 12th…they remain neutral and not negative …results depend on placement and aspects on them
      if 2 dusthan lords combine in the chart, vipreet raj yoga is formed
      if the 12th lord is say in 9th with the 9th lord and the 9th lord is much more powerful than 12th then the 12th lord will give yoga in its dasa etc

      6th will always carry some blemish as its also an evil house along with 3 and 11. 8th and 12th are more neutral and hence their lords give results as per placement and aspects

      • Karthik says:

        Thanks VS for the clarity, just need a clarification regarding point 14) If Saturn – sun exact opposition is in the 1-7 axis, marriage is almost certainly denied or extremely delayed (>42 yrs of age).

        When you say 1-7 axis, Do you mean Saturn or sun in 1st house and Saturn or sun in 7th house, or do you mean Samasapthaka ?

  97. ben says:

    thanks for your work

    i ‘need help
    i ve have tough suicidal tendancies and developping chroniic depression
    i fear to loose my work and become a homeless i was borned in 1969 at 10:20 in arbois in france.thanks for your help .best regards

    • VS says:

      Hi Ben,

      I do not provide personal readings. If you reach out to any Vedic astrologer, you will also need your birth date, place and time (not just year and time)

      as a suggestion, take a look at your moon in the chart. Is it conjunct or trinal to rahu or ketu? that can lead to suicidal tendencies

      good luck and get professional medical help if this continues!

  98. Karthik says:

    Hi VS,

    1) Just curious to know if Saturn is completely benefic for Thula, Vrishaba, Kumbha lagnas?

    We all know that its Yogaraka planet for Thula & Vrishaba lagnas, but Saturn is a planet of Karma, so lets assume if its well placed for above lagnas will it still give struggle and make the native experience the value of hard work? Even if a person born with above lagnas, may have accumulated some kind of bad karma in past life which Saturn will make the native suffer in current life, Is that true? How can we validate if Saturn can give mostly benefic results for above lagnas?

    2) What are the best placements for Saturn for Leo and Cancer ascendants? As its lord of 7th house for both lagnas, being in dusthana houses, it will lead to VRY how ever what do you have to such a Saturn with regards to Marital life? Being in VRY condition, how it will impact the marital life (good or bad)?

    • VS says:

      Saturn is a good planet for any Venusian or saturnine lagna
      that said, its result in a horoscope will be completely modified, like any other planet, by its placement, dignity, aspects on it, divisional chart strength and most importantly the planets that conjunct and fully/ partially aspect it. then its depositor strength and placement becomes paramount.

      generally marriage is a sensitive area for any luminary (sun or moon) lagna and even saturnine lagna. Saturn is opposite signs to light giving planets as it represents darkness. for leo, rahu also co rules 7th and hence if rahu is stronger than Saturn in the chart, it will take over the portfolio of marriage as opposed to Saturn. 11th bhaav is a good placement for both luminary lagnas for Saturn, ascendant itself is perhaps the worst

      • Karthik says:

        Hi VS,

        Thanks for your inputs.

        We all know that 7th lord in 6th house is not good for marital life as its 12th from 7th house .

        I just came across this line from BP regarding Cancer ascendant. It says –

        However unless Shani is very well placed, the social performance burdens of marriage upon Karkata-1 are distinctively heavy .

        Shani in bhava-6 or bhava-9 encourages religious sectarianism , great sense of duty in providing service to the sick and poor. Spouse = a generous, if dogmatic, soul.

        Any inputs on the last line regarding Shani in 6 or 9, it still says that Spouse is generous.

        • VS says:

          I don’t comment on any other person’s opinion. In a nutshell however, marriage is inherently difficult for 4 lagnas lorded by Saturn, sun and moon. rest 8 lagnas have less of a karmic debt there. this is due to the stark difference between moon/ sun and Saturn – light vs. darkness analogy. hence a lot more adjustment is required among partners

          the other lagnas have either a Jupiter- mercury or mars- venus 1-7 relation. This is much more neutral and less polar opposite in terms of fitting in of personalities between the spouses. Saturn whenever it rules or sits in 7th bhaav will give a need for action and attention in that area to make it work. Saturn tests a person heavily in the areas it touches in the horoscope. Only then is a person granted any leeway in that area of life

          • Sundar says:

            At least in the South Indian horoscope matching tradition (not sure about other parts), Cancer / Leo lagna or Rasis are seen as NOT matching for the corresponding 7th Rasi/Lagna, no exceptions. Same with 6th or 8th from each other lagna/rasi with some exceptions.

          • VS says:

            that makes sense to me from a logical perspective. I do not delve too much into match making process

          • karthik says:

            Thanks VS, it makes sense now.

