What’s possible then? Setting some boundary conditions on this art

So what all can be predicted accurately with the help of Vedic astrology, assuming that the exact time and place of a person’s birth is known accurately.


I have been able to predict exact dates (sometimes a range of dates) of a job loss, accident, surgery, marriage, child birth, etc. for the individual years in advance of the actual event. Many a times the events unfolded exactly as foretold, sometimes the intensity was a bit less or more over the actual prediction and sometimes the events didn’t unfold at all. Another important point is that not everything in astrology is predicted as ‘set in stone’.


Apart from the probability factor as mentioned earlier, an important consideration is the fact that many periods are given as suitable or potent for a particular event to occur. However there remains a ‘free will’ on the individual’s behalf to be able to tap into the opportunity that might knock on her door during such time periods. As an example, a person contacted me regarding a potential job change and that he was considering changing his job and place but were not sure. I mentioned a 7 month period (from the reading) during which period I probabilistically saw a great potential to shift a job, though there were other astrological factors which contradicted and were diffusing the intensity or lowering the probability of the move. In other words I could astrologically see a potential and possible effort to change the job but didn’t really feel it would materialize. I also saw that following the 7 months, a potential would not be created for atleast 23 more months. Years later the individual contacted me. He said he had tried to look for a job and found a couple within first 5 to 6 months but he changed his mind and decided not to shift. Then after a year he got a new boss who made his life miserable and he actively started searching again. But this time even after a consistent effort to find a good role for over a year, he wasn’t able to secure another offer. In astrology positive/ negative forces, good/ bad are subjective and play out all the time and if both are relatively equally strong, the prediction becomes less ‘certain’ and probability of a predicted event goes low in my mind. Sometimes the indicated result is strongly in one direction and I have seen such events are hard to alter in their course, regardless of action taken beforehand.


Apart from event based predictions, common questions are – “how rich will I become?”, “how happy will my marriage be?”, “will this place suit me?” etc. The issue with highly subjective queries is that the answer cannot be objective either. Some individual might be happy with just a little bit of savings and some are not with millions in their account. Regardless even the ‘rich’ come in diffuse definitions of rich, very rich, filthy rich, etc. and these definitions are as diverse as the asset value totals. Likewise happiness is a state of mind and not something directly quantifiable. Hence by very definition, certain queries are hard to address and they also do not lend well to a feedback down the timeline of whether they actually played out as predicted or not.


Another counter-intuitive fact in astrology is that sometimes it is much easier to predict a small injury to a person or a job change/ break period, even a promotion. On the other hand, it is hard to pin point the exact profession of an individual! The reason is that the horoscope will show potential strong characteristics an individual might have, but the same can be put to use in different professions and which exact line the person will take can eventually be a logical guess more or less. As an example in my horoscope, research oriented and quantitative career is seen along with strong writing/ reading skills. The house influencing education has both technical and business aspects to it. So if someone showed me such a horoscope, it would be hard to pinpoint the career even though I can pin point the strengths and aptitudes. I did research in engineering and my corporate roles in engineering were research oriented too in which I also wrote technical papers/ literature manuals. Then I shifted careers and did an MBA, following which I was doing finance but again from a research perspective and publishing papers again. So eventually call it a limitation or not, the actual abilities can be distinguished in a horoscope, important negative and positive times indicating breaks/ lay-offs/ promotions can be successfully predicted in astrology, but as far as the exact profession itself, it is hard!


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