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As I mentioned before, astrology is more meaningful when utilized for an individual horoscope where hundreds of things have to be taken into consideration, leading to accurate personalized predictions.

However, due to people emailing me frequently regarding generic predictions, I will give them below in terms of macro trends for given LUNAR signs (sign where your Moon is placed in).

As mentioned above, these are much more generic than personalized predictions but on the other hand will be relatively much more accurate than just Sun sign predictions as they will take into account all planets and be specific for your Lunar sign.

If you do not know your Moon Sign/ Ascendant lord, please download and install “Jagannatha Hora Version 7.66” online. It’s Free and later at some stage, I will make a video of how to start playing around with some basics of it. Once you download it, you can plug in your date, place and time of birth (the software already has an inbuilt atlas for co-ordinates for most cities on earth). Once it spits out your horoscope. Read the SIGN of your Moon (Moon sign) & also your Ascendant sign. Read the generic trends below for Both of these signs you have.

Use the Trend Predictions below liberally and not literally for your Lunar sign and also for your Ascendant sign (if you know it). Your individual horoscope, your natal planets and dasa periods will greatly modify the effects below. Even then, these trends can still play out as per your sign, albeit at very varied intensity levels (good or bad)

In case you do not wish to go through the process of finding your Moon sign or ascendant and wish to go by the SUN sign only then kindly see you correct Sun sign below as per SIDEREAL astrology-

April 14th – May 14th (ARIES)

May 15th – June 14th (TAURUS)

June 15th – July 15th (GEMINI)

July 16th – August 15th (CANCER)

August 16th – September 16th (LEO)

September 17th – October 17th (VIRGO)

October 18th – November 16th (LIBRA)

November 17th – December 16th (SCORPIO)

December 17th – January 15th (SAGI.)

January 15th – February 13th (CAPRICORN)

February 14th – March 15th (AQUARIUS)

March 16th – April 14th (PISCES)

On the overlapping dates, the hour of birth will decide the sign and hence for quick and dirty analysis, a Cusp or both signs can be considered.

Aries – The going might have been tough recently for many of you. Especially related to work/ job/ career since November ’14. Many might have made changes to their jobs or even lost it. Some might be feeling pressure at work and thinking of making changes soon. Either ways, the period is ripe for you to make changes and dust off positions which were making you unhappy. From 2nd week of April itself, things which are seemingly stuck recently will ease up and start progressing. If you have not already made this change and are trying to decide a good time to do so, you have till the beginning of July 2015 to do so. Following middle of this year, things will ease up due to sudden luck and windfalls for many. If you are trying to have a child, those 13 months from mid-July ’15 onwards is the time you should target for. Those unmarried will get good opportunities to develop long term romantic connections in the above period.

Taurus – Taureans have been most likely dealing with efforts related to relationships/ marriage since the last 3 to 4 months. Those in business might have been looking abroad or off-seas as well. Those already in wedlock might get some gain or good luck through their spouses in this period, especially between April 8th – July 13th, 2015.

July ’15 to August ’16 is a period where the focus will shift to home. Both in terms of family, especially mother and for those close to securing their own house/ property this entire period is good, especially August 16th – September 15th 2015 when many Taureans will be either buying/ selling property or relocating/ shifting for work.

Gemini – November 2nd, ’14 onwards many Gemini have felt the heat related to health and finances. For those undergoing negative dashas in their horoscope, the time till July is highly negative for health and many might have gotten into accidents and even surgeries due to mishaps. This period is not abating till mid-July of this year (2015) and so continue to be careful. July ’15 to August ’16, focus will shift to self-efforts and communications with siblings and peers which will improve their circumstances relative to where they are currently. Parents health, especially of mother also might come under the radar, especially till January 16th, 2016.

Cancer – Focus has recently been on Children/ progeny and relationships. Those married and trying for children might be focusing on this right now and can get lucky from 2nd week of April till mid-July. Relationships with younger siblings might be strained a little bit. Those still unmarried have a very good window to be swept away in love for the next 3 months, especially May 15th – June 14th this year. Speculation can give good results for some and this tendency will be enhanced for Cancer individuals currently. Many have enjoyed good health lately and have become lax about their eating habits which should be watched to avoid gaining weight. In general many Cancer individuals might have put on weight since the middle of 2014.

Leo – Focus has been on home, might be a potential upcoming relocation/ renovation or movement due to a recent spat with the spouse. A bit of mental unrest since July 2014 probably worsened for many after Nov 3, 2014 and even led to some sickness for some around New years period. Health is under scanner right now till middle of this year and should be watched, especially for those who have a known heart condition from before. Many Leos had a great time for first 6 to 7 months of 2014 and then the period changed to slightly worse starting July 2014 and worsened following Nov ’14. Those who have been eating/ drinking more than usual will see a sudden shift to health following July and especially around August – September this year.