  99. karthik says:

    So VS, adding to the above question, what would you think would make a favorable match for Cancer/Leo ascendants as often astrologers are seen saying MATCH MAKING is a must for these lagnas and very careful analysis is required.

    So, which lagna would be the most favorable match for Cancer/Leo ascendants considering Saturn’s ownership of 7th house ? ( Lets consider the graha maitri is good)

    Any precautionary measures or checks that people with above lagnas must take while match making?


    • VS says:

      well generically speaking, the best lagna match for them is usually the opposite – saturn ascendant. capricorn for cancer and aquarius for leo
      typically a lot of adjustment and compromise will be needed to make the marriage work but if the sitting planets are not conflicting then it can be a good pair

      • karthik says:

        Thanks, Can you please clarify what did you mean by ” sitting planets?”

        I have a question.

        What are the results of a dusthana (8th) lord’s mahadasha who is involved in Vipareeta Raja yoga in 6th (well aspected by benefics)? Are the results felt through out the mahadasha? Or during certain Andtardasha?

        As you know 8th house is a bad house, but what are the results when such a planet is involved in VRY?

        Does the transit of Jupiter/Saturn also play a key role when such mahadasha is going on or is it irrespective of transits that the VRY results are given in its mahadasha?


        • VS says:

          mixed results can follow. Lot of positive results can come after initial setbacks and sufferings. Also depends on the planet. If saturn is involved in say 6th, it is aspecting all other dustanas and becomes a karaka of all dusthanas as well. Hence it will always give issues in health, enmity, court cases etc. Planets like jupiter who have no karakatva of the dusthanas will tend to give better results when involved in a VRY in a dusthana

  100. ganapathiraman says:

    Hi VS – Thanks for educating on Saturn’s dasha. Just wanted your feedback on how to analyze Saturn’s dasha when retrograde and Vargottama. Saturn is yogakaraka in this case and is the 2nd dasha for this native.

    I’m trying to analyze from education persective, whether technical education from reputed institutes are possible.Saturn is 9/10 lord in ascendant.

    Saturn is in lagna in Rohini nakshatra. Lagna is Taurus. Lagna lord in exchange with 9th lord Saturn in 9th house. Education related planets are seemingly well placed. 1,2,4,5,6 lord planets in 9th house capricorn (Sun,Mercury and Venus). 2nd house has Jupiter and Rahu- exalted.8th house has ketu exalted. 10th house occupied by moon,aspected by Saturn form lagna.11th house has Mars in good stead.

    I’m looking especially at Saturn-Sun dasha in 2019 when the exams and competitive exams are due. Will this be favorable period?

    • VS says:

      i dont do personal reading. Apart from that, saturn is the karaka of technical/ engineering education and hence when placed well and having a relation with the 9th (sitting, aspecting or ruling) and placed with strength can certainly give success in the technical education arena

    • SJ says:

      Just a beginner here, so take it with a grain of salt. Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all involved in Raja yoga and will be the dasa lords for the next 50 years (7 years of ketu in between). Along with Saturn, moon is aspect by Jupiter. Though Jupiter is a functional malefic for this Lagna, I would always consider its aspect beneficial. For education look at 4th/5th/9th house in D24. 4th is for basic education, 5th for competition, and 9th for higher education. Look at the planets in these houses, their lords, and dasa-bukthi lords.

      Above all, hard work is the best way to appease Saturn :).

      Best of luck,

  101. David says:

    Dear VS..Namashkar
    Kindly please explain, sat/Jup conjunction in Dhanus lagna,saturn pshada2(ven)and JUP in Mul1(ket)had a very bad time in Jup Dasha.. Sat mahadasha just started.. Concerned about career.. Born in uttarashada Lagna..nakshatra dispositor Venus debilitated vargotamma in 10th..thank you Sir.

    • VS says:

      Hi David,
      I don’t do individual chart readings on this forum. However in the interest of learning, once in a while a case can be discussed only Generically. If you wish, please give entire details of time, date and place and mention your query. I will try and respond to that. Thanks

  102. Sundar says:

    Re: VS’s observation about mass fame involving the 4th house, Saturn, Moon (+Venus in this case), Virat Kohli is a fanastic example. Venus+Moon aspecting the 4th from the 10th, Saturn aspecting these planets + rahu dasa with Rahu sitting in the 3rd house in Rahu’s nakshatra in Aquarius. Venus is debiliated but in Parivartana with Mercury
    Nov 15, 1988 10:28 AM

