9 Planets & their Significations

Next step is Planets. As mentioned in last post, there are 12 signs, 12 houses and 9 planets

These will change much later down the road when ‘Upagrahas’, divisional charts, nakshatras etc. will be discussed but for now, lets keep it simple!

I am going to write down all significations that come to mind. This list will not be comprehensive but will include most important things under each planet.

So the 9 planets and their significations –

1) Sun – Father, Fatherly figure, Ego, Self esteem, Soul, Fire, Fire element {others elements  are Wind (‘Vaayu’), Earth (‘Prithvi’), Water (‘Jal’) and Sky(‘Aakash’)}, Temples/ religious places or places of worship, Vitality, Domination, Government, Governtment jobs, Politicians, Brilliance, Radiance, Charisma, Courage, King or Kingly status, Forests/ Mountains, Open placces, Originality in work/ thought, Dignity, Nobility, Royal status, Bones, Heart, Arteries/ Veins, Right eye, Fevers, Eyesight in general, Stomach (not intestines), Brain, Bile

2) Moon – Mother, Motherly figure, Women, Emotions, Imagination, Intelligence, Travelling, Desires/ Passions, Memory, Childhood (especially till age 5 or so), Milk, Water, Watery places- oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, Bathrooms, Travelling related professions/ agents, Seamen, Fishermen, Public opinion, Mass fame (especially with common man), Leadership like sun but in a gentle fashion (as opposed to burning hot nature of sun), Changeability/ Adaptibility, Agriculture (especially when related to saturn), Fertility in women, Womb, Lungs, Breasts, Fluid systems of body – Lymphatic system/ Circulatory (Blood), Tonsils and upper throat area, Left eye and eyesight in general, Water element.

3) Mars – Energy, Strength, Passion, Ambition, Courage, Dynamism, Aggresion, Adventure, Power, Competitive Nature, Sudden energy or such events including firearms/ guns/ bombs/ explosions, Sportsmen, Police officers, Army/ navy personnel, Surgeons, Commanders, Authoritative positions, Significator of younger siblings (especially younger brothers), Accidents, Wounds, Injuries/ surgeries, Engines/ machines, Fixed/ landed property especially houses/ mansions, Muscles, Nose, Bone Marrow/ Haemoglobin, Metabolic rate, Reproductive organs for male, Boils/ acne, Fire element.

4) Jupiter – Guru, Mentor, Wise/ learned people, Professors, Authors, Consultants, Priests, Preachers, Wealth, Significator of Children, Meditation, Fame/ Honor, Merit, Scholarship, Law, Morality/ ethics, Righteousness, Holiness, Optimism, Positive thinking, Higher learning, Higher education, Extreme quantity of anything, Fortune, Luck, Divine favor, ‘Jeeva Karaka’ – significator of Life force or life, Prosperity, Liver, Fat in the body, Most glands in the human body, Ears, Hips, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Sky element.

5) Mercury – Intelligence, Speech, Child, Wavering Nature, Volatility, Higher education, IQ, Mathematics, Mathematical subjects like Accounting/ Finance etc., Childhood & adoloscence (~5 to 18 yrs), Money, Stock Markets, Logic/ analytical thinking, Abstract thinking, Reading, Writing, Communication, Journalism, Publishing, Technology/ IT/ computers, Humor/ wit, Advertising/ sales, Medicine, Nervous system and nerves in the body, Tounge, Intestines, Skin, Hands/ arms, Earth element.

6) Venus – Wife, Women, Romance, Sexuality, Affairs, Love, beauty/ harmony, Royal nature, Wining/ dining, Equality, Pleasing/ smiling, Marriage/ partnerships, Flowers, Perfumes/ fragrances, Fashion industry, Aesthetic abilities, Cinema, Arts, Music, Creativity, Passions, Singing/ dancing, Poetry/ Literature/ painting/ decorating, Luxuries, Jewelry, Conveyances/ vehicles, Attraction, Glamor, Cosmetics, Banking and banks, Massive wealth (Lakshmi), Kidneys, Reproductive organs for females, Secretions of different sorts, Semen, Water element.

7) Saturn – Discipline, Duty, Day to day work, Hard work, Limitations, Boundaries, reality, Practicality, ‘Karama Karaka’ or significator of work/ job/ career, Detachment, Cold, Severe, Austere, Slowness, Repetitive nature, Orthodox nature, Old people/ things/ habits, Grief, Ill luck, Bloackages, Hardened things, Pressure, Problems, Seperation, Servants and serving nature, Depression, Patience, Resilience, Down to earth nature, Judge, The planet acts as a great judge in our day to day activity from this and previous lives, Reservation, Research/ Science, Deep and penetrating, Technical subjects like engineering, Factories, Mining Industries, Coal, Bricks/ mortar, Darkness/ blindness, Despair, Ankles, Knees, Feet, Legs, Large Intestine, Significator of hospitalization, isolation, Air element.

8) Rahu – Materialism, Eclipse, Shadow, Sudden, Unknown, Transformative, Electricity, Electronic gadgets, Ever Changing, Changing residence, Never ending desires, Rebellion, Deception, Seperation, Foreign culture, Foreign travel, Paternal Grandfather & Maternal Grandmother, Lust, Greed, Obsessions, Hallucinations, Paranoia, Extreme in nature, Extreme in quantity, Magic, Magicians/ politicians/ diplomats, Con artists, Actors/ cinema, Cheating, Addictions, Drugs, Lepers, Diseases hard to diagnose, Diseases that are incurable or terminal, Outcaste people, Imprisonment, Siginificator of jails, Fuzzy logic, Wrong logic, Weird, Eccentric, Extremely charming or extremely repulsive, Poisons, Chemicals, Chemical Engineering, Computer related work/ study, Abstract thoughts, Airplanes, Flying, Air element. It is considered like a decapitated head in astrology – ever thirsty but never satisfied.

9) Ketu – Detachement, Moksha, Spirituality, Meditation, Isolation, Enlightenment, Opposite of Rahu in many things – completely opposite of materialistic, Suspicious, Hidden, Scandals, Like mars- injuries, especially violent and sudden, Psychic abilities, Intuition, Ghosts, Spirits, Witchcraft, Epidemics, Worms, Poison, Fire, Weapons, Flying accidents, Cataostriphic events, Significator for Spine and renunciation.


Phew! thats what comes to mind with the planets. Now when analyzing houses and planets, an astrology student should get into the habit of correlating the significations that are common. These will show more floridly in the character of the person and also during the planetary periods (‘Dashas’) of the planets.

34 Responses to 9 Planets & their Significations

  1. Umesh B N says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Good article on planets. I have a question regarding how to make analysis of horoscopes considering characteristics of both bhavas and planets?. Means some bhavas and planets indicate the same thing like 10th house relates to career so as some planets also. Which will take priority whether bhava or the concerned planet?

    Best Regards,

    • VS says:

      Hi Umesh,

      One has to consider the bhav and its aspects, the ruler of the bhav and aspects on the ruler, the concerned divisional chart (D10 for career) and also the general karakas for the bhav e.g. sun for father along with 9th house and its bhaav etc.

  2. Atul Kamath says:

    Hi VS,

    This query pertains to Leo Asc ONLY.

    Mercury is the 2nd & 11th lord. Now, if Mercury is placed in the 2nd house (exalted), does this make a Dhana Yoga in D-1, by virtue of lordship of both these houses, and thereby creating a strong relationship between Dhana & Laabha sthanas. Also, please note, the 12th lord Moon is posited in 11th house (Gemini) in D-1 and is in Taurus Navamsha.

    Furthermore, being the lord of 4th & 9th houses, Mars is a Yogakaraka for Leo Asc. However, can Mars be SIMULTANEOUSLY treated as the Badhakesh (being the Lord of 9th house (Badhaka sthana for Fixed Asc/Lagna in Sthira Rashi – Leo in this case).

    Please advise.

    Many thanks.

    Rgds & God bless..!

    • VS says:

      A strong mercury (especially if aspected by jupiter or venus) will certainly give good assets and a good communication skills in the 2nd house. but you have to consider all the aspects on it and its divisional and nakshatra placement as well

      yes, mars is both a yoga karaka and a badhak lord for leo. However yoga karaka effects predominate, as it is a strong mutual friend of lagna lord sun

  3. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    To define somebody in terms of personality, behaviour how do we use the moon rasi and the lagna rasi? Which is the best indicator of the kind of response to a stimulus? Can you kindly give a small example ?

    • VS says:

      moon sign will show general nature of emotions, feelings, imagination and memory of a person
      lagna will show the physical attributes and general health plus general personna

  4. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    What are the effects of a retrograde Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury? I have seen many youtubes on this: I have heard that retro Saturn is very good, retro Jupiter is not that good, retro Mercury means more sharpness of mind and so on; also heard contrarian views; hence asking you. Thank you.

    • VS says:

      Retro planets become unpredictable and can give sudden results like Rahu/ ketu
      they also become ‘learning’ planets like rahu and ketu and can take effects of planets conjuncting or aspecting them

      in general characteristics, they either amplify too much or reduce the general nature of the planet. Example mercury retrograde in gemini. The person is likely to be a non stop talker. in some rare cases he might not talk at all. So in other words some extreme happens in the general characteristics

      saturn retrograde in general will cause more delay to the houses is sits/ aspects in

  5. Adidam says:

    Hello VS,
    I have a small question,

    For a cancer ascendant at 17:00 degrees with jupiter at 12:00 degrees in it and saturn in seventh house at 13:00 degrees in capricorn which has aspection on first house .Similarly mars at 23 degrees in 12th house .

    In this case
    Does the angle of all the planets are relative to the lagna ? If yes,
    Then in these three planets which has stronger influence in 1st house.

    Kindly respond,Thanks.

    • VS says:

      both jupiter and saturn both will have a strong impact on the lagna…mars will not being in the 12th house

      • adidam says:

        Thank you VS,
        I just want to know which planet is stronger in lagna among jupiter and saturn .
        As i asked about the degrees of the planets,as they are relative to the houses which they are sitting or relative to the lagna house.
        ex : moon in capricorn at 1 degree with saturn at 13 degrees
        lagna house : cancer at 17 degrees . In this case their degree position is relative to the capricorn lagna ? or the cancer lagna ?
        Thanks .

        • VS says:

          a planet placed closer to the cusp (bhaav madhya) of the house is stronger
          secondly a planet that is exalted or mooltrikona or own house is stronger than others
          finally a virgottam planet is strong and generally a planet within 8 to 22 degrees of a rasi is strong

  6. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a Cancer asc, with Mercury sitting in the 12th, I see lot of skin issues + over-thinking. Is there a gem stone that might help?

    • VS says:

      can try green emerald, sometimes it can help. in right hand small finger 5 rattis. if it doesn’t help, simple strengthening of the lagna lord moon by Pearl in index finger on a Monday will help

  7. Adidam says:

    Sri VS,
    Considering two malefic planets such as sun and saturn ,If they are in own or exalted position in natal chart but both getting debilitated in navamsa chart .Does they loose all the power in the native’s life and give bad results or just behave neutral .
    what is the case in benefic planets like jupiter and venus .Kindly explain

    • VS says:

      a planet exalted in D1 remains exalted regardless of navamsa. But a planet debilitated in navamsa will tend to lose its steam over the course of life or its own dasa. sory of start great and lose power over time

  8. Mayur Kher says:

    What will be generic effect of transiting Jupiter conjuncting with Natal Venus, both being Shubh Grahas but enemies of each other.

    • VS says:

      it all depends on the functional nature of venus, its location in the chart and its strength. In addition to functional nature, some generic features will also be activated. Example pleasure seeking or pleasure loving nature or romance/ marriage etc

  9. Mayur Kher says:

    Gochara position of Grahas are more effective in Chandra Kundli, Surya Kundli or Janma Kundli

  10. Mayur Kher says:

    Karaka Bhaav Naashay, Does this apply to Jupiter in 5th.

  11. Mayur Kher says:

    What are the generic effects of retrograde planets.

  12. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    For a cancer asc, how does Sun do in Gemini? It’s bala is strong and since it is 11th from the second would it give wealth? OR does it lose its significations in the 12th?

    • VS says:

      every 12th person will be a cancer ascendant. every 12th of those will have sun in gemini or every 1/144th in the world or about 52 million people. will all of them have good or bad finances as per this?
      the answer has to lie in the combinations and strengths of other planets in totality

  13. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    When we analyze the house strength from the Graha Lagna (like the 3rd from Mars, 7th from Venus) to see the strength of a house or the Naisirgika karaka (like 5th from Jupiter for children) to see a particular karakatva, should we look at the D-1 or the divisional or both? If I look at D-9 is it valid/required to look at the 7th from Venus? Just the 7th should suffice, I thought..Please advice.

    • VS says:

      look at only D1 in this manner. the analysis for D9 and others is not apples to apples as D1 is. it gets more complicated in divisionals

  14. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    According to PVR Rao, regarding Natural and Sthira karakas, he observes that one should not take the nth house from a Sthira karaka and this applies only to natural significators.

    Moon is a natural significator of mother, so I can take the 4th from the moon. However, Sun as not indicated as a natural significator of father but only as a sthira karaka, so I cannot see 5th from the Sun. Is this correct?

    Venus is natural significator of both husband and wife. Jupiter and Venus are sthira karakas of husband and wife respectively. PVR states that for both male and female, we should look at the 7th house from Venus for marriage related issues, not the 7th from Jupiter in a female chart. What is your opinion?

    You have mentioned Mars be used instead of Jupiter for modern times. I believe that Mars would be a sthira karaka in this context and hence the 7th from Mars should not been seen in a female’s chart.

    Please opine.

    Thank you.

    • VS says:

      No Sthira karakas should be followed from parasara. The relevant house you should know from basic astrology knowledge. So sun will be for father. 9th from sun will show father, 10th from sun will show status in career/ society etc.

      • Sundar says:

        So for female, we should see 7th from Mars (Jupiter) for spouse as you have mentioned in a few answers already, not 7th from Venus ..just confirming here.. If I am wrong, please indicate, else you can delete.

        • VS says:

          yes 7th from Mars for female
          also in general the karaka for sexuality is mars. So to some extent even mars rules over marriage for males too. however for males use 7th from venus

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