Virgo – Many might have been making an effort to have a child since the last few months. Period which started to feel good since July last yr. improved even further towards the end of 2014. New job opportunities came easily for those trying to make a shift. But thing slowed down after New years and especially since the last one month. They will heat up again before the end of this month. If you have been feeling very indecisive since almost August of 2014, then perhaps take good advice from mentors before making big life decisions before Jan 16th 2016. Any impulsive decisions will boomerang. There will be a tendency for sudden mood changes enhanced all through 2015 and will worsen more towards the negative side after August this yr. So keep your spirits high. Many will turn spiritual after July this year and those looking to move abroad will get that opportunity and change after Sep 6th this year. Those who have been making a windfall (good money) since the last 8 to 10 months now, you have 2 to 3 months to start being careful about your investments else the losses can hit hard starting July this year.

Libra – Family, home and house and even vehicles has been the recent theme for many. Relocation will be on the cards for many within the next 2 to 3 months this yr. Those in Government jobs will get gains after mid-July and in general most Librans will enjoy their social life after July this yr. for the next 13 months. Mother’s health will be in focus for many and care should be taken not to ignore any medical symptoms that developed after December ’14. Period turns very good for speculative gain and new investments starting Jan 2016 and for 6 months after that. Currently if you have something related to Job/ Career painfully stuck, it is about to release very soon, within the next couple of weeks in a positive direction. Be careful not to become lazy at work which can damage your job prospects.

Scorpio – Many have been making an effort to improve their health by actively taking care of their diets and exercise since the last 5 months. This effort has recently decreased and will continue shortly. Those in communication fields like IT, Journalism etc. might have made some changes in their career. Relations with younger siblings have been under the scanner and if historically negative, it’s a good time to make effort in that area. New business ventures will give gain. Many scorpions started to feel a sudden mental pressure since Nov ’14 due to the Saturn transit. This will not go away unless you deal with the issues which are giving the pressure. Without fail a good time to make big changes in life. If you have been unhappy with work since the last 3 yrs., the time has come to make the changes. Students will do well and focus will shift from education to work starting July 13, 2015.

Sagittarius – It has been emotionally difficult time for Sagittarius since July 2014 and this will abate only after July this year. Many might have started eating more than usual as a comfort food in the process, gaining weight and on and off getting immunity related health issues. Finances might also not have been good with many feeling expenses trumping their income and savings. Especially since November ’14 many might be feeling that their life has taken a couple of steps in the negative direction for multiple areas in life. Well worry not as the cycle of time changes and so it will for you from August this year. Those who can wait that long are advised to do so before making major changes in life. Those willing to go to school after a job loss or even otherwise will have the 13 months following July-Aug this yr. as a very good window. If you are having lack of progress at work, many Saggis are advised to take this step of going to school this Fall.

Capricorn – Health is in focus and might have improved for many over the last 2 to 3 months relative to before. Job progress and income was good over the last half a yr. but slowed down after January and then after March. This will pick up again in a couple of weeks and pick up 100% by September this yr. Changes and relocation will come to many in the second half of the year. Those abroad or in higher education will have hurdles and these will continue with varying intensity till January of 2016. Brace yourself for a period of introspection and possible slow growth at work for 13 months starting July this year.

Aquarius – Job/ Career and expenses has been the recent theme for many. Those who had issues with their boss/ authority might have lost their jobs after November ’14 and might be feeling frustrated on lack of new prospects. This will pick up after mid-April, so don’t hang up your boots yet. Do not indulge into the negative, short term pleasure seeking activities like alcohol/ drugs etc. in case you feel the sudden urge. This urge will hang around till the end of this year. Career will remain in focus and there is a need to work hard till January 2017. Relationships/ marriage too will need attention from January ’16 onwards. Period of January ’16 – August ’16 will be very vital for those already in relationship issues. Depending on the individual horoscope, these 7 months will have focus on relationships and partnerships for Aquarians.

Pisces – Many Pisceans are enjoying relief since the last 5 months or so. Previous to November ’14, many Pisceans had many issues in multiple areas of life. Period of January 2013 – July 2014 was particularly upsetting for many Pisceans and would have brought about job loss, grief, agony and hopelessness for many. Thankfully that’s behind you, so keep looking ahead and working towards long term goals. Period till July this year is apt for making long term life decisions. May 15 – June 14 this year is especially good. Don’t waste any time till July this year and put in your 100% in repairing any residual damage from the last couple of years. Good times area ahead but will need effort from your side. Many will also be blessed with children in the next 3 months and focus will shift to job and health for the 13 months following July 2015.


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  1. Aalok says:

    Hey Vivek,

    Nice article.

    I made the video on Jhora already…


  2. I have to veriyfy my future in couple of weeks. Anyway it is a fare prediction I liked it.

  3. saurav chakraborty says:

    Well written. When can we expect predictions for 2016? Thank you very much. I read couple of your articles and they were informative. I am not an expert but I like to keep researching about various facets of astrology

  4. Madhavan Doraiswamy says:

    What does Vedic astrology say about “Niburu” (aka Planet X) that is supposed to arrive sometime in March 2016 causing pole shifts and waves that may be 700 feet high resulting in disaster that no one has even seen before. Apparently president Obama will make some announcement shortly is what I heard in YouTube today. Needless to say, it is a total surprise for me. I submit this on the last day of dakshinayana (1/14/2916) since utarayana begins tomorrow (1/15/2016) with mercury in conjunction with the Sun now, Venus and Saturn also in conjunction now and 5 planets on the eastern sky before sunrise?

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