  103. David says:

    Thank you VS..
    20sep1960..13:40hours at vellore.
    Rahu dasa was great.. Jup dasa bad.. Now just entered Shani dasa. Concerned about my career and married life.. Applied for divorce on mutual consent. Thank you

    • VS says:

      Your Rahu is in the 9th bhaav (that makes a person think differently than his parents/ siblings) this difference can be either in religion/ spirituality or just general philosophy in life. For example if parents believe in god, you might not.
      Rahu is in the 9th bhaav, its dasa will be bad for father and his health/ longevity. But overall there are great raj yogas in the horo, especially sreenaath and bhadra from mercury and sun. Venus debilitated virgottam is also great. Combinations are great for career. Mars – Saturn in 1-7 is not good for marriage as you will continue to try dominate your married partner always creating fights all the time
      Jupiter is in the 12th bhaav and gandanta rasi sandhi. its effects will be of 12th and not 1st. Saturn is back in 1st and will activate rahu too. This is a bit bad for health but good for career

      • David says:

        Thank you VS..much appreciated.
        Kind regards

        • David says:

          You are spot on about Rahu in9th. I am very different about my views on religion and tradition, embraced Hinduism to an extent.. But am a Christian now.. More of a spiritual one than a Sunday morning christian. Also lost my father during Rahu dasa… For Dhanus Lagna the Badhaka is 7th house mercury Gemini can a badhaka lord give a rare sreenath yoga and will a Ucha budh do any good as he is badhaka??

          • VS says:

            yes 7th lord exalted in 10th with 6th lord debilitated is a tremendous raj yoga by itself. Sun being 9th lord has directional strength in 10th and the lords of 9, 10 and 11 are in one rashi. badhaka doesnt make a difference here. these are all powerful yogas along with Hamsa too but jupiters sandhi – both rashi and bhaav has caused to be weak. that doesnt mean it has become bad, just lack lusture in its own dasa. However its mooltrikona placement will make saturn dasa better though saturn will cause some health issues
            you might even have a slightly different ‘gait’ or posture while walking. Try to keep head up and not look down while walking or standing 🙂

            mars is marana karaka in 7th and neechabhilaashi and yuti with saturn. damage in marriage/ relationships dues to your urge to dominate them. Fights and frequent anger episodes will lead to this.

  104. David says:

    A big thanks to you VS… Advice gladly taken😀.
    God bless.

  105. Rishav says:

    Hi VS,

    1) Can you describe the effects of a planet in same house in D1 & D9?

    We all know that planet occupying same sign is Vargottama, what about planet occupying same house lets say Jupiter occupying 10th in D1 & D9 in friendly sign of same planet lets say Jupiter in 10th Aries in D1 & in 10th Scorpio in D9 ? Does it carry any importance?

    2) 9th lord placement in 10th is a Yoga , what are the results of such 9th lord in 10th occurring in both D1 & D9? Does it impact the horoscope in any positive way?

    3) What are the results of Jupiter, moon, Venus, Ketu conjunction in Scorpio sign? Does the debilitation of the moon spoil the nature of other planets its conjoined with?
    Note :- Moon’s Rashi’s dispositor is exalted in Dusthana house (12th), does this lead to Neecha bhanga raja yoga or does it just cancel Moon’s debility?


    • VS says:

      1) that is called Bhaavuttam (as opposed to Varga-uttam) it intensifies the results that planet has on that particular bhav. Intense doesn’t mean always positive. that depends on the planet’s dignity in the said bhaav

      2) 9th lord in 10th is dharama and karma being inter related, which means the person follows good priniciples and is lucky in his/ her career and social status in general. again all depends on the placement and difnity of the said planet

      3) no it doesn spoil, you have to see many things, could mean a highly spiritual person also in this scenario.

  106. Rishav says:

    Thanks VS.

    1) Can you please tell what’s the exact relationship between Saturn & Rahu, few astrologers believe that both are friends how ever few astrologers are of the opinion that both are enemies. So it becomes to study a horoscope involving Rahu & Saturn relationship.

    Is it true that Rahu gives good results in Kumbha, as it co-lords Kumbha rashi? What are the results of such Rahu in kumbha in 8th house aspected by Saturn who is the rashi lord?
    We all know that Rahu does not give good results in 8th & 12th houses but airy sign is the best sign for Rahu, Kumbha being airy sign.

    What’s the outcome when a planet which co-lords a rashi occupies own sign and aspected by rashi lord, both are malefics? How this combination can be analyzed and what can be predicted?


    • VS says:

      Rahu and Saturn are friends with each other. Rahu corules kumbha and gives good results in kumbha rashi. These are general statements and for the complete analysis, an entire horoscope has to be seen in totality

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