Bill Gates (& Steven Spielberg + Bruce Springsteen)

Starting out on some screencast Youtube videos as case studies.

This first one will be straight forward. As I upload more, I will focus more on the yogas Assuming that the individual hearing the video is already at a significant level of understanding in terms of horoscopes.

These videos are going to be basic analysis and hence vital for a medium level to strong level beginner. In reality, one has to focus on dozens, if not hundreds, of factors in a horoscope which I will skip mostly in the videos but gradually over time the videos will become more technically involved than in the beginning.

Best way to learn is Case studies. So keep doing the homework and try to do as many case studies as possible! 🙂

Here goes the first one-




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12 Responses to Bill Gates (& Steven Spielberg + Bruce Springsteen)

  1. Satya says:

    Hi VS,

    I recently started following your lessons to learn astrology, your lessons are very clear and have lot of information. You mentioned about residential strength (Bhava Chalit Chart) in one of the Dignity of planets lessons. If Chalit chart gives us right house position of planets, shouldn’t we follow chalit chart for analysis than Rasi Chart? If yes, how to interpret a Chalit chart along with Rasi chart especially when houses are spanning across two signs. would you be able to throw some light on this topic in the form of video or article?


  2. Varun says:

    This is definitely a good a read, I have learned a few things which I didn’t knew. Thanks Vivekji!

  3. Varun says:

    Interesting to note that all the personalities in the case study are all Gemini! Coincidentally, I am also a Gemini(both from lagna and rashi) but not fortunate enough 🙂

    • VS says:

      The reason I lumped together similar lagna as well as planetary placements is to highlight the differences which similar raj yogas but different planet combinations can make

  4. sambit dash says:

    Please make some more videos.These are highly useful and insightful.

  5. Sundar says:

    Sri VS:
    Since Merc is lord of 1st and 4th, is there Kendriyatipati dosha making it a functional malefic?

    • Sundar says:

      Sorry VS, I think since Merc is the Asc Lord, it is a functionally neutral. A natural benefic which is a lord of only kendras (4,7,10) has Kendriatipati dosha. Am I correct?

      • VS says:

        Correct. However if a planet rules 2 kendras but also the ascendant, it is a benefic. Reason is that lagna is also a trikona in addition to kendra. Kendras are 1,4,7 and 10 and konas are 1,5 and 9
        so 1 is also a trikona. Mercury is a benefic for both gemini and virgo ascendants. If it sits in a kona and non combust and unafflicted, then it becomes like a yoga karaka

  6. Sambit says:

    Will there be another video any time in future?